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Yoga Weekend Retreat


Awaken your Full Potential

29 September – 1 October 2017


The Luxurious Champneys Health Spa



yoga weekend retreat

Michelle invites you on her all inclusive luxury yoga weekend retreat called Awaken your Full Potential. This is a  Women’s Empowerment Weekend of Yoga and Tantra to guide you through a transformational journey that nurtures your feminine empowerment.

Michelle teaches you the roots of yoga, especially the 2 practices often forgotten in western yoga. When you truly understand the powerful tantras (yoga practices) of them your own practice will be revolutionised.


You’ll learn flowing yoga and tantra methods that help you to connect to your radiant inner goddess. The Goddess is your inherent nature that rests in her joy and glows. Learn how to connect and let this energy empower you in your everyday life.


You’ll be guided with Vinyasa flow Yoga that gives you a glOw, Tantra Methods and Meditations, Breathing exercises, Relationship and Life Coaching….


Attendee of recent retreat says: I’ve never been able to connect physical and emotional during yoga practices, but Michelle’s methods evoked something new in me. Her use of Tantra, yoga and life coaching made this retreat a life changing one.” Sherilyn Sibanda




Do you yearn for deeper connection and authentic relationships?

Do you want fulfilling relationships and to be successful in love, work and family?

Yes? then let’s start with the most powerful relationship of all –

the ONE with yourself!




Women are starving for deeper connection and intimacy in all areas of their lives. This retreat gives you the time to learn how to connect more deeply and intimately with yourself, then observe how this ripples into other areas in your life.


Michelle’s flowing Yoga helps you to get into your body, feel and listen. Then Tantra amplifies this awakening your body through your senses. Their potent combination grounds you to move your energy and feel more vibrant, alive, feminine and spiritually awakened.






feathertouchmethodPractice is everything. Michelle gives you keys of yoga to open the doors to the mystery of you.


Learn movement meditations that become the medicine that empower you to open and expand, just as you are.


The Yoga is fluid, flowing and awakens all your senses, through asana, breath work, mudra, mantra and more.




Tantra awakens you and your body through your senses. Tantra infused with yoga truly helps you to go beneath the mind chatter and connect deeper with your fullest potential as a woman.



goddessesLearn new ways:


? increase your confidence and self-esteem
? boost your energy levels
? become more magnetic, attracting what or who you want into your life.
? tap into Shakti and utilise this energy to make your life more fulfilling
? connect with your body, your body is here to feel and experience pleasure
? nurture you so you feel safe and secure – to love, to bond with yourself and others


The Path of Fire

fire KaliYou’ll learn ancient Tantric methods that have been proven over thousands of years to yield results. These ancient made modern practices are simple yet profound and work quickly. They are called the path of fire!


By the end of the weekend you will feel more intimately connected, to your body, mind and soul as a woman, then you have the tools to use in your everyday life…enriching it.



What other women say about Michelle’s retreats:

Lynn Rae Testimonial

This is Lynn glowing after a retreat with Michelle Cross

Lynn Rae : “Michelle has taken me on the most amazing journey with yoga, this retreat is totally surpassed all my expectations. The combination of yoga and tantra was truly ecstasy for the mind, body and spirit. My body feels strong, fluid and more connected. My inner goddess has awakened through Michelle’s unique and creative tantra and yoga feminine practices.

I loved everything about the retreat: yoga, music, the stories, partner work, and of course Tantra. Can’t wait for the next one! Michelle puts her heart, body and soul into everything.”


What may you expect?

This retreat is about radical self-love, profound self-care and finding your voice. Let the power of being in a group of women, on the same journey as you support you…


On your Yoga weekend retreat, You can expect to:

? Feel amazing!
? Be surrounded with like-minded women.
? Immerse yourself in sisterhood, days filled with of exploration, self acceptance and guaranteed laughter and love.
?  Be welcomed into a sanctuary space where you feel safe to explore yourself, open up, be vulnerable, share and just be you.
?You can expect profound shifts and deep breakthroughs infused with a powerful boost of feminine Shakti energy…

Being in the company of women releases the feel good hormone oxytocin, which is the bonding hormone and this for women is powerful. Oxytocin nurtures a woman and says to the body I am safe and I am secure. Michelle creates a sanctuary space where you feel safe to explore yourself, open up, be vulnerable, share and just be you.




Who is Michelle?


A bodyworker and instructor with nearly 30 years of experience in therapies, fitness, yoga and tantra, Michelle is an Certified Isadora Tantra Coach ™ and views every woman as a goddess and actively assists women on the quest for personal empowerment.


I know every women yearns to be seen, listened to and know she matters!


I knows what it’s like to not be seen or heard. I grew up being told ‘children are seen and not heard” consequently I was a shy introvert. The potent combination of Tantra and yoga liberated me from my old beliefs and sometimes limiting patterns of behavior to reveal my unique essence as a woman. This weekend is for you if you would like this kind of transformation
“I want you to know I see you, I hear you and empower you to know you matter. I use my unique feminine vinyasa flow yoga and ancient Tantra methods to awaken you to realise that for yourself.”





Champneys, Leicester Luxury Health Spa

You’ll stay in luxury accommodation: single or shared



£395 per person – Sharing Twin Standard Room

£465 Standard Single Room




You’ll be nurture with delicious meals

Food? Buffet Breakfast
? 3 course buffet lunch
? 3 course dinner






Arrival Friday 2.00pm, Depart Sunday 4.00pm


thalassopool? 2 Nights’ Accommodation
? Thalassotherapy Pool Session
? 4 Yoga Workshops –
? 2 Tantra Coaching
? Unlimited Use of facilities Up to 20 different classes per day




Are you ready for transformation, deeper connection and intimacy?


I hope so.


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Book now I am ready to show you a new path… a juicy, fun, feminine, liberating one!


29 September – 1 October


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