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Yoga London

Yoga London invites you to Let these embodied practices inspire you on the mat and then take them into your life and see it and you expand!

~ Immerse yourself in your Sadhana with

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Awakening Shakti


Awaken your Senses

Step into your Power

Stand in the Truth of who You are!


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 Full Moon Sadhana 

Yoga London

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 The Full Moon Sadhana is a journey into your own light…

the lunar vinyasa flow is dynamic, rhythmical and fluid to invite you deeper within your body. I move and groove you into your own natural rhythm to build heat to burn away that which isn’t serving you and to ignite something within you so that you come alive embodying this fullness you feel more freedom.

In this class I invite you into your own fullness, to embrace the bhavana or feeling and let the full moon’s energy seduce you and caress you deeper within the temple of you and from here we pray…

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Journey to Your Fullness

this class is just before my long awaited Retreat in India. and so this is a prelude to

I g n i t e   L o v e ➶



Will you use this practice to create change and allow this to be doorway to the other places you’ve never gone before?


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please remember my events get booked fast, because i’m not in London all the time, so planning ahead and looking forward to the date is a massive hormone balancer for women


well every time you think of the event or read my inspirational posts i put in here, your body is saying “yes” and that releases dopamine and oxytocin the bonding hormone. and your cortisol levels (stress hormone) reduce and this is essential for fast pace London living.

enough science for now, I cannot wait to share with you


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