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What if you could experience Yoga
in a deeper way?


Yoga Barbados Invites You To Practice The Roots Of Yoga 

Hello, I am Michelle, I share my 30 years teaching experience to empower you to fully embody a fluid feminine yoga in your body, mind and soul, possibly like you never have before.

I teach bespoke Yoga and Tantra practices for women. The honour my lineage and the root practices that originated from India, I alchemise the ancient wisdom for the modern day.

A yoga that welcomes you home, to your body, so you feel fully alive in your own skin.

I know from three decades experience, many women do not feel truly home in their body. I empower you and give you the tools  to transform these limiting beliefs, so you rise and thrive as a woman

Yoga Barbados Classes are for you if you want to go deeper into traditional Yoga Practices:

Awaken kuṇḍalinī Shakti

Learn Kriyā

Deepen āsana as prayer

Receive Tantra Initiation

Learn Mantra & Mudrā

Experience Sisterhood

Commit To A Embodied Practice

Let Go of Past Stories, Limiting Beliefs or Fears

Enter Movement as Meditation

Many of us do not know how powerful we are or how much potential we can embody. We’ve become use to living a mediocre life, experiencing too much stress, low energy, no time, dis-ease in our health. We’ve become disconnected through society conditioning.

I share a Yoga of powerful practices that honour the feminine so we reconnect.

My signature style I’ve named Shakti Vinyasa Yoga, which awakens and activates your primal energy called Shakti. Shakti means power, I teach you how to (re)connect with your power and potential, to release  old stories held in our bodies. How? Through Chakra Activation, which is what Yoga is really all about = moving energy.

Experience Michelle’s heartfelt teachings, of Tantra and Yoga from Shakta Tantra Lineage, she’s been initiated into…

I now only offer bespoke yoga for the individual or tailor made packages fro couple or groups.

Choose from

 1 – 1,
 Couple or a couple of girlfriends
 Group from 1-4 0r up to 10 (all equipment can be provided)

Yoga Barbados is the ideal climate and environment for yoga. The tropical heat helps the body open, + with Shakti vinyasa your body heats up as you move and breathe the Tantra way. The muscles lengthen to promote more flexibility, you feel more energised, vibrant and you sweat any stress.

I share simple yet powerful practices of Tantra Yoga that honour my lineage from India. These powerful practices assist women to come more attuned and alive, whilst assisting you to feel more present with yourself and home in your body.

What other women say 

Shakti Vinyasa with Michelle has helped me to reawaken my feminine power and delve deeper into my yoga practice. She has introduced me to a side of yoga and to myself that I didn’t know existed! I have loved learning about the powerful feminine aspect of Shakti and incorporating mudra and mantra into my daily life and yoga practice.  It’s wonderful to practice along side her in the comfort of my own home and receive the powerful transmission even though the classes are online.

Sarah - Canada / Barbados

Practicing yoga with Michelle has empowered me to go beneath the surface and look within, to acknowledge and embrace all parts of my being.  She weaves in stories, myths and metaphors in each class with emphasis on the divine feminine. I love that I am encouraged to breath and move in ways that let my energy rise so I reconnect to myself…a full mind and body practice.  Even though these classes are online I still feel the connection to the circle of women that gather from around the world to experience Michelle’s Shakti yoga offerings.

Natalie Armstrong - Barbados

I met Michelle upon her retreat in India in 2019. I had no idea how much this experience would transform my life. My body has responded a lot of what Michelle shared; I feel younger, I feel sexy, I feel like when I was a young woman and I love it.  A whole year has gone by and I find myself smiling with no reason and I feel positive…. No matter what.

So it’s AMAZING now in lockdown, being in Italy I get to practice with Michelle and the other women ONLINE. I am so grateful

India Yoga retreat

Sandrini Cano, Italy

Women’s Yoga

I specialise in teaching women as you can see from my website. I am the only woman on the island that teaches Shakti Tantra and my style Shakti Vinyasa Yoga.

I am passionate about embracing the many different faces/phases of a woman. My mission is to empower you to embrace the whole of you – I ‘get’ you – if no one else does! I know how varied the emotions of a woman can be and I design my Yoga sessions to suit you.

You’ll come to understand how important your breath is, how awakening your pelvic floor and the chakras gives you amazing energy, you’ll come to feel so good about yourself boosting self confidence, esteem and self worth.

Ready to practice with me?

Email me, I’m waiting to share the teachings that have transformed 1000’s of other women’s lives!

In meantime here’s a taster of a little Kundalini Flow to embrace Breath, sound and movement.

The bonus is you receive coaching and Tantra practices weaved into every yoga session, so we clear all layers of the body, mind and soul.


Michelle is AMAZING. My sister and I practiced with Michelle in Barbados while we were on vacation and I can honestly say it was the highlight of our trip.
Michelle’s positive energy and raw honesty shines through and guided each and every practice. She allows for a safe and meditative experience while also challenging the body and spiking the heart rate.
We cannot wait to be back in the paradise that is Barbados and practicing yoga with the magical Michelle!

Kelsey, USA