Transform Your Life

Discover 4 Techniques That Instantly Activates Your Energy, Open New Portals, Increases Your Confidence, and Empowers Your Voice.

A woman’s guide to awaken and unlock her energy.

Learn simple keys to harness your potent energy everyday.

  • Do you feel tired, depressed, stressed or anxious?
  • Do you feel an overwhelm with how much you have to do juggling work, home, love-life or family?
  • Have you been told since a child ‘children are seen and not heard”? or something along those lines?
  • And consequently you’ve lost your voice, rarely speak your truth in fear of rejection or abandonment?
  • Do you yearn to trust more? Not feel so insecure?
  • Or really want to heal harmful patterns from your childhood?

innergoddessI’m Michelle, at one stage or another in my life I agreed with every one of those statements! I searched for so many ways to heal my wounds and story. It wasn’t until I met Tantra in 2009 everything began to change.

It is easy to loose your centre at difficult or stressful times. Or give up and collapse in overwhelm because you’ve forgotten where your power lies. This is why I share how with these simple 4 techniques to reconnect you to your feminine power. They are known in Yoga, yet originated in White Tantra.

These techniques help you :

✔ To understand how the mind-body-spirit aspect of Tantra can transform every part of your life
✔ To connect to your feminine energy so you experience more energy, more confidence and more fearlessness in your life through simple practices of the ancient sages.
✔ To connect to your feminine energy so you experience more energy, more confidence and more fearlessness in your life through simple practices of the ancient sages.
✔ To uncover, then clear the psychological or energetic blocks that are holding you back – you’ll learn how I transformed my life from lonely, single, hopeless relationships into my childhood dream of living in the tropics!

I’ll share with you my number 1 go to practice that began nearly 30 years ago and when combined with potent Tantra techniques helped heal many intimacy blocks including fear of abandonment, fear of rejection, insecurity, trust issues, traumas and other harmful patterns from childhood like co-dependency.

I thus created healthy boundaries and used my voice to create them.

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