Free 6 Day Tantra Training Lesson 1

Free 6 day Tantra Training Lesson 1

Welcome to Free 6 day Tantra Training Lesson 1, where today I am going to share with you the most powerful tool I’ve practiced with in my nearly 30 years experience in the health and wellness fields.

Tantra has taught me to tap into my primal sexual creative energy called shakti and use this potent energy as the fuel for every area of my life. I am going to introduce you to Shakti intimately, but first….

Shakti as this Sexual energy isn’t just about having sex (although I’ll talk about that too if that interests you?). It’s about tapping in your prana, your chi or your energy. Then you learn to harness this energy to create and give birth to what you long for in life.

But before I tell you the most powerful tool and how it helps you to access shakti, I would like to share another

Tantra key to unlock the power to you…

Free 6 Day Tantra Training Lesson 1

  • have no judgment.
  • Another is to give yourself the permission to feel..

All too often modern day living is demanding and many of us spend alot of time in our heads thinking and analyzing even judging. I’ll take this further many are rushing around, juggling family, friends, work and thus feeling so are disconnected.

We eat whilst on the phone, don’t really taste the food and consequently are not being fully present.

I believe how you do one thing is often how you do everything. If you are eating this way, how are you making love?

Tantra is about slowing down the experience so you become more present to the sensations. Tantra is about awakening the senses through the body. I invite you to give yourself permission to go into the body and feel without judgement, just allow what ever arises to rise and feel this in your body, not take it to the head and think… Let this be a practice where you going into the portal of your body.

Now the most powerful tool ever…

You do it unconsciously 21000 a day.


It is your breath that will help you to tap into the sexual energy! that’s how important the breath is. I am going to show you how to breathe so you get out of your left analytic brain and into the right juicy brain. Your breath will help you to enter your body and is one of the most intimate companions or lovers you’ll ever have on this journey of discovery.. Yes, through yoga I discovered the power of the breath to open up the energy channels…if you let the breath penetrate you deeper.

So to begin your FREE 6 day Tantra training lesson 1 introduces you to Ujjayi Breath. The secret to the Ujjayi Breath is it has a hypnotic effect. It helps you to feel calm, grounded and gives you a sense of bliss. And there’s more, you can use whenever you are feeling stressed to help relax you. Or like I do, you can practice this breath as you make love to deepen connection and intimacy.

here’s a video to help you with the practice and understand the benefits of the Ujjayi Breath:

hope you enjoy and I’ll connect with you again tomorrow

Love michelle x0x