Womens Health Bodywork


Women’s Health Bodywork


I empower women to come into their natural feminine balance and harmony through my womens health bodywork sessions…My Bodywork is somatic, it re-introduces you to your body. As part of my “Awaken your Senses” offerings, my bodywork gives you the space to unfurl from within.


When a woman is in balance, her body is fluid, lighter and free, her mind is relaxed and clear, her heart is expansive and giving, and her energy pulsating and vibrant.


Is this how you would like to feel, be or experience?


women health bodyworkModern day living is hectic, demanding so most of us are out of balance from everyday stresses and tension.  And you think this is ‘normal’. I help you to re-connect with your body, your body’s primal energy and your body’s natural intelligence to heal.


I have been a bodyworker since 1991. I am certified in many hands on therapies  – deep tissue massage, tantra massage,aromatherapy, reflexology, reiki master, healer, lomi lomi, hot stone therapy.


I specialise in working with women and with womens health bodywork, balancing hormones, cycles, emotions and life or anything about a woman. I am intuitively guided to know what will be the key to help your body open.

Touch and Womens Health Bodywork


womenshealthbodyworkAs I touch you, it facilitates a connection for you to get in touch with yourself on a deeper level.


▼ Touch builds trust
▼ Touch balances emotions
▼ Touch boosts confidence and self-esteem


Womens Health Bodywork helps you :


▼ Balance hormones or embrace the different cycles of womanhood
▼ To heal past trauma, abuse or emotional hurt
▼ Empowers you to connect with your Feminine essence
▼ To awaken your senses and dive deeper into feelings and waves of bliss
▼ Explore your sexuality



You’ve landed here for a reason… and if you give yourself permission, I will take you on a journey of opening, awakening, liberation and communion with the Divine.


❝we touch heaven as we lay our hands on the human body ❞ Friedrich Leopold


I’ve been empowering women across the globe to practice, to embody Tantra energy work practices that get them out of their heads of over-analysing and endless thinking and into the magic of their body. Through women health bodywork, you cannot help but let go of the mind and enter deeply into the portal of your body.


I offer you the ancient practices of Tantra including Shyama Puja, which opens the portal of the heart, releases the feel good hormone oxytocin, that helps you to bond and deepen connection to yourself. I teach you how to give this breast massage to yourself for healing or sexual/spiritual awakening.



Woman lying downDo you yearn to go on this amazing journey? 


❤ yes please…! 


please email me to book.


If we are exploring Tantra practices we need a minimum of 2 hours and this session includes coaching first.