Guru Purnima, Full Moon



The entire Universe is the Guru, You are the Guru. There is nothing other than the One

~ Anandamayi Ma

This Full Moon of July 2014 is called a Super Full Moon because the Moon is closest to the earth and also in Hinduism and Buddhism it’s known as Guru Purnima, Full Moon of the Guru. a day when disciples to student bow down in gratitude to offer respect and worship for their spiritual teachers. The Guru is the steady one, the one that removes the darkness (gu)

Universal Guru’s

there are many teachers all around us in life, from nature, the sun, the moon and the tides, to animals, family, friends, lovers and then your body, your amazing breath and the thoughts… Look to all that you learn and from who or what…

I invite you to turn inside this Guru Purnima, Full Moon to turn inside the temple of your body, follow your breath inside, the breath is a loyal companion with you in every moment, have you ever observed the kindness, the commitment and loyalty of the breath? what does your breath teach you?

and as you rest in the temple of your body, with the loyal companion of your breath, pause in between the inhalations and the exhalations and take a sip of this silence and listen to the whispers of your heart, your heart guru….

do you dare to go into the deepest chambers and bow, in reverence to yourself and listen to your Heart Guru?

My Gratitude

this year at YogaRelax we’ve been honouring the Moon sadhanas, as part of honouring the Divine Feminine as the moon is associated with the mother and feminine energy and this has been a great teacher to me.

Mother Moon

Honouring the many phases of the moon and at sadhana juncture points of the New Moon and Full Moon, has invited us all into the natural cycles of life, to merge with these cycles and thus honour our own cycles and many faces (especially the women). This has been one of the greatest things I have taught and welcomed the receptivity from all who attend Yoga Relax – I thank you all! and so today on Guru Purnima, I am offering a FREE class to honour everyone and the Mother Moon

I also offer my immense gratitude to teachers that have gifted me with teachings, from monthly emails, online sadhanas, to in person teachings, that have transformed my life in the last 2.5 years. I express my respect, love and gratitude to Shiva Rae, Sianna Sherman and Awakening Women

I offer my pure love, respect and gratitude to my mother – my first guru – I love you!

to my Beloved, you my darling have taught me so much and continue to do so, I thank you for your patience, your forgiveness and your love – I love you, Jah Rasta


and I also humbly bow to Ma Durga, through my sadhanas, through your illuminating mirror I have come to dance the dance of a yogini, in love with life, riding tigers and the roaring the mighty roar of the lion of truth.. I savour tasting the fruit of sadhana deeply and completely that I become the fruit of practice. The eternal dance of life is the eternal love making of Shiva and Shakti and through them I embrace my own dance and union of my Divine Masculine and Feminine as One…

OnMyKneeswith love, Michelle x