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Why I am honouring the Divine Feminine this year..


AUTOR: Michelle Cross

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DurgaTempleNavratri navigates to New Moon Sadhana and much much more…

I wrote this after my first Navratri Sadhana and it lead to the birth of many new ideas, ways of being and embracing everything before me…. don’t get me wrong, i still stress, worry, yet behind it all I have this voice saying, trust…. surrender… connect… love! this is what embracing the power of the Divine Feminine has done for me….
so After the New Moon of October 2013 my own sadhana of Navratri everything changed for me…
(Navratri is the festival honouring the nine (nav) nights (ratri) of the Divine Feminine Mother, Durga, each night honouring a different aspect/face of the Mother Shakti, the Goddess)
I finally accepted and embraced my many faces and felt whole in every sense. I came to see different aspects of myself, with no judgments, just loving acceptance. The whole year of 2013 had been leading me up to this point of honouring and embracing myself in every sense, I was seeing myself, listening to myself and knew above all I truly mattered and will make a difference! I felt the power of the Divine Feminine with urging me to open and explore and help others to do the same…
♡♥Do you want to be seen?
♡♥Do you want to be heard?
♡♥Do you truly want to matter?Yoni Mudra
I came into my own power as a women; ripe, turned onto life and all it has to offer and a longing to share this. I want to help women, to be seen, felt listened to and know they matter and their purpose in life is a path worthy of seeking. I am not excluding men from my niche market, especially if they wish to connect with their own feminine energy after all masculine and feminine energies are within us, they are One. The ultimate inner Yoga is the alchemy is to yoke the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine, Shiva-Shakti as One. Your Yoga practice/sadhana invites the dance of the Shakti, the feminine, in every delicious moment as she trusts and rests in the awareness and consciousness of Shiva, the masculine… are you ready to accept the invitation to dance?
My calling as I deeply connect with my own true nature as a woman, is to support women, business women, mothers, women who are doing so much for others that they have forgotten how important they are! I want to remind you! I want to nurture you to know how powerful you are as a woman. and men, I wish to help you understand the women in your life or for you to connect deeply with your own feminine nature which will empower you further…
It was as if the windows of the temple of my body were cleaned with the wisdom of the practices and fully opened ready to receive and even more open to give…. I had surrendered and let go of my many masks and embraced them all at the same time…I understand and support the woman’s role, whether you are a tired mother, a career woman, a business owner, a single lady… the Divine feminine has so many faces and yet this year my offerings through my teaching is to help you to embrace them all, allow them to surrender to them all. In the West some feel to surrender is submissive, Surrender in the East is “to melt in to that which is higher than you.” This does not give away your power it harnesses it. So gather your many faces that are changeable in every moment from being loving to being extremely irritable, from being vulnerable to be raging the next ~ they are all one.
I feel a strong knowing to truly support women in my life, to nurture women, encourage them to step into their power as a divine feminine being. And so this knowing came into being at Diwali, the first New Moon after Navratri in 2013 when the nights were dark as British Summer time’s cycle changed, I decided to honor of the cycles of a woman and the cycles of the feminine energy of the mother moon, and gave birth to the New Moon Sadhana…
Moon New Moon Sadhana
During the winter months I invite you to celebrate the New Moon with a candle-light introspective slower, grounding, pulsating, instinctive practice to encourage you to get into the right relationship with your body, mind and heart to transform and truly come into a new way of being so you thrive and not just survive!
the first one on January 1st New Years day was amazing – here’s what someone said…

“New Year Day’s New Moon Flow, I felt as if I was in the presence of a strong mother, welcoming and soothing with her candlelight, but simultaneously seeking to embolden and liberate with her focus on groundedness and strength.

I love your classes, Michelle. Through you, Yoga has become an integral part of my life and I am so happy that I have been able to bring about so many positive changes to my life already. I look forward to 2014.”
Through the sacred practices of Yoga (meditation, mantra, mudra, pranayama, asana + music, movement) you will learn to evolve the natural cycles of life and honour the ritual of respecting your self at the highest level, so that you don’t feel the need for something or someone outside of your self to make you happy. As a woman I invite you to (re)kindle a connection with your own divine feminine, or as a man you connect deeply with the power of your divine feminine energy within. This feminine energy within has a yearning to connect, or to deeply reconnect your inner and outer worlds as One and the Mother Moon longs to nurture you along your cyclic path.
Join me…
Let’s turn inwards into the dark mystery of our deep knowing and invite the New Moon to breathe new life into new projects, ideas, relationships or ways of being through the New moon Sadhana (learn more about the moon on my blog link below)
Book now! Just £10 a class – all details on the Classes page and more events under Retreats
♡♥ Thursday 30th January 2014 7.30-9pm
♡♥ Saturday 1st March 5.30-7pm
♡♥ Saturday 29th March – this will be part of workshop day as actual New Moon is 30th March and the first day of British summer time so lighter nights – then we will start to follow a Full Moon Sadhana…

Love n light,
Michelle ♡♥

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