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Yoga Retreat India


Yoga Retreat India

February/March 2019

Yoga Retreat India

You are invited on journey of a life time with a Yoga Retreat India. Discover the magic of the Golden triangle in North India, and then travel to southern India and bask in the magic of God’s own country in Kerala.


India is know as Mother India ~ why?



India is seen with the love, respect and awe of a real mother. Let Mother India nurture you to awaken to the all the treasures within you, come home to yourself and honour the Divine Feminine within you.




This Yoga Retreat India includes the practice of dynamic Vinyasa flow yoga, liberating Tantra methods and Ayurvedic massages
You’ll be guided with Vinyasa flow Yoga that gives you a glOw, Tantra Methods and Meditations, Breathing exercises, Relationship and Life Coaching….



Lynn Rae Testimonial

Lynn Rae : “Michelle has taken me on the most amazing journey with yoga, this retreat is totally surpassed all my expectations. The combination of yoga and tantra was truly ecstasy for the mind, body and spirit. My body feels strong, fluid and more connected. My inner goddess has awakened through Michelle’s unique and creative tantra and yoga feminine practices.
I loved everything about the retreat: yoga, music, the stories, partner work, and of course Tantra. Can’t wait for the next one! Michelle puts her heart, body and soul into everything.”


Dive deeper into Y O G A ::

Immerse yourself in daily sunrise and sunset yoga practices that infuses all that Indian offers.


In the mornings, enjoy Feminine fluid vinyasa flow yoga to give you a glOw and awaken your senses. Michelle calls this Shakti activation  – you’ll learn to connect to your inner power. Michelle’s Yoga guides you into your body to ground you so you let go of all stres

Power of Sisterhood

Power of Sisterhood, the awakening of the Goddess within….YES!

s and tension. Then you’ll learn to ignite and arouse your primal shakti energy.
In the evenings Michelle teaches you Lalitha Love play, the goddess of desire who marries the holy with the erotic. You’ll embody the Tantra practices she’s taught you in you morning with Sensuous yoga moves infused with tantra, breathwork to kindle the inner alchemy. These practices arouse your energy, giving you a warm juicy glow like a goddess!


Kiss Meditation - reveals power of sisterhood

KISS Meditation that deepens connection and intimacy and revealed the power of sisterhood

Michelle creates a safe container for you to dive into a deeper exploration of you, her invitation is to go beneath the surface, she teaches you potent practices to help you calm the mind chatter so you drop into your body and listen more intuitively. You begin to move and open from within the depths of your body and fall in love with it. Michelle’s yoga nurtures you with myths, mantra, mudras, meditation, pranayama, asana, infusing tantra philosophy and life coaching…



Explore Potent T A N T R A Methods 

You’ll learn ancient Tantric methods that have been proven over thousands of years to yield results.


Tantra awakens you and your body through your senses. Tantra awakens your primal sexual creative energy or chi called Shakti. Tantra and shakti is not about having sex, this is a mis-conception. Shakti is the feminine energy that yes is so potent she can create another human life. So imagine once you learn how to harness shakti you can create the life you desire.


What do you desire?


Through Yoga and Tantra Michelle Empowers you to awaken to your feminine essence, your sensuality, your sexuality and fully step into who you are as a pulsating, radiant, luminous Goddess…


Relax and rejuvenate with Ayurveda M A S S A G E ::

included on your India Yoga Retreat are delicious ayurvedic massages that seduce deeper within the temple of your body. when I arrived in India in 2007 it was Massage that transformed my very sad, depressed, deeply unhappy state of being. This clinic is who is offering you the treatments on the retreat. I have always kept in touch with them and when i return to India I always visit.

7 day package you receive 3 ayurvedic massage
10 day package you receive 4!
all included in the price




D E V O T I O N ::

I honour the Divine Feminine, know as the Mother and so Mother India invitation is to feel her power, known as Shakti and awaken it within you. What I have learnt from my many trips to India is the Divine Union we all so seek in life is within ourself. I show you the ancient sacred Sexuality of Shiva and Shakti at play within yourself. For He is always within HEr.


I  will show you how through the Yoga, Tantra and our trips to temples. My love for India is so great, I endeavour to show you the ancient rituals and honour them with a modern day western approach.


I marry the modern day with mysticism, erotic and the holy, sexuality and spirituality as East meets West. Everything comes together in union and it all begins with you and your miraculous magical body.




There’s so much more to come…


Join me on this Yoga Retreat India



This is a women’s only retreat, although partners are welcome to come along for the holiday and delight in the woman’s awakening


more details to come, til then tell me if you’re interested