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Michelle Cross 

Hello Beloved,

Michelle Cross

Michelle Cross 2019 after hosting a women’s empowerment retreat in Kerala India

Welcome, I’m Michelle Cross ∇

I am passionate and have been told my enthusiasm is infectious. I’ve been a spiritual seeker all my adult life. I’m known as a devoted Yogini, a Tantrika, a Priestess, Moon Lover, and Therapist, as well as a wife, daughter, sister, friend.

Yet beneath the labels ultimately my commitment and vision is to truly support and nurture women, to encourage them to rise in confidence, faith and belief in the feminine like I have. And if you’re a woman, that’s you.

I share how my darkest hour in 2009, my trauma became the fuel to help me transform. And now I help other women seeking security, passion, commitment, aliveