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Yoga Retreat Holiday


Journey to Paradise 

Awaken your Senses to the Inner Goddess within 


Join Michelle Cross on this exclusive 7 day Women’s only Yoga Retreat Holiday & Tantra Empowerment Retreat. Within the powerful embrace of sisterhood, she will guide you on a transformational journey to tap into your abundant creative feminine energy…


Begin to see your beauty, awaken to your sensuality and ignite your passion!


Are you ready?

The magical island of Barbados is bountiful, potent and fertile.

Let paradise nurture and support you to
connect to yourself as a woman



Awaken your spiritual journey and arouse the
sensual Goddess  within you. 


June 2018



The theme of this women only yoga retreat holiday is Awaken your Senses. Tantra awakens the senses through the body. You’ll learn liberating vinyasa flow yoga and simple Tantra methods to get you out the mind chatter so you deeply relax and rejuvenate.



Ladies – do you wish to be seen & heard and know that you matter?


Michelle sees view every woman as a goddess and actively assists women on the quest for personal empowerment, to own their stories and step into their feminine energy. The vinyasa flow yoga gives you a glOw and ancient tantra practices awaken you to your inherent feminine essence, called shakti. You’ll learn how to tune in and how tap into shakti for confidence, energy and to magnetise what you want in your life!


This exclusive yoga retreat holiday is for the modern day woman to connect to her inner radiant goddess! 






Escape your everyday life and come to paradise and then you’ll learn how to take paradise back to your everyday life!


You’ll learn simple practices to boost your energy and confidence so you awaken you to your beauty, your sensuality, your sexuality and pleasure.


Embrace this new found way of being ~ Where everything is possible…


Lynn Rae Testimonial

This is Lynn glowing after a retreat with Michelle Cross

Lynn Rae : “Michelle has taken me on the most amazing journey with yoga, this retreat is totally surpassed all my expectations. The combination of yoga and tantra was truly ecstasy for the mind, body and spirit. My body feels strong, fluid and more connected. My inner goddess has awakened through Michelle’s unique and creative tantra and yoga feminine practices.


Join Michelle and the other women in Paradise
Together we will create a safe space for you to discover how to:



🔶 Experience feminine flowing yoga and energy activation to feel good!
🔶 Let go of stress & anxiety
🔶 Anchor into profound self-care and realise radical, real self-love

🔶Learn how to tap into and awaken your feminine energy called Shaktiinnergoddess

🔶Awaken your senses, so you embody your inner sensual Goddess

🔶Invoke ancient Moon and womb wisdom through yoga practices

🔶Embody techniques to magnetise the right relationships your way or nurture existing ones with authentic intimacy

Woman having a relaxing flower bath.


🔶Learn the power of the circle and sisterhood

🔶Use Tantra techniques to deepen your connection and intimacy, with yourself and then others.

🔶Learn the Tantra’s path of 7 levels of chakras

🔶Break through the psychological blockages held at a deep cellular level in the body

🔶Find your voice and learn to speak your truth

🔶Practice rituals to invoke ancient Tantric rituals that are the fuel to ignite your modern life




The practices

You will learn sensuous, flowing yoga, that gives you a glOw, uplifts, nurtures and prepares your body to open and expand ready for the tantra practices. Learn how these tantra practices help you to get out of your head and into your miraculous feminine body, where you see, touch and feel the treasure of your soul. You’ll even learn the science behind all of this, so it makes sense. Then you’ll know what you’re body needs to create balance, on the retreat and more importantly when you go home..

This retreat truly does show you a path to shine, just like a goddess!



What other women  say about Michelle

Joni Rhodes
An enlightening & energising week in a spectacular location, providing a welcome break from the stresses of everyday life & a chance to absorb oneself entirely in the practices.
Michelle’s varied & nurturing tuition allowed deep self-exploration, helping me to fully relax & grow. A completely rewarding retreat.



ParvrittiSuryaYantrasana|Teri Dawkins
It is because of your amazing teaching, the positive challenges you gift to us, the alignments and your great intuition, that has allowed my body to feel freed with an abundance of energy and strength! You have given me the tools to be able to achieve this, but perhaps more importantly to listen, to begin to understand, respond and nurture myself a little better and to a much better end. Thank you! xx”


Who is Michelle and how does she know this?

And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom – Anais Nin


Hello, I’m Michelle Cross, born in UK, yet now call the Caribbean island Barbados home since 2014. I’m a dedicated teacher of Yoga, Tantra and Relationship Coach, and very happily married. I say the happily married because for years I was lonely and single, always seeking Mr Right!

my-storyI am a bodyworker and instructor with nearly 30 years of experience in therapies, fitness and yoga, I view every woman as a goddess and actively assists women on the quest for personal empowerment, to own their stories and step into their feminine energy.


I’ve been told I truly walk my talk. But it wasn’t always like that for me.

Growing up, I was a shy introvert and was taught that ‘children should be seen and not heard’ – the effects of which lasted well into my adulthood. I didn’t use my voice, now look I teach and coach.


