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Tantra and Relationship Coach


As a Tantra and Relationship Coach I work with you to create the life you truly desire to live on all levels –



Tantra and Relationship CoachAs a tantra and Relationship Coach I believe everything in held in relationship. Your outer life is a reflection of your inner life.


how you do one thing, is how you do everything…


In our session(s) I share with you powerful keys that unlock the door(s) to release your fullest vibrant potential within, thus creating more freedom and happiness.


What Tantra has taught me is to tap into my primal sexual creative energy, called shakti and use this as the rocket fuel for my whole life. I’ve learnt Tantra is not just about having sex, it’s about using the power within, this sexual energy that is so potent to create another human life, so imagine if you learn how to use this potent energy, you can create anything.


I show you how and simply! The Tantra I teach is called the lightning path because it works quickly.


So, you saw tantra and relationship coach – don’t be embarrassed –


Why are you really here?

What do you really want in life?

Do you yearn to feel more pleasure, to awaken to your sexuality, to feel more connection and more intimacy?


I know I did and it took me 26 years to get there! Believe me it wont take you that long I promise…


I promise you can have it all, vibrant energy, deeper connection and intimacy as well as success and feel so damn good!


People are starving for a deeper connection and intimacy on all areas of their lives, work, family, friends, love. And there’s the irony so many are disconnected from their bodies and their lives. We are not taught how to be vulnerable or intimate. Like I said how you do one thing is how you do everything and everything begins with you.


Tantra changed my life and I made a commitment to share with everyone, hence I became a tantra and relationship coach. I share the practices that worked for me, to open the doors so you move forward in the areas you wish to change; e.g relationships, sex, sexuality, love, personal growth, work-life balance, self confidence. I empower you and motivate you to commit to finding the answers you seek. I am like an anchor in a storm, that helps steer you around the rocks of fear, doubt, guilt to new harbours of acceptance and happiness…


Feminine Empowerment Coach

divineLilaI specialise in empowering women, like you, awakening you to your inherent essence. I empower you as a whole woman to move forward in your life to make the changes you seek, to let go of the old, limiting beliefs and align so profoundly with the new, that you magnetise what you yearn for to you and unfurl from this space.

As a Tantra and Relationship coach I empower to you own your pleasure and teach you how to become an awakened woman, embracing radical self-love, profound self-care and finding your voice to speak your truth.



I specialise in

Relationship management
~ are you single and yearn to find your life partner?
~ or would you like to enhance your existing relationship?

Fulfillment of personal dreams
~ let’s get creative, let’s create your dream or find out what your dream is

Personal Growth
~ explore new ways of being you
~ be less stressed
~ more confidence
~ increased amounts of energy!
~ be more assertive or find your unique voice


Couples Coaching

Please check out my page  Sacred Sexuality


Tantra and Relationship Coach 1-1 sessions are for you if:

∞ You cannot carry on with the way things are in your life
∞ Life feels like it is in reverse, or slow motion and you’re simply drifting along and no longer wish to!
∞ You yearn to come into the Truth of who you
∞ You need a confidence boost, so you are ready for anything!


How do we meet?

we can meet via Skype or in person if you live or are visiting Barbados, unless I am in the country you live in… My aim is to empower and awaken you to the truth already within you. I motivate you to make the changes you seek. I hold space for you to be, get into the present, empower you, help you to open up to feel more at ease within your body, mind and soul.


How I work

The East meets West Coaching infuses tantra ancient tools made modern. I work outside of the box, for the box limits us, even if we paradoxically think it is safe


What you will receive as a result of our sessions:
▼ The opportunity to work on you!
▼ Confidence, clarity & commitment to you!
▼ Positive, empowered, awakening changes you love!
▼ Tools to help you connect more deeply with your self-worth
▼ Inspiration to work towards your goals/desires/wishes
▼ A spiritual approach, that is down to earth
▼ An approach that invites you into the portal of you body where you begin to listen
▼ A Goddess to mirror to you the God or Goddess of your own unique awareness


are you ready to live the life you deserve?

I’m offering you to find out how you may do this with …


FREE Discovery Session 


with me to see if I can help you to tap into what you truly want in life… click the link to arrange a 15 minute skype call and let’s discover what you want