Yoga Barbados

Practice Yoga That Makes You Feel :

  •  Alive in Your Body
  •  Clarity in Your Mind
  •  Freedom in Your Soul

Whether you live in Barbados or are visiting on holiday, experience a yoga practice that gives you the space to explore yourself more intimately. Michelle shares nearly 30 years teaching experience that empowers you to fully embody yoga in your body, mind and soul, like you never have before. She mirrors to you a way of being, that is so infectious.


Yoga Barbados

Yoga Barbados is the ideal climate and environment for yoga. The tropical heat helps the body open, the muscles lengthen to promote more flexibility as you sweat any stress. Michelle helps you tune into the Mother Nature of Barbados, so you begin to tune into you and your inherent nature, which is vibrant and pulsating.

She shares simple yet powerful practices that help you to feel present with yourself,  strong and steady, empowered and full of energy, so you pulsate with new life. Just imagine the hills of the West Coast…the palm trees encouraging you to root into your foundation for life, their breeze caressing your skin as the sun sets.

And the bonus is you receive coaching and Tantra practices weaved into the yoga classes!

Yoga Barbados


Would you like to deepen connection with yourself and other like minded people?

Do you yearn to unleash the power from within your body?


With Dynamic Vinyasa Flow Yoga :

▼ Connect with more strength, more flexibility and more energy, you maybe didn’t know you had.

▼ Get centred fast and let this ripples into every area of your life.

▼ Tune into the potency of nature here in Barbados, which helps you simply tune into your own true nature.


Dynamic Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Monday 5 – 6.15pm

Wednesday 5- 6.15pm


Contact Michelle  to find out more or book your place.

Drop in price or class packages are available

Yoga Barbados
Yoga Barbados

Are you ready to take your Yoga to another level?


Your mat is calling… Transformation of body, mind and soul. Will you answer or decline?

  • Get in the best shape of your life
  • Experience deep connection of your body and mind
  • Become One with the God or Goddess within

See you on your mats!


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