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Daniella Tarrant, Retail Manager

Michelle has an energy and passion for yoga that I find utterly liberating. I’m challenged, rewarded, guided and soothed everytime I step on my mat in Michelle’s house. Truly grateful, Namaste”

Margherita Watt, Marketing Consultant

“I have long suspected that yoga would be a good thing for me to do, for lots of reasons but I have never really enjoyed it. Too hard, not flexible enough and a bit boring was my experience and then I found Michelle’s class. And now I’m hooked. It’s dynamic, passionate, life nourishing, energising and with something new each week there’s no time to get bored. And it makes me feel amazing, for the first time ever I get the ‘yoga high’ people have talked about and it makes me want to come back every week and do more.”

Michelle Wallace Actress

“I love your positive attitude Michelle and gentle and generous spirit. You ispire confidence in everyone and you enthusiasm is contagious…!”

Vee Cork, Education Consultant

I first came across Michelle in 2003. I was in a very stressful situation at work and was suffering from depression and accompanying insomnia. During a course of intensive massage treatments I began to feel a whole weight lifting off my shoulders. The massage was part of a whole holistic approach in that I found Michelle to be extremely sympathetic and insightful to my situation. My insomnia gradually reduced and I was able to see a much brighter future, which resulted in me finding a new job.

Over 10 years on I continue to receive monthly treatments from Michelle and always find her massage to be intuitive and successful in “ironing” out the muscular knots in my body. I always look forward to the sessions and return home feeling energised, relaxed and pain free.
I would recommend Michelle to anyone wanting to take a little time out of their busy lives and de-stress! You won’t be disappointed.

Emily Levis

thank you for introducing me to a form of yoga that I LOVE! I Can’t imagine my life without it now. I just love your classes and the vibe coming from the other people in the class. You get the feeling that there is no judgement and that we are all in this together and I also think the fact that you let us into your home makes it extra special”

Claire Arnott Interior Designer

My first Reiki session with Michelle certainly affirmed how powerful and transformational someones presence and touch can be. Michelle’s nurturing energy eased me into a blissful state of relaxation. I drifted off and came round much calmer, yet sharper and more focused too. After the treatment I felt much more relaxed in my neck and shoulders where I hold so much tension, I also felt enlightened about blocked energy in my body, subtle sensations as indicators of areas I may need to pay more attention too. Reiki has a gentle and yet powerful nature that both lifts and grounds you leaving you in the days afterwards more balanced, energised and peaceful of mind. The therapy room is tranquil and a fitting retreat of a space that enhances the experiences and compliments Michelle’s beautiful Reiki practice.

Joni Rhodes

“An enlightening & energising week in a spectacular location, providing a welcome break from the stresses of everyday life & a chance to absorb oneself entirely in the practise of Yoga.

Michelle’s varied & nurturing tuition allowed deep self-exploration, helping me to fully relax & grow in both mind & body. A completely rewarding retreat.”

Maxi Jazz, Musician

I have had different types of massages before, however Michelle’s is outstanding. I definitely have a physical looseness after, which accompanies a feeling of an emotional or psychological element that leaves me feeling as though I am becoming whole. ~

Rachel Murray

I loved the concept of not only thinking about what is good for you as an individual in 2014 but also to the community and even the world. It brings us all together. Going yesterday felt like the beginning of a positive 2014 journey with yoga, with you,Michelle being a big part of it. I am very pleased I found your class! I can already see so many benefits from going to your classes including getting pregnant I think yoga helped as I was stronger and more relaxed” ~ Rchel Murray

Katie R, Mother

Thank you so much Michelle, your massage always takes me to a place of deep peace and serenity. With a busy family life, my treatments with you are my time for me as a woman. Your touch is healing, deeply nurturing and you always intuitively know what is the best style of treatment would benefit me. The hot oil always makes me melt so my stress or tension dissolve… I feel so safe in your hands. thanks again!

Bridgette Leeming, Probation Officer

I approached Michelle for treatments after going through a low emotional patch. She incorporated massage and reiki and the results were almost instantaneous. The massage helped release tension in my back and shoulders and left me with a freeness which I had not experienced in years. The reiki helped shift a lot of my emotions and left me feeling amazing. Michelle has worked wonders and I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Sally Johnson, PA

Michelle you truly are a gift, your healing hands take me deeper within and give me the space in my busy life to simply relax. I’ve found this to be so beneficial to reconnect, ground and heal. I look forward to our appointments. thank you