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Transform Your Life

Transform Your Life

Ladies – Would you like to transform your life so you are truly comfortable with your own body image? Do you yearn to release the fears, self-doubts, insecurities and loneliness? Would you like to know how to boost your self-esteem and confidence? and lastly; Are you ready to see your past laid behind you with acceptance?

Learn how with Tantra Yoga.  I teach a a style of Tantra Yoga that truly honours the feminine within you and your female body. I empower women to come home to their bodies through Yoni Yoga, or Womb Yoga. I learnt, that conventional yoga wasn’t seeing my cyclic body, Yoga was taught by men for men originally, who didn’t understand what was going on within my body or your body. I began to tune in and my feminine flow of Tantra Yoga was born. My yoga welcomes you back home to who you are.

As women, it’s been a long time since we’ve been home. Society has taught us to look a certain way, the emphasis is on the external, plumping, waxing, erasing lines, whereas the true inner beauty and power of the female body and sexuality is neglected. It’s as if we’ve learnt to re-paint the front door to our house, while everything inside is totally failing apart. What if…. I showed you a way that the inside shines so brightly, the external is luminous.

I teach or coach you with powerful Tantra Yoga practices that transform your life and liberate your inherent energy, called Shakti. This energy boosts your confidence,  empowers you to use your voice and releases the habitual patterns of self-doubt, fear, guilt or shame. This energy originates in your sex centre, so that is why I teach you powerful practices to empower you to connect to your root and embrace your sexuality as a woman. This might simply be re-connecting your breath with your pelvic floor, because your very breath literal moves our pelvic floor and awakens your energy – if you know how.

innergoddessMy meditations, breathing practices (pranayama) and powerful vinyasa flow Yoga teach you to cope with the challenges in modern day life, move beyond the fears and insecurities and heal past traumas. These practices go to the root of you to empower you to connect to your primal life force energy within you. You’ll have more enthusiasm, vitality, passion and magnetism. I help you to remember your strengths, kindle your confidence, ignite your power and re-awaken your sensuality and sexuality.


Let’s start at the beginning, what I’ve learnt is people are hungry for a better way to deepen connection and intimacy.

Are you?

The most important relationship you’ll ever have is the one with yourself. That’s why I share practices to help you to connect more intimately with yourself first. I’ve worked with women for nearly 30 years, and being a woman I know our inner critics voice surfaces to put us down, judge and criticise, ourselves and others. And this inner critic and negative voice surfaces at different times of your monthly cycle. That’s why I use my many years of experience. I’ve created practices, based on ancient Tantra and Yoga to help you transform your relationship to yourself, so you transform your life.

The Science Behind Transform Your Life

Tantra Yoga awakens you through you’re body and your five senses. Yoga helps you move your body. When your 5 senses awaken, you begin to re-wire the neural plasticity of your brain – that means I help you to get out your head and into your body, using your sensuality. So many woman are in their heads all the time. They don’t have time for themselves. They are analysing, logically thinking how to create enough time in the day to do their to-do lists, look after their family, do their work, cook the dinner, clean the house etc.  Sound familiar? In order for a woman to do everything she tends to numb areas in her life to cope.

Then something happens in life, maybe an illness, injury, a death or breakdown, or loss of job, relationship ends that causes you to think I cannot keep repeating this.

or I am fed up with this habitual pattern

Maybe then a woman goes to yoga or tries therapy. Tantra Yoga takes your yoga practice to a new realm and my coaching speaks to the intimate connection between your body and mind. Tantra Yoga gets you out your head  and your left analytical brain and into your body and your right feeling brain. In your body you connect to your Tantric energy called shakti. When you begin to feel shakti, – quite simply in layman’s terms, you feel good because your  body’s natural feel good hormones of dopamine and serotonin are released,  as is the hormone of love and bonding, oxytocin. You begin to connect with yourself.

In ancient times people were much more oriented towards feeling rather than thinking, so they were more aware of this subtle aspect of themselves. In modern times we are not, we were taught to ‘get on with it’, create a ‘stiff upper lip’. Now that’s why we have to re-learn how to feel.

I teach you practices so you feel safe and secure as these feel good hormones release and this helps you to release the blockages held in your body or mind and traumas or negative beliefs heal.  When the places in a woman’s body un-numb, heal or release space is created; you feel freer, the heavy burdens finally lightens. Your energy  expands and you  begin to feel pleasure. Pleasure is the most potent key to unlock the doors in a woman. Yet society has taught women to continually do so much, they no longer know what pleasure is.

Or your parents taught you ‘good girls’ don’t act like that. The ‘that’ is because most people think that pleasure is connected to sex. Pleasure is a feeling of enjoyment or a happy state of mind. So pleasure creates  a state of mind where anything is possible.

So when I talk about Transform your life – what do you desire that will transform your life?

maybe its::

✔ Meet Mr Right
✔ Success in a job you love
✔ Better sex
✔ Abundant energy and vitality
✔ Heal past traumas
✔ Use your voice to speak your truths
✔ Be more confident


How does Tantra make life different?

Tantra transforms your life because Tantra changes your intention for everything. Tantra means ‘to weave’ or ‘to expand’, it is a method of practice to expand your consciousness. It is about weaving together everything to transform your relationship with yourself primarily, and your body. This then filters into all of  your relationships – family, intimate, co-workers, friendships.  Yoga helps the body to open, then the alchemy of Tantra is magic.

Everyone thinks Tantra is about sex, because Tantra teaches you to practice with your primal sexual creative energy, or shakti.  I will talk about the elephant in the room, that way there’s no shame or embarrassment.

Yes I will share Tantra tools for more mindful sex, I call soul sex. But before I can teach you this I teach you to feel your own energy, your own shakti in your own body. You might for the first time experience waves of energy which move you, arouse you and not in a sexual way. Of course with these new skills you can then practice them in the bedroom too. So your confidence and self esteem raises in every area of your life. As does your vitality and enthusiasm increase. And your negative inner critic is squashed with the intentions you learn to say and embody dependant on the phase of the month.

I work a lot with women’s monthly cycle, even if you don’t have one. Women are cyclic and when you work in this cyclic nature everything transforms. Tantra Yoga becomes a practice that works with your true nature of allowing and magnetising like Mother Nature not gripping and analysing.

Everything begins with you, you transform and unfurl your life and everything else around you blossoms, like nature.
I share tools to awaken the body, calm the mind and arouse your spirit for deeper connection & more intimacy, on the mat, off the mat, in the bedroom or any room in the home or office in fact!

I’m offering you to find out how you may do this with …

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