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About Michelle Cross

Michelle Cross

About Michelle Cross

My journey with yoga and therapies started back in 1989 when I, like maybe you at some stage in your life, had the questions “who am I?” “what’s this truly about?” “what am i feeling?” and so about Michelle Cross is about my journey..

I began as an exercise teacher in 1989, teaching many aerobic, step classes and circuit classes as well as working in gyms as a trainer, yet soon I was burnt out and had injuries from teaching 15 classes a week. I was over working, striving, competing to get a name. I had no life/work balance. I tried my first yoga class in 1993, however the approach and particular teacher I didn’t warm to. I was resistant and sometimes in life we are resistant when we know the medicine will heal. so my injuries still pained me and this lead me to have massage for healing, it was a profound release and i received it often. I loved it so much I went on to learn massage. My journey with therapies began, the touch I found so healing and I wanted to pass this on and give other .

The best way to find yourself, is to loose yourself in the service of others ~ Gandhi

and as Gandhi says, I did find myself, the massage opened new doors, and if I am honest they were not always pleasant. It’s like any journey sometimes there are ups and downs. The questions, ‘who I am” “what’s this about?” kept arising and it was as if all my work with energy had churned and stirred something up! I now know it certainly had, my kundalini shakti was rising and I was awakening that self revelation that all the answers we so seek are within. and so I was finding myself through healing others.

Then in 2000 I met Yoga again and this time it was a reunion. I first tried Ashtanga vinyasa, however felt the competitiveness that was not serving to me in this style of yoga and went on to try vinyasa flow and it was as if a new love affair had began. The creative sequencing, embracing Every breath, every movement took me deeper into the flow, the flow for life. I after practicing a short while knew it was time for me to teach again and went off to an ashram to learn Sivananda Yoga, a classical form of yoga, steeped in discipline and commitment. This discipline and commitment has become a ritualised practice for me and I am eternally grateful for the path it opened up for me.

The classical Yoga renounces or tries to transcend the body for self realisation and as a householder I found this challenging to comprehend. we’ve been given this body to live in why are we not feeling, practicing from it.

‘it is through your body you realise you are a spark of divinity” Iyengar

YES YES YES! it is through you’re body you realise you are a spark of divinity and so I met Tantra, with Anusara Yoga. Tantra is a philosophy that weaves all life, all the yogic principles; asana, pranayama, mudra, mantra, bhakti, kriya, meditation, like gems of a necklace to form a continuos chain like a mala. Tantra embraces and honours all aspects in life, the dark/light, sun/moon, masculine/feminine, chaos/order, the opposites of material everyday life and your spiritual life and marries them, with commitment! Tantra for me touched me deeply and I weave its philosophy, with heart qualities and themes into my work. Tantra for me invokes a ritualised practice.

For the last 10 years, I have been learning from many international teachers, including Sianna Sherman, Shiva Rae, Chameli Ardagh and Sally Kempton. They are all of the Tantra lineage and this is where my beliefs and teachings emanate from. I especially resonate with Tantra Feminine practices as they touch me deeply and invite me to soften my exterior and turn within to the power that is already present.

My intention is to light a path and encourage you to becOMe more of who you already are and fulfill your potential! I Teach you to Step into your Power!! I am dedicated in offering a nurturing environment where each person explores themselves, to help you to thrive with ever blossoming radiance, self confidence, harmony and unity.
do you wish to truly thrive in life not just survive?

I see and meet many women who mirror me a few years ago ~ over analysing, multi-tasking, logical linear thinking, strategising, putting things in boxes because it safe, competing in a masculine dominated world to be seen, to be heard. They are exhausted, depleted and often unhappy in this role and don’t know what to do. This way for a woman is more masculine and pulls her away from her inherent essence which is feminine. and the feminine loves to flow, be fluid, free, alive, moving, changing, creative and yearns for touch. and so you see, maybe you are a woman like what I am describing, or know one like the description, and this is no judgement on my part, remember I was her ( and can easily slip into that role). so when I began to look ‘outside the boxes’ I had built around me, that were like a prison and look within this miraculously body I dwell within, my body became my temple and I yearned to honour it! and that is where I teach from.

MichelleCrossI teach and work from experience. My therapies offer me the opportunity to touch and feel and be sensitive to touch others physically and metaphorically and empowering others on their healing path. I live and breathe Tantra Yoga, I meditate everyday, I chant everyday, I use my breathe as the medicine to release. I am passionate about how life touches us and we are given messages everyday to learn from. this may mean taking off masks we hide behind…I invite anyone I teach into the feeling, of the breath, the sound, the movement. This is not a mechanical physical practice for me and I pray that what I teach you will come to learn that to and dance to your own tune. The practice is a meditation in motion, where you use your body to pray. I deeply honour the practice that has liberated me and gifted me wiht so much and from here I share. I am dedicated to alignment, when you align you are aligning the inner inherent asana which is luminous, powerful and radiant to be reflected in the outer asana.

I love the stories and myths of Yoga and so my Tantra Mythical Yoga Flow is a soulful expression of creative sequences that awaken you to your own story – “who am I?’ or maybe you’d write a page ‘about me…” that’s the other thing about me, I am down to earth, real and will bring humour to the practice.

YogaLoveStoryIf anything I speak of here resonates with you, I encourage you to find your yoga, begin your love affair with yoga and write your own story. this may mean I am a great teacher for you to learn with, however it may also mean go seek other teachers that live just as passionately

My mission is to light a path for personal transformation and healing through Tantra. I yearn to teach you how to awaken your senses, Step into your power as a woman and Stand in your Truth

I pray I meet and share Yoga with you and that you are blessed by the Grace of Yoga as I have been.

“O friend, understand: The body is like the ocean, rich with hidden treasures. Open your innermost chamber and light its lamp.” – Mirabai

I bow…. I wish to help you light the lamp to illuminate your own story…

Namaste ♥

with l o v e

ॐ Michelle x