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one to one Yoga

One to One Yoga Barbados

Private Yoga, In person or Skype anywhere in world

Awaken | Empower | Truth

Are you yearning for something more?
Do you long to connect with your inner essence and shine?
Would you love to learn powerful liberating Tantra Yoga techniques?

If your answer is Yes, then one to one yoga helps you to get the most from your life. I am based in Barbados and offer one to one yoga Barbados or you can have a session with me via Skype or FaceTime. I offer you yoga asana, pranayama (breathing practices), mudra, mantra, meditation. Your one to one yoga can be all breathing and mediation if you desire and  I empower to make the change you so seek, utilising my spiritual Life Coaching.

One to one Yoga Barbados helps to restore balance:: I teach you simple techniques, that Awaken your senses to who you are. I teach you how to connect to this abundant energy you have within for you to utilise in your daily life, thus easing stress, improving health, fitness and well-being, giving you confidence, more energy and increased creativity and focus for what matters to you in life. I tailor a programme of yoga to suit you, your life and what you would like to achieve – this is the biggest question in life ::

what do you yearn to achieve?

My mission is to light a path for healing and transformation and empower you on your journey in life.

How and where?

I am based in Barbados, so one to one yoga Barbados is in my home, your home, hotel or villa… yet with modern technology I teach a lot on skype or Facetime, so where-ever you are we can meet! I also visit London regularly so I can see you there. I definitely will empower you through the powers of modern technology.

so Ladies….

I specialise in empowering women

are you exhausted, depleted, cannot lose those few pounds from your abdomen,  feel like you are juggling so many things?

if Yes, so was I  until I began feminine practices that transformed my life and now I teach them!

Here’s what my Teacher Sianna Sherman says about my Teaching

“Michelle is a most vibrant teacher of yoga who helps her students discover the deep ease and peace within. Her guidance is clear, powerful and transformational. Michelle creates an atmosphere of beauty that naturally calls students into their hearts. Her presence is a true gift.” ~ Sianna Sherman

My extensive knowledge of working with the body and mind for 26 years through complementary therapies, yoga and yoga therapeutics, and spiritual Life Coaching helps me to create a bespoke yoga experience for you. I employ different techniques to help you to realign, I have used and practiced these techniques during my own personal experiences – so I know they work, that’s why I am passionate about sharing them with you!

You may begin One to one Yoga and find that you would also benefit from a Life Coaching session infused with yoga techniques – i offer you all of this to really embrace who you are and your fullest potential within…. check out my Life Coaching info or email me for more details

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Tara Hastings
“Michelle’s one to one sessions are a must do! The individual attention and enhancements of my technique has really helped me to improve and feel more comfortable and confident in my practice. Be prepared for a tough, fun and uplifting experience! I do 1 1/2 hours of yoga and the 30min massage package from Michelle – I highly recommend :-)”


Eimear Hawker, Senior Buyer in Retail
“I’ve been attending Michelle’s weekly classes for 4 years which has given me a huge appreciation of yoga on every level. Every so often I treat myself to a one to one session where I can work through any challenges I have. I am always amazed how Michelle can identify the adjustments needed, whether this is physically, through breath or even an adjustment of attitude.”