Welcome to my Academy.

Learn how to awaken to the Tantra energy within you that makes you feel more confident and alive.

Here’s one woman’s experience with me and my courses. :

“Michelle helped awaken my senses and now I know my true power. Now I have the knowledge to strike up passion within myself. I may not remember all the terminology used, but I will never forget the experience. Michelle taught us how to use something as simple as our breath to create fire within us. She delicately paired these breaths with movement, further igniting the fire. This fire allowed me to explore my sexual energy; waking up ripples of orgasms. No hands, no toys, just pure energy. There was so much to learn about our Yonis. So much power to uncover. Who knew? The climax of this experience will last a lifetime.”  Lauren, Bahamas

All that I offer invoke Tantra and Tantra Yoga, including Yoni Yoga and Moon Cycle meditations for women. They are designed for you as a woman to feel more confident in who you are.

The practices and the meditations dispel the doubts, the fears, the insecurities as well as help to heal traumas from the past, whilst empowering you to connect to your feminine Tantra energy. Explore how here::

Free Courses and Quiz

Moon and You 

Through the Moon and You –  Power of Conscious Menstruation you will learn about :

▽ the different phases of the moon,
▽ the phases of a woman,
▽ whether you are a red moon woman or a white moon woman,
▽ all about moon cups
▽ for all women – even if you no longer bleed
▽ + much more.

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Which Goddess Archetype Are You?

Once you discover which Tantra Goddess you most align with, sign up to learn :

▽ how to invoke her essence
▽ what she represents and how to embrace her symbolism
▽ modern day mantra to empower
▽ ancient mantra to call her in
▽ what chakra she awakens
▽ videos, pdf’s and storms with all the myths and metaphors
▽ practices you can weave into yoga
▽ + much more.

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I so look forward to sharing with you