Deep Bow to you, Amazing Woman,

Welcome to the Magic Of Yoni Coaching Program 


Are you curious about the power and potential of the
Jade Egg I hold in my fingertips?


Would you like to intimately connect to your primal feminine energy, to feel more confident, sensuous and empowered?


Are you ready to meet your inner Goddess and give birth to your deepest desires?

Join Me for an intimate transformational experience with
the Magic Of Yoni Coaching Package 

Learn to embody deeply spiritual rituals that
awakens your sensual and sexual body.


Trust the process to re-claim feminine ways of being in your body.


Surrender and open to healing, that awakens and arouses your
orgasmic or bliss body. 


Magic Of Yoni is an intensive 3 session feminine sensuality coaching package initiating you into the healing journey of the Jade Egg + the potency and transformational power of Feminine Tantra Practices to raise your energy.

Magic Of Yoni awakens you into a beautiful journey with yourself, your feminine energy and your amazing body…

Especially the inner sanctum of your Yoni and the immense pleasure within you longing to emerge.

On the journey you’ll meet and greet your femininity, reclaim your feminine essence, awaken your feminine power and embrace your sensual, sexual and spiritual sovereignty.  

What you will receive : 

🔻 3 Bespoke One to One sessions with me, spread across 10 days. There’s only 5 packages for 5 fortunate – are you ! of them?
🔻 Practices  for healing, awakening or sexuality.
🔻 Feminine Sensuality Coaching to discover what’s holding you back.
🔻 Practices to empower you to feel grounded and safe to embrace your inner courage to release past traumas
🔻 Guidance and support, handouts and practices for you to practice privately yourself.
🔻 Ancient Tantra Rituals that carry 1000’s of years lineage proven to work, includes mantra if you want.
🔻 Modern day real, authentic womanly love from my heart to yours to support you to step into who you truly are
🔻 Celebration of sisterhood, womanhood and empowerment

Session 1

Gateway Within
🔻Learn 3 Secrets: Pelvic Awakening and Arousal
🔻Embody the 3 R’s
🔻The 4 Movements of Shakti
🔻Yoni – get to know her
🔻Breast Massage Ritual

Session 2

Let’s Go Deeper
🔻YoniVerse + the Chakras
🔻Connect to your Truth
🔻Rewire the Neural Pathways
🔻Psychological Blocks to Intimacy
🔻Enticing Entry to the Inner Sanctum

Session 3

Amplify Your Sensation
🔻Ovarian Breathing
🔻Awaken, Arouse, Activate, Shakti
🔻Deeper Attunement to all Practices
🔻Divine Union Practices 
🔻Body Talk 

The Magic Of Yoni is an intimately personal experience you practice by yourself after our coaching sessions, in the privacy of your own space.

This is a potent opportunity for 5 women only to receive expert coaching with ancient practices made modern, to make you feel
alive, vibrant and confident in your feminine body.

Michelle has introduced me to the Moon Cup, Jade Egg and great Tantra practices that are empowering me to feel more confident in my body. I was very shy before, now however I feel more empowered as a woman. The journey continues. Michelle is truly inspiring  and caring woman. 

C J from London

Michelle has transformed my life!

With her unique coaching and introduction of the powerful jade egg, she has helped me to heal past sexual traumas

Sandra, Switzerland

I yearn for every woman to embody her own radiance and see herself as a Goddess. I’ve seen this before my eyes. Women I’ve worked with unfurl and step into their luminous feminine energy that has then rippled out in all areas of their lives. Their embodiment empowers them to find their voice and unique expression, connect to their purpose and follow it. I want the same for you.

Are you ready to blossom and receive the gift of pleasure?

I am here to support and guide you.

In our sessions, I create a safe place for you to express yourself. I share with you powerful keys that unlock the door(s) to release your fullest vibrant potential within.

I teach you rituals and practices for both the Jade Egg and Feminine Tantra. These practical tools empower you to let go of doubt, fear and tap into your inner courage so you trust the process more confidently. Ultimately creating more freedom and happiness. 

Ultimately in our sessions  we begin to create more freedom and happiness.

I will give you handouts for you to follow by yourself, when you practice alone.

Every practice with the Jade Egg I teach you, you then practice alone in the privacy of your own space. Some women are nervous about placing an egg in their vagina, don’t worry if this is you, I will share practices you begin with without the Jade Egg. When you are comfortable and feel secure or safe, you can try. I am here to help you whatever level you are at. 

Who Is Michelle Cross?

Michelle sees every woman as a Goddess, actively assisting women on the quest for personal empowerment, to own their stories and step into their feminine energy. Michelle’s ultimate practice is Divine Union, within your own body, as well as in sacred partnership.

Michelle has nearly 30 years experience in Healing, Yoga, Tantra, Massage and Coaching. She combines neuroscience, psycho-sexuality with Feminine Tantra Practices that she has been initiated into in India. She makes ancient Eastern practices accessible to the Western modern day woman, for her to thrive through beautiful simple, pleasurable rituals

Michelle has turned her own traumas into triumphs, her wounds have become the wisdom and the medicine in her own transformative healing. She knows this intensive coaching package will give you tools and methods to give you more energy, release fears and doubts, give you clarity and confidence and make you feel good, smile and laugh! 

When Michelle introduces you to the 3 secrets, the 3 R’s and the 4 movements, which all have a connection not the chakra (bodies energy system), these alone are great, yet together make phenomenal shifts with a woman body

Michelle has helped change my view about my body, my yoni and being a sensual woman. I love the breathing practices she offers to either calm me, or elevate my energy and I am now slowly practicing more with my Jade Egg. Thank you Michelle, You are inspirational and so genuine.


Michelle is an amazing teacher and coach. She has opened the doors to my sexuality in a very sacred way. I love her spiritual approach in a very down to earth way. The breathing techniques she shares alone are transformational. I am so happy to dive into coaching as I need with her. 

Sarah, from NY, USA

Magic Of Yoni Coaching Package

normally £397 

Special January sale ONLY £197


Coaching Places are Limited to only 5 Lucky Women

– This is a bespoke coaching and I wish to make sure to support, nurture 5 women who will receive  my undivided love and attention.

The Magic of Yoni runs from 27 December 2018 to the 27 January 2019 – choose 3 coaching sessions across 12 days.

 + optional add on for unlimited email support throughout package