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Shakti Vinyasa with Michelle has helped me to reawaken my feminine power and delve deeper into my yoga practice. She has introduced me to a side of yoga and to myself that I didn’t know existed! I have loved learning about the powerful feminine aspect of Shakti and incorporating mudra and mantra into my daily life and yoga practice.  It’s wonderful to practice along side her in the comfort of my own home and receive the powerful transmission even though the classes are online.

Sarah - Canada / Barbados

Practicing yoga with Michelle has empowered me to go beneath the surface and look within, to acknowledge and embrace all parts of my being.  She weaves in stories, myths and metaphors in each class with emphasis on the divine feminine. I love that I am encouraged to breath and move in ways that let my energy rise so I reconnect to myself…a full mind and body practice.  Even though these classes are online I still feel the connection to the circle of women that gather from around the world to experience Michelle’s Shakti yoga offerings.

Natalie Armstrong - Barbados

I met Michelle upon her retreat in India in 2019. I had no idea how much this experience would transform my life. My body has responded a lot of what Michelle shared; I feel younger, I feel sexy, I feel like when I was a young woman and I love it.  A whole year has gone by and I find myself smiling with no reason and I feel positive…. No matter what.

So it’s AMAZING now in lockdown, being in Italy I get to practice with Michelle and the other women ONLINE. I am so grateful

India Yoga retreat

Sandrini Cano, Italy

Lynn Rae

“Michelle has taken me on the most amazing journey with yoga, this retreat is totally surpassed all my expectations. The combination of yoga and tantra was truly ecstasy for the mind, body and spirit. My body feels strong, fluid and more connected. My inner goddess has awakened through Michelle is unique and creative tantra and yoga feminine practices.
I loved everything about the retreat: yoga, music, the stories, partner work, and of course Tantra. Can’t wait for the next one! Michelle puts her heart, body and soul into everything.” www.lynnrae.co.uk

It’s been such a joy to reconnect with Michelle in her online classes after 5 years apart; I just wish I had done it sooner! Her teaching has evolved to an even more sensual style, deeply honouring our own rhythms, which resonates profoundly with me at this time of my life. I have felt a great sense of holding and healing in her classes, which offer a wonderful safe and sacred space to practice and be in community with others.

Julia - UK

It’s been an absolute pleasure to reconnect with Michelle again, online from the UK, after 5 years apart! I love her teaching style and the energy of the classes, and especially at the current time I’m really feeling the benefits of her classes offer; a chance to reflect and shift my perspective, to ground and to step off the mat feeling calmer and more focused.

Catherine - UK

Michelle’s classes make me feel great – the energy that is shared within the practices, the spirituality, the teachings of the Tantra Gods and Goddesses. I feel more confident in myself as I become stronger. And I truly love meeting new women from around the world all sharing the love of Yoga.

Jennifer - Barbados / Canada

Michelle’s coaching helped unravell the things that were blocking me from being fully empowered as a women – that’s why I wanted coaching…. Michelle is open, kind and loving energy create a very safe enviroment to explore what is hidden in our bodies! Michelle is truly a wonderful coach who has with her vibrant and joyful energy helped me to discover the Godess in myself again. Thank you so much Michelle, I feel so much gratitude!

Kaatje Verschueren - Netherlands

I’ve never been able to connect physical and emotional during yoga practices, but Michelle’s methods evoked something new in me. Her use of Tantra, yoga and life coaching made this retreat a life changing one. I came on this retreat alone, but the connections i’ve made with the other goddesses is something i’ve never experienced on any other retreat or real life, Michelle’s Tantra helped. I’ve made life long friendsI would recommend Michelle’s retreats to every woman, they are empowering, embrace womanhood and sisterhood. I will be back. Just amazing, Thank you Michelle

Sherilyn Sibanda - UK

It is because of your amazing teaching, the positive challenges you gift to us, the alignments and your great intuition, that has allowed my body to feel freed with an abundance of energy and strength! You have given me the tools to be able to achieve this, but perhaps more importantly to listen, to begin to understand, respond and nurture myself a little better and to a much better end. Thank you! xx

Teri Dawkins - London, UK

For more than 35 years I have been struggling to work through past traumas but every time I got close to confronting them, I would shut down & go back to a safe place – a place where I could hide. Working with Michelle, she took me all the way to, then past the point where I would normally shut down, past the pain & trauma. She gaveme tools to rewrite my past, to let go of the traumas still affecting my body, perhaps even more importantly, to love myself again.

Sandra Lee Seales, Barbados/Switzerland

I love your positive attitude Michelle and gentle and generous spirit. You ispire confidence in everyone and you enthusiasm is contagious…

Michelle Wallace – USA

I feel like a huge cloak of heavy darkness has been lifted and I feel so bright and happy, like I haven’t for years. I FORGOT HOW IT FELT TO BE HAPPY.
Through Michelle’s coaching, yoga, breathing techniques and tantra I have started to be healed emotionally, breaking down blocks that I HAVEN’T BEEN ABLE TO SHIFT THROUGH YEARS OF DIFFERENT THERAPY. I am so much more stronger and happier.

Kate Radford - Brighton, UK

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