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Transform Your Life

Transform Your Life I help people, like you, to find their purpose and know how to fully embody it so you feel happier and thrive in life! Learn powerful Yoga and ancient Tantra practices that...

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Ignite Your Feminine Power

How to Ignite your feminine power? Imagine connecting to an energy within you that awakens you to your beauty, sensuality, your sexuality and pleasure. So you feel vibrant, alive, pulsating, fluid and feminine as you...

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Free 6 Day Tantra Training

Free 6 Day Tantra Training Get instant access to this FREE 6 Day Tantra Training that will give you the keys to : Simple and powerful Tantra secrets that open up the pleasure, power and peace?...

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Let Passion be your Fuel

Let passion be your fuel! What is your passion in life? What is your Y E S? What makes your heart beat? and if you don’t know, don’t worry, that's where I help you to...

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Learn the Tantra Secrets here...


Do you need to find more balance in your life? Modern day living is hectic, demanding so most of us are out of balance from everyday stresses and tension.  And you think this is ‘normal’. I help you to re-connect with your body, through my hands on bodywork. 

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Join me on this exclusive retreat in the tropical paradise of BARBADOS. This retreat is for the modern day woman to connect to her inner radiant goddess! You’ll learn Tantra and Yoga practices to boost your energy, increase your confidence so you awaken you to your beauty, your sensuality, your sexuality and pleasure.

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Would you like to discover your purpose and what you want in life? Then learn how to connect with it? Tantra and Relationship Coaching helps you to let go of the past traumas, or present stress and challenges and transform them into triumphs so you thrive. discover how Michelle can empower you… 

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Michelle's Story

My Story

Hello, I’m Michelle Cross, and I’m a dedicated teacher of Yoga and Tantra, as well as Relationship Coach, and very happily married, living in Barbados, yet work globally.

Sounds amazing right? It was always like this…Like many women I did not feel seen or heard for years.

As a Tantra and Relationship Coach my work is about giving you the tools to tap into your fullest potential, to transform your traumas to triumphs, so you thrive in life.

I help successful, smart and truth seekers deepen their connection and intimacy with themselves and with others.

I help people like you.

book a FREE Discovery Session 

with me, just drop me a line, let me be a helping hand on your journey

Learn how I transformed everything in my life…and can help you do the same…I have a very interesting story to tell…Read More


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Chakra Series Facebook Live Videos
Posted By Michelle Cross  Posted On 23-Nov-2017

I wanted to share my Chakra Series Facebook Live Videos with you here on my website. They invite you into a love story, of the feminine's awakening into her own power, sensuality, longing from deep within. This is a love story that is happening everyday and if you are fortunate

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Scorpio New Moon
Posted By Michelle Cross  Posted On 17-Nov-2017

Scorpio New Moon  This Saturday is a New Moon, or more specifically a Scorpio New Moon. Scorpio astrology sign represented by the animal scorpion may be a stinger, emotionally or mentally. Scorpio New Moon brings you into the arena of your shadow, your self-doubts or negative beliefs, or that destructive

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Cultivate Unshakeable Trust
Posted By Michelle Cross  Posted On 09-Nov-2017

How Do You Cultivate Unshakeable Trust? This last week I've been exploring trust and how to cultivate unshakeable trust, especially within myself. Why? Because sometimes situations in life arise when you lose trust or someone questions your authenticity. This is what happened to me. At first I'll be honest I was

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