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Anais Nin

And the day came when the risk to remain in a tight bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom  ~ Anais Nin

This beautiful quote from Anais Nin sums up my awakening journey.

Does this inspire you to awaken and blossom?

Anais Nin reminds me, you, to soften and in the softening there’s an invitation to blossom.

This is the invitation I offer you..but first,

Are you a woman who is::

♥ Doing so much for others you have no time for you?
♥ Exhausted, low energy
♥ Low self esteem and confidence
♥ Low libido or uses sex to release stress
♥ Longs for more intimacy and connection
♥ Has forgotten what pleasure feels like

If you are a woman experiencing any of these, then I yearn to help you come home to you as a woman and it is my mission to help you to blossom…

It is Time:

★ As women to rise
★ To be seen, To be Heard and know that you matter
★ To own your own sensuality, sexuality and come home to your wonderous feminine body

My mission is to share with you simple yet profound tantra practices that are like the fertiliser that nurture you to blossom. They give you the key to awaken your body so you feel pleasure and the understanding that pleasure is  brings you to life as a woman.

Yes I know all the resistance, I’ve been there, I also know the immense ecstasy of experiencing full body orgasms with out having sex.

anais tin
would you like to know more?
would you like to blossom?
would you love to feel pleasure?


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It is time for you to blossom and thrive!