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Yoga Events

Yoga Events

~ Immerse yourself in your Sadhana

uttithabalasana Shiva


Awaken your Senses

Step into your Power

Stand in the Truth of who You are!

Let these embodied practices inspire you on the mat and then take them into your life and see it and you expand!

 This is a fun time-lapse video of a soulful vinyasa sequence :-) we will take it a lot slower!

Barbados Event…

SATURDAY 17th OCTOBER in Barbados ~ 7.30am-7pm

Awaken your Senses & Transform

Yoga Raw Food Retreat

a Soulful Vinyasa Yoga & Raw Food Day Retreat

Manuela (Barbados local raw food chef)  & Michelle co-create this magical retreat day of Vinyasa Yoga and Raw Food that awaken you, to your pure, natural feminine essence. The inspiring and richly abundant yoga philosophy combined with the raw, life enhancing food naturally enhance each other so you receive their vibrational synergy to open, expand and flourish…

Would you like to learn powerful Yoga techniques that cultivate fearlessness, promote confidence, increase self-esteem and unshakeable trust?

This is a day of exploration, to release the grip of every day ordinary life and begin to savour the taste of the extraordinary.

The day is vital for you to recharge, rejuvenate and take time out of your endless to-do lists, and become fully present to receive, abundantly physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. You will receive 4 different yoga sessions along with 4 different food offerings and so the day is full, abundant already planting seeds for you to awaken your senses and thrive!

Manuela, Raw food Guru, sets the tone of the day giving you a life enhancing green juice after meditation that literally awakens your taste buds in a delicious way so you are hungry for new ways of being that Michelle teaches…

Michelle’s appetite for Tantra Yoga feeds you more juicy life expanding yoga practices that are infused with the flavours of her playful mix of dynamic, flowing, challenging yet liberating soulful vinyasas to get your juices going and combine a sweet tropical mix of asanas, that is a delectable recipe for truly inspiring yoga.

As we all go deeper beneath the surface throughout the day… you will sweetly open and release through the safe, empowering practices that grounds and strengthen you to you learn vital life skills of perseverance, trust, devotion and discipline.

Michelle and Manuela plant their seeds of intention so you blossom fully just as you are! Yes its raw and radical to invite you to unfurl from the space of opening and blossom..

Are you ready to truly blossom?

if so please email me to book this workshop, places are limited so if you wish to awaken and thrive say YES and the universe will hear!

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Your investment to awaken and thrive as a woman!

BDS$275 for 12 hours of bliss.… here’s the ingredients for the day…
730am  Guided Breath Meditation
8am Raw Green Juice & gluten and dairy free breakfast
9am Introduction on how to Awaken your senses and thrive ~
930am Soulful Vinyasa Flow heart opener practices to Awaken you
11.30 life coaching reflections,
break to digest the morning, journal, reflect or jump in the pool!

12pm Raw food chat & lunch

Free time for pool, yogini mingling & Kobucha & ice cream floaters
2.30pm Mythical Flow Yoga story time relaxation
330pm Hip opener grounding & strengthen to empower you to blossom and thrive
5.30pm reflections
6 pm sun-down dinner & social


London Event

SUNDAY 8TH NOVEMBER In London – 2.30-5.30PM

Flow & Restore

Remembrance & honour the Light 

The practice is in two parts beginning with a rhythmical, fluid, flowing liberating lunar flow that enlivens your energy with a steady, strong strengthening soulful vinyasa that opens your body in new ways.  Your body pulsating with feel good hormones you are ready to let the juicy grounding sequencing melt any inner or outer resistances. the second part of the practice is grounding, longer, juicy holds that are restorative and healing, with hands on adjustments and massage to release any tension so you feel utterly balanced, rejuvenated and restored on all levels. The practice helps you remember and honour your inherent light

This workshop honour Remembrance Sunday and a pre~Diwali celebration

Diwali is the festival of lights, that embraces your victory over challenges… challenges are part of life, sometimes you go into the darkness to learn, explore, evolve and bring the darkness to light. As this season turns to darker nights, this day is Remembrance Sunday a day of honour and remembrance of life – let’s remember our inner radiance and illuminate a path for others..

Make every asana a Remembrance & in honour of

  • ▼ you,
  • ▼ your true nature,
  • ▼ 108% opening to the asana
  • ▼ an OFFERING to the highest aspect of your self

Let the practice touch you to remember more of who already you are. Let Michelle’s​ Hands on adjustments and massage soothe you deeper with in the temple of your body.

email me to book this workshop and get ready to embrace your luminosity!


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Investment £35

~ ♥ ~