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Do You and Your Partner yearn for more Connection and Intimacy?

Come to Paradise and learn the Tantra path to a blissful life & ecstasy… 

I am inviting you to explore Tantra’s path to Sacred Sexuality. Many of us are starving for deeper intimacy and connection. I’m here to offer you a taste, I’ll share with you the ancient Tantra Secrets made super modern for you to explore and deepen your connection and intimacy with your partner.

Relationships are an fundamental part of life, yet many of us are not taught how to be successful in them or were not given a hand book on how to make love. We all come from sex, yet we don’t talk about it. It’s even a taboo to talk about it.


well let’s talk about it!

✔ do you and your partner yearn for  deeper intimacy and connection?

Couple having a romantic rendezvous in a Hotel

✔ would you like to communicate more easily with eachother?

✔ do you know the common psychological intimacy roadblocks for men and women? and would you like to break through the recurring patterns to deepen intimacy?

✔ would you like to learn tools to be the God in the bedroom?

✔would you love your man to treat you like a Goddess?

✔ do you know why orgasm is so important?

✔ do you yearn to lose yourself in ecstatic waves of orgasmic bliss?

✔ would you like to learn the art of foreplay and last for longer?

✔ are you ready to learn simple tantric techniques, tools and teachings to expand your body, mind and soul?




Why does this all matter? Everything in life is in relationship, there are masculine and feminine energies, there are opposites, like light and dark, sun and moon, man and woman. What I love about Tantra is it honours the paradox of the opposites and how they work together to bring about the whole. When you understand this, life becomes a dance between masculine and feminine and we all become more balanced and whole individuals. Rather than competing with eachother.


Your exclusive retreat in paradisekiss

“The minute I heard my first love story I started looking for you, not knowing how blind that was. Lovers don’t finally meet somewhere. They’re in each other all along.”-Rumi



yabyumCome to paradise and I offer an exclusive retreat for you and your partner who wish to deepen your intimacy and connection with each other. As you learn the Tantric way your practice deepens to experience more love and tantric sex. Tantric sex is different from ordinary sex because ordinary sex is purely
physical. Tantric sex however is a complete body, mind and soul connection, I like to call soulful sex. Your sexuality is a gateway for deeper connection. There is nothing greater than two bodies coming together as a form of worship, where lovers become the god and goddess and honour eachother in union.


On your Retreat


160904_michshon_0023_webYou’ll learn about  how to get into your body, where the magic awakens. You’ll learn hot sweaty yoga to open and awaken your body. I design bespoke teaching for where both of you are at. The yoga will thrust new life, power and energy into your body and release feel good hormones, this helps you to let go of stress and anxiety.


For the Man

I share powerful Tantric tools and techniques to build your confidence, help you understand how to help your woman feel good and feel more pleasure, empowering you to be a better lover, so you feel like a God in the bedroom. I’ll share with you secrets that unlock the mysteries of a woman.

Shiva Lingham

Shiva Lingham

I introduce you to the sacred-ness of your Lingham, which is your penis in english. and The lingham is translated as the wand of light. I teach you how to use your wand of light to illuminate your woman’s world so she feels good about herself, and opens to feel more pleasure. You also learn how to last longer and experience higher states of ecstasy and even multiple orgasms!

For the woman

I share powerful Tantric tools to help you feel good about your body, let go of shame, doubt, or fear. I teach you tantric techniques to awaken your senses and feel more alive, aroused and present in your body. I help you with simple yoga and tantra techniques to get out of your head and into the magic of your sensual body. I empower you to re-connect with your inherent feminine loving-armsessence called Shakti. Shakti is the sexual creative life force and resides in the body at your sex organ in sanskrit (tantra and yoga language) called Yoni, translated as sacred space. I’ll teach you how your sacred space is the a place of deep worship. I’ll help you to recognise if you are in your masculine energies more and how to shift into your feminine, where you come into the flow. You will learn tantric tools to move shakti to release orgasms, and then you learn to experience full body orgasms and multiple orgasms from anywhere in your body. Yep I’ll help you to speak your truth and ask for what you desire so your man will become the God in the bedroom!





you will both learn to build trust,deepen connection and intimacy. And more importantly ignite the passion not only in the bedroom, but you will be able to use these techniques in any area of your life to transform it!


who is this exclusive retreat for?

