Transform Your Life

Transform Your Life

I help people, like you, to find their purpose and know how to fully embody it so you feel happier and thrive in life! Learn powerful Yoga and ancient Tantra practices that liberate you to transform your life, so you create the life you want.

innergoddessI teach the roots of yoga in powerful vinyasa flow Yoga combined with Tantra Methods that teach you to cope with the challenges in modern day life, move beyond the fears and insecurities and heal any traumas. These practices empower you to connect to your primal life force energy within so you have more enthusiasm, vitality, passion and magnetism. I help you to remember your strengths, kindle your confidence, ignite your power and re-awaken your sensuality and sexuality.

Tantra and Yoga transformed my whole life and in service of this transformation, I share yoga and Tantra practices for you, your life, love, relationships, sex and worship.
I merge the modern day with mysticism…


let’s start at the beginning, what I’ve learnt is people are hungry for a better way to deepen connection and intimacy.

Are you?

The most important relationship you’ll ever have is the one with yourself. That’s why I share practices to help you to connect more intimately with yourself first. When you transform your relationship to yourself, you transform your life.

Tantra awakens you through you’re body and your five senses. Yoga helps you move your body. When your 5 senses awaken, you begin to re-wire the neural plasticity of your brain – that means I help you to get out your head and into your body, using your sensuality. This feels good, helps you to release blockages of energy or heal trauma or negative patterns.  When these un-numb, heal or release there is space created, you feel lighter, more expansive and begin to feel pleasure which creates  a state of mind where anything is possible.

In India the primal life force energy within you is called Shakti and is known as the sexual creative energy or power. The other think Tantra has taught me is Tantra is not just about having sex and Shakti isn’t just used for sex. Yes it is the creative energy that is so powerful it creates another human life, yet when harnessed within, shakti can create anything you desire…Through my yoga and Tantra you learn how to use Shakti as the rocket fuel for your life

So when I talk about Transform your life – what do you desire that will transform your life?

maybe its::

✔meet Mr Right
✔better sex
✔abundant energy and vitality
✔heal your body

then lets get even more juicy and explore tantra…

how does tantra make life different?

Tantra transforms your life because Tantra changes your intention for everything. Tantra means ‘to weave’ or ‘to expand’, it is a system of practice. It is about weaving together everything to transform your relationship with yourself primarily, and your body. This then filters into all of  your relationships – family, intimate, co-workers, friendships.  Yoga helps the body to open, then the alchemy of tantra is magic… wanna know more…

I use Tantra infused with Yoga, Bodywork and breathwork to help you to be authentic and express your strengths and turn your traumas into your triumphs.

Everyone thinks Tantra is about sex, that’s just one aspect, after-all your working with the primal sexual life force energy. I will talk about the elephant in the room, that way there’s no shame or embarrassment. so Yes I will share tantra tools for more mindful sex, I call soul sex, that is form of worship and sacred honouring of another soul. These rituals are a way to connect more with each other and also with something much greater than ourselves.

This is why me and my husband have amazing tantric sex!  This is our secret to success, we tap into our primal life force energy and use it to activate every area in our lives.

Everything begins with you, you transform and unfurl your life and everything else around you blossoms.
I share tools to awaken the body, calm the mind and arouse your spirit for deeper connection & more intimacy, on the mat, off the mat, in the bedroom or any room in the home or office in fact!

I’m offering you to find out how you may do this with …

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