Open your Body with Tantra to 

Awaken your Senses

 Feel the goddess within you 

Ignite your Feminine Power

 Learn ancient Tantric secrets to 

Unleash your Sexual Creative Energy

Transform Your Life

Transform Your Life Learn ancient Tantra practices that liberate you to transform your life, so you create the life you want. I use the powerful Tantra Methods that teach you to cope with the challenges...

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Ignite Your Feminine Power

How to Ignite your feminine power? Imagine connecting to an energy within you that awakens you to your beauty, sensuality, your sexuality and pleasure. So you feel vibrant, alive, pulsating, fluid and feminine as you...

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Tantra Free Gift

Do you want to feel more pleasure, connection & intimacy? Great, because I'm going to share some juicy Tantra secrets that helps you awaken your senses to feel more... These secrets are so potent, powerful and...

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Let Passion be your Fuel

Let passion be your fuel! What is your passion in life? What is your Y E S? What makes your heart beat? and if you don’t know, don’t worry, that's where I help you to...

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Learn the Tantra Secrets here...


An intimate day of feminine exploration to boost your confidence,  increase your vitality, learn to LOVE your body and increase your passion. Life is so hectic and women are hungry for deeper connection and intimacy in all areas of life – work, family, friends and love. This day gives you tools to truly live the life you desire. 

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AWAKEN YOUR SENSES £1,395.00–£1,650.00

Join me on this exclusive retreat in the tropical paradise of BARBADOS. This retreat is for the modern day woman to connect to her inner radiant goddess! You’ll learn Tantra and Yoga practices to boost your energy, increase your confidence so you awaken you to your beauty, your sensuality, your sexuality and pleasure.

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Balance Light and Dark Yoga Class £25

Would you like to immerse yourself in powerful Yoga techniques that create equilibrium on all levels? Learn fluid feminine yoga to cultivate strength, by laying a strong foundation from which you rise from and expand.
In this Yoga class you will learn to create union within you through an eclectic mix of breath-work, mindful movement, asana  

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Michelle's Story

My Story

Hello, I’m Michelle Cross, and I’m a dedicated teacher of Yoga, Tantra and Relationship Coach, and very happily married, enjoying amazing tantric sex. I say the happily married because for years I was lonely and single, always seeking Mr Right! or did you want to know about the tantric sex?

Like many women I did not feel seen or heard for years. My first sexual experience was the opposite of my sacred sexuality now, I was not seen and my voice was not heard. My self-help from this trauma began in 1990 when I became aerobics teacher, masseuse, bodyworker, then a yoga teacher travelling to India for the answers. I didn’t find all of them.

I re-enacted the same bad, non committal relationship patterns well into my 30’s, because I had intimacy blocks and abandonment issues… Learn how I transformed everything in my life…
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latest from the blog

KISS Meditation
Posted By Michelle Cross  Posted On 12-Jan-2017

Kiss Meditation I want to share with you the KISS Meditation, and yes KISS is an acronym, which you'll learn what means in the video below For 15 years I've meditated alone, with my eyes closed in front of my altar or not. Whereas this meditation I am sharing is

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Awaken and Arouse
Posted By Michelle Cross  Posted On 02-Jan-2017

My 2017 intention is : Awaken and Arouse Every year I had a intention or a theme. this year it's Awaken and Arouse. There is simple meaning for Awaken and Arouse : I want you to wake up to you and your life and I will stir a you

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good bye 2016 hello 2017
Posted By Michelle Cross  Posted On 27-Dec-2016

Good bye 2016 hello 2017 I know many cannot wait to say good bye 2016 hello 2017, yet for me personally 2016 has been ground breaking. I know on a global scale many are suffering, politically there was up-roar in UK and USA. I believe this needed to happen for

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