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    Michelle Cross Yoga, women's empowerment
  • Awaken to the Goddess of Your own Unique awareness

  • Step into your Power & Shine

  • Rest in the Truth of who you are


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Meet Michelle

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Would you like to one seen?

To be Heard?

and know that you matter as a woman?

Michelle Cross is a dedicated teacher of yoga, healer, therapist and coach, who empowers the modern day woman to awaken to her inherent feminine essence, where she/you views life with new eyes, listen from within and feels life touch her differently.

Michelle weaves yoga, Tantra, vinyasa, mythology, and ancient made present day wisdom into potent powerful healing practices that truly awaken and transform.

Michelle invites you to come into feeling, where you awaken your senses and feel Shakti – Shakti is the vibration of your feminine essene. She calls you in deeper to observe, feel and create space within so you shift from surviving to thriving as a vivacious woman…

are you ready to Thrive?


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My Story

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And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom

~ Anais Nin

My Story shares the meaning of  this beautiful inspirational quote for me, and hopefully for you…


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Birthing Process

Birthing Process So it’s nine months ago today that I moved my life from London to begin my new married

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Churning of the Ocean of Milk

Churning of the Ocean of Milk ~ Samudra Manthan This is the beautiful story of the emergence of Lakshmi into

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Lakshmi  Ma Lakshmi is the goddess of abundance, beauty, wealth and love; she offers you the amrita. (story is next

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Get into your body and release the tension of the mind whenever and where-ever you choose. I gift you a few simple meditations and short vinyasa flows

your Yoga is whispering to you “come try me…”

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Imagine connecting with an energy within you that awakens you to feel vibrant, alive, harmonious, fluid, open and strong as you move through life… this energy is called Shakti.

I share the practice of Tantra Yoga with you that awakens your Shakti and empowers you so you feel more of who you already are…

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Vinyasa flow videos for you to practice  to help you flow more with the online classes or short flows Now you may practice any time you wish!

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I see Yoga as a mirror, when you are on your Yoga mat you observe your self, your body, how you feel, what has been happening in your life in that present moment. Exploring the body and its power reveals to you gifts that you take off your mat and into your life so you feel better, more confident and thrive… learn more of what’s in your mirror…

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