Free Yoga Downloads

Free Yoga Downloads

Here’s some free audio practices.  If you would like a full class then visit my online classes page .All these practices will help you on your journey within and connect with the gems of the soul…You may also like to look at  Vinyasa Flow Videos to practice by themselves or as a guide for the online-classes.

Awaken your Unique Feminine Essence and stroke the strings of Pleasure

This meditation is for the Ladies. I’ve written a blog on this here:  the Feminine and Pleasure and you can watch the video on YouTube as well.

allow yourself to dive into this practice of fine tuning the instrument of you body to receive more from life.yes please The Feminine Awakens through Pleasure

Heart & breath Meditation – 12minutes

A deeply grounding, relaxing, yet liberating meditation that invites you in to the temple of your body, so you dive deep into the cave of your heart and take refuge. this sanctuary space of the hear tis available to you are any time, this meditation calls you there…. can be done in comfortable cross leg seated position, kneeling or in a chair. you can extend it at the end to just sit with awareness or close after the 12 minutes. enjoy and I encourgae you to practcie often, even daily to begin a mediation practcie that opens the doors to the vastness of you and allows you to cOMmune with your self and the universe. meditation for peace, love and light in the vastness of your heart.

Guided Relaxation for Beginners on how to breathe – 5 minutes

In 2011 I was featured in Holland & Barrett’s Healthy Magazine with an article for Summer Well-Being, – I offered a FREE guided relaxation audio to help a beginner become more intune with their breath.

Free guided relaxation just click on take me to Relax into your Radiance.

Free short Vinyasa Flow – 15 minutes

Each day is a new day so each practice gives you space to connect with more of the Joy within, delighting in the rhythm of the breath and movements. a short flow working through lunges, lunge twist and ardha hanumanasana – Bring more Joy into your Life with Yoga.

Free Surya Namaskar Vinyasa – 28 minutes

Dynamic, powerful, releasing flow to build the heat (tapas) and move you frOM within. this is a stand alone practice, or canwarm you up thoroughly for more standing postures or floor work. it is taken frOM a live class at YogaRelax that worked on hips. this juicy practice takes you through Surya Namaskar A & B, with some chair postures, Utkatansana and a variation of a wide legged chair pose…. get your juices going here

remember save me so you practice often enJOY & flow 🙂

Just click on the link, please allow time for it to download or if you wish to save it to your iPhone, iPod or mp3 or even a CD then right click the link below, save target as and store where you can access it easily.

If you would like to practice a whole class approx 1hour 30 minutes check out this Online-Yoga Class page