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Yoga Events

Yoga Events

~ Immerse yourself in your Sadhana

Awakening Shakti


Awaken your Senses

Step into your Power

Stand in the Truth of who You are!

Let these embodied practices inspire you on the mat and then take them into your life and see it and you expand!

London Events  7 & 21 May honour the Feminine frequency or Goddess Kali Ma… She’s fierce, fearless and arrives to awaken you to the truth; are you willing, ready and able? I believe so… join us ::


7 May :: Kali’s Key to Kindle Courage & Commitment ~ 

YogaEvent~ 4.30am-6.30pm
a Vibrant Vinyasa Flow Yoga Class

this fierce flow’s intention is to ignite every part of you with a kaleidoscope of asanas that melt away any resistances so you take the key and corageously pour your light into every asana as a humble offering

Would you like to immerse yourself in  powerful Yoga techniques that cultivate fearlessness, promote confidence, increase self-esteem and unshakeable trust?

I share my devotion of Kali and use Her symbolism to awaken you to your power, called Shakti. Kali is Fierce, fiery, and flashes Her Trident that will eventually pierces your heart with love.  Prepare to sweat your stress with fierce, fiery flow of standing postures to awaken your hips and kindle your courage, to you cut through fear and stand in your truth. Juices flowing her flame ignites commitment to travel up the body into delicious heart opening backbends. Dive deep within the mysteries of the heart, accept the key to open and feel the freedom more profoundly from within as you open your heart

Are you ready to take the Kali’s Key?

if so please email me to book this 2 hour class, at The Shala, West Norwood SE27. places are limited so if you wish to awaken to your power say YES and the universe will hear!

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your investment is £22 for Kali’s Fierce Flow


21 May Full Moon Sadhana Fierce Flow

Blood Moon ~ 4.30am-6.30pm 

The Full Moon Sadhana is a journey into your own light…for the Full Moon illuminates your power and with this Month theme while I’m in London, is Kali Ma – we let Her, Kali Ma fierceness cut through the negative limiting beliefs and Her pure love illuminate the truth

This Full Moon fierce flow teaches you to see yourself in a new full radiant light, perhaps with new eyes… the practices invite you to turn in, tune in and listen… and as you listen, Michelle will empower you to know your true worth!

In honouring Kali, She helps you to cut through the fears, the doubts and step into your radiance that is as bright and as full as the moon. Yes the full Moon sometimes makes waves quite naturally and they are fierce, just like Kali.. yet like the mudra, fear not, both Kali and the Moon are mother energies and they are here to nurture you, maybe just in a sometimes fierce way initially.

the lunar vinyasa flow is dynamic, rhythmical and fluid to invite you deeper within your body. I move and groove you into your own natural rhythm to build heat to burn away that which isn’t serving you and to ignite something within you so that you come alive embodying this fullness you feel more freedom.

In this class I invite you into your own fullness, to embrace the bhavana or feeling and let the full moon’s energy seduce you and caress you deeper within the temple of you and from here we pray…

email me to book this class at The Shala, West Norwood SE27 and get ready to embrace your luminosity!


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Investment £22

~ ♥ ~