Immersed in the damaging trope of the strong independent woman, running my own business, exhausted and overworked, I was wholly unprepared for the change that the year 2009 had in store for me.

That year, I suffered a debilitating case of food poisoning, I was not able to walk or move without experiencing intense pain. I was this tight bud. I had to learn to walk a new path, to blossom.


My life changed 8 years ago with three separate events. My illness, I met tantra and I met my husband. Ironically I now know nothing is separate, everything is held in relationship. And that relationship begins with the one you have with yourself! Loving and embracing every facet of you. This awaken your senses retreat helps you to release past stories and also helps to polish the diamond of your soul so you shine more brightly.

I want you to know I see you, I hear you and you so matter.


I teach powerful Tantra methods that give you energy, boost your confidence, self-esteem, deepen connection and intimacy and I can also share how to have amazing Tantric sex (if you want?)! In Tantra they are called the lightning path because they work quickly. I promise you can have it all, vibrant energy, success, confidence, all the pleasure you want, mind-blowing sex, deeper connection and intimacy and it won’t take you nearly 30 years like me! I show you it all on this retreat…


I am happy and blessed to say for the last 7 years I’ve been working in women’s empowerment through yoga and Tantra. I’ve taught and inspired 1000’s of women to awaken to who they truly are and shine.

here’s what Sherilyn Sibanda says “I’ve never been able to connect physical and emotional during yoga practices, but Michelle’s methods evoked something new in me. Her use of Tantra, yoga and life coaching made this retreat a life changing one.” 


What you can expect from Awaken your Senses Women’s Yoga Retreat Holiday

sisterhood🔶You can expect to feel amazing!
🔶You can expect to be welcomed in paradise, surrounded with like-minded women.
🔶You can expect to immerse yourself in sisterhood, days filled with of exploration, self acceptance and guaranteed laughter and love.
🔶You can expect a sanctuary space where you feel safe to explore yourself, open up, be vulnerable, share and just be you.
🔶You can expect profound shifts and deep breakthroughs infused with a powerful boost of feminine Shakti energy…

goddessesDaily Yoga

In the mornings, enjoy Feminine fluid vinyasa flow yoga to give you a glOw and awaken your senses. Michelle calls this Aphrodite activation and Venus rising – you’ll learn to connect to your inner Aphrodite/Venus, the goddess of love, beauty and pleasure. Michelle’s Yoga guides you into your body to ground you so you let go of all stress and tension. Then you’ll learn to ignite and arouse your primal shakti energy.

In the evenings Michelle teaches you Lalitha Love play, the goddess of desire who marries the holy with the erotic. you’ll embody the Tantra practices she’s taught you in you morning Tantra talk …Sensuous yoga moves infused with tantra, breathwork to kindle the inner alchemy. These practices arouse your energy, giving you a warm juicy glow like a goddess! Watch out Barbados, these ladies will be shining bright…


Tantra Rituals


Rituals are ancient, proven over thousands of years to yield results.  Rituals invoke intention, bring your desire and make it reality by embodying it.

Michelle knows profound healing, awakening or transformation cannot be achieved through your mind alone. Tantra is so powerful, we will explore your mental or emotional or intimacy blockages and transform them. any challenges or traumas you’ll learn how to turn these traumas into truimphs.


Nurturious Food ~ Nurture your inner Goddess with

Soul Food

Feed your body, mind and soul with beautiful hand prepared local food made with love. An eclectic mix of raw, cooked and local Barbadian delights. With all flavours to awaken your senses for sure!

And the chef is Michelle’s husband !


Worship the goddess within

Michelle invites you into an intimate ancient rituals to honour the goddess within. You’ll learn how to worship yourself and other women, so you truly bond and connect with eachother. Experience pure devotion as you honour your body and thus begin thus embody your inner goddess.



Are you ready to journey to paradise and awaken your inner goddess?





You’ll stay on the Platinum West Coast of Barbados, in a private villa just 4 minutes from the tropical white sandy beach! There’s even a luxury pool in gorgeous tropical gardens. There will be optional trips on boats to swim with the turtles and explore the ship wreck.




We will have a Full Moon Night Tantric fire ritual – which is very powerful experience and what’s lovely is the Full Moon in June is called the Honey Moon, Michelle will share the sweet nectar of these practcies with you. You have a couple of lunches or dinners off so you can go out and enjoy the local restaurants. We will even tell you the local bars or party nights should you wish to venture to those too! There is something for everyone.





This yoga retreat holiday is for a small intimate number of like minded women, ready for change. I understand that when you begin to awaken your senses some of you want your own space. I’ve specially chosen this villa as it will suit many womens’ selections with plenty single rooms or apartments.

Awaken your Senses Retreat is very unique 

This week away will create such a change within you, you’ll wonder why you didn’t begin to practice this way before. Like I said in my story, it took me 27 years! I promise you in this week you will notice and feel the change! Here’s what one recent attendee said 

“Thanks for the greatest retreat, it’s been the best one that I’ve ever attended! can’t wait for the next one to come around” Anita

Don’t delay… I look forward to welcoming you to Barbados deepbow

deep Bow to you,


to reserve your interest sign up to find out more….


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