⚤ for couples who yearn for more with each other

⚤ for couples who need to save their relationship, because their at logger-heads

⚤ if you wish to take your relationship to another level of experience

⚤ if you both desire to experience greater intimacy and erotic connection

⚤ if you have low libido, or never experienced an orgasm

⚤ if you suffer with erectile dysfunction or pre-mature ejaculation


who is Michelle and why work with me?


my-storyHello, I am Michelle and a Tnatra and relationship coach – I often ask people if they yearn for success, deeper connections, intimacy and vibrant energy? As well as having amazing sex?


Because that’s my secret to success! My husband and I share sacred Tantric sex at least three times a week! And it doesn’t have to be 9 hours like Sting! Tantra taught us how to tap into our primal life force energy called shakti and use it as fuel to ignite all our dreams and desires.


Everyone wonders what it is and how to do it and that’s what I teach you on your exclusive retreat.  For now I’ll say it begins with connection. There’s the irony so many people are disconnected from themselves and others.  I teach you how to connect and deepen intimacy in every room of your house, then just watch you’re whole life together blossom.


It wasn’t always like this for me. Like many women I didn’t feel seen or heard and didn’t feel I mattered. My first sexual experience was the complete opposite to my love-making now, I was seen, but my no was not heard. The Tantra methods I teach taught me to release the trauma and pain, feel more confident, have more energy and how to express my truth.


I also understand men don’t always feel confident with a woman. That’s why I’m teach you the tantric methods that me and my husband practice to connect in our relationship. They take down the walls blocking you from experiencing a new realm of intimacy and connection.


My husband unlocked the door to my sensuality and sexuality through trust and commitment. I am going to teach you how.


People even remarked to me, I don’t know what you’re doing to your husband but we’ve never seen him looking so good…. Now you know our secret. My man is certainly the God in the bedroom and I feel like a goddess in every room!


So if you are ready for deeper connection and intimacy and to take your relationship to a new level of ecstasy, I assist you with simple yet profound Tantra Methods.



Tantra His/Herstory


Tantra comes from India, just like Yoga and sacred sexuality was the ‘norm’ 5000 years ago. The union of man and womdivinean was honoured and worshipped. The God ~ Shiva and Goddess ~ Shakti were worshipped, loving making was a sacred act to connect with the Divine and create life. There are temples picturing all of this dating back 9000 years in Khajuraho, India. Then in the Christian era a more masculine approach was introduced.

The feminine was lost, and worship became more celibate. The honouring of the feminine sexual creative energy diminished, was surpressed or wiped out.


Tantra honours the feminine and the masculine and in modern terms, if you’re woman is happy then men life is easier…. no? Pleasure is a major relaxant for a woman and learning ways to make her feel cherished, nurtured, relaxed


“In the East, we have developed a science: if you cannot find a soul mate, you can create one. And that science is Tantra.

Tantra is the science of turning ordinary lovers into soul mates. It can transform the whole earth; it can transform each couple into soul mates.

It is one of the greatest treasures that is lying there, unused. The day humanity uses it, the earth will become aglow with a new love.”
Osho, Philosophia Perennis, Vol 1


How we work together


You have a few choices

🔻You can book an exclusive retreat with me in Barbados – where your primary focus is learning Sacred Sexuality. I teach you Yoga in the morning and introduce the Tantra methods, we look at where both of you are at individually prior to the retreat and also want you desire as a couple. I offer you a bespoke package with the amount of sessions you desire (a minimum of 6 is required). I teach you couples yoga you may practice together as well as tantra practices, you go to your vacation home and practice at your pace. We meet and discuss your practice, what arose, because yes things will! and then we continue to learn and explore.

🔻 You come on holiday to Barbados and have 4 Tantra Coaching session

🔻 You choose Tantra Coaching online, with 4 Tantra coaching sessions


I must emphasise, I teach you the methods, there is no nudity and I do not touch. I guide you to practice with each other and then you go and practice and that’s the fun part!

So are you ready to explore sacred sexuality?

and learn new ways to deepen connection and intimacy?


yes? I’m offering you to find out how you may do this in yuor relationship with …


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