Unlock Your Full Potential & Liberate Your Masculine Power

I see many men struggling and this limits their natural masculine essence. They

△ Lack confidence with women 

△ Question if they are good enough 

Then there’s another story, they

△ Experience a loss of desire for sex

△ Want to last longer or suffer with premature ejaculation

△ Find it hard to remain an erection

△ Do not have a relationship with their Lingham (aka penis)

It may be a little embarrassing. Yet in our modern day society, with a lot of social conditioning of how men are meant to be, any problems with your sexuality or sex life can kill your confidence.

Couples Coaching


Relationships and sex are a fundamental part of life, yet many men were not given a hand book on how to be in a relationship, let alone how to make love. And the model of relationships were learnt from our families may not be the best example either. And then the examples on the internet are worse.

Traditionally our culture doesn’t encourage men to develop themselves as lovers.

Thankfully, that’s all changing!

There’s a new modern man emerging, I call him the Divine Masculine and he wants to learn what a woman r e a l l y wants in and out of the bedroom. He realises if she is happy, his life improves too.

Intimacy Coach for men offers you a grounded space to unlock your potential so you discover new ways as a man or an amazing lover.

We all come from sex, yet we don’t talk about it. It’s even a taboo to talk about it.

Well let’s talk about it!

I work one-to-one with men to empower you to become the best version of you.

I help you to over any problems that are killing your confidence and drive.

✔ Are you ready to fully step into your masculine?

✔ Do you know the most common psychological intimacy blocks for men?
– Learn powerful techniques to release them

✔ Are you ready to release recurring patterns and deepen intimacy?

The benefits are you might well become the God in the bedroom
and feel in more control of your life.


△ Cultivate Your Primal Masculine Power

Intimacy Coach For Men

Your brain is your biggest sex organ. Intimacy coach for men unlocks many of the psychological blocks caused by rejection, fear, mistrust.

Coaching also teaches you that Scientifically it is proven that it takes men between 1 minute – 7 minutes to orgasm, whereas it takes 30-45 minutes for a woman’s body to be fully aroused.

YES 30-45 minutes before…Talking is a huge key for a women, being heard or listened too even bigger. You can see why intimacy coach for men is a wise choice to learn new paradigm tools and techniques that give the modern divine masculine man mastery, especially sexual mastery. 

✔ Discover the 4 stages of masculine arousal to unlock your sexual potential – the 1st two are often not experienced 

✔ Harness your sexual energy to feel more empowered in your divine masculine, just through your breath!

✔ Learn sexual polarity that opens a woman’s through her heart for her to experience even more pleasure 

✔ Overcome fears to deepen intimacy and connection

✔ Learn what a woman needs and her body craves for

✔ Learn to overcome premature ejaculation or erectile problems and become the best lover

✔ Master conscious sex with non-ejaculation orgasms and multiple orgasms



Who is Michelle and Why work with me?

Hello, I am Michelle and a Tantra and Relationship or Intimacy Coach for men, women or couples – I often ask people if they yearn for success, deeper connections, intimacy and vibrant energy? As well as having amazing sex?

Because that’s my secret to success! My husband and I share sacred Tantric sex at least four times a week! And it doesn’t have to be 9 hours like Sting! Tantra taught us how to tap into our primal sexual creative energy called shakti and use it as fuel to ignite all our dreams and desires.

Everyone wonders what it is and how to do it and that’s what I teach you.  For now I’ll say it begins with connection. There’s the irony so many people are disconnected from themselves and others.  I teach you how to connect and deepen intimacy in every room of your house, then just watch you’re whole life turn on.

It wasn’t always like this for me. Like many women I suffered trauma. My first sexual experience was the complete opposite to my love-making now.

My husband unlocked the door to my sensuality and sexuality through trust and commitment. People even remark to me, I don’t know what you’re doing to your husband but we’ve never seen him looking so good…. Now you know our secret. My man is certainly the God in the bedroom and I feel like a goddess in every room!

I have worked with 1000’s of women over the years and they have asked me to offer intimacy coach for men. Now I am. Through intimacy coach for men, I teach you how you too can become the divine masculine, fully charged with his primal shakti, unlocking your full potential.

My husband was my sexual healer. Marvin Gaye truly did know about sexual healing and that’s why he wrote about it.

Sex can be ecstatic, a portal to sublime states, yet you got to know the how’s. I share the how.

Let me introduce you to the divine masculine lover within you

The East meets West Coaching infuses Ancient Tantra tools made modern. I work outside of the box, for the box limits us. I marry the modern day with mysticism, erotic and the holy, sexuality and spirituality as East meets West. Everything comes together in union as I use Ancient Tantra, Taoism, Yoga Practices that are proven over 1000’s of years to work.

Are You Ready?

This is for you if you are serious about transforming intimacy blocks…

If there’s one problem that I can coach you to overcome – what is it?

You might be surprised at how quick I help you! Then of course I’ll teach you how to slow down and be the best lover.

Sexual Mastery is a skill, once learnt will change your whole life.

I look forward to hearing from you…

6 + 15 =

For clarity, I offer one-to-one intimacy coach for men online via Skype. There is no nudity.

I only work with men who have a problem they wish to overcome or men who want to enter the new paradigm of the Divine Masculine Lover.

Thank you for your understanding and respect, I appreciate you for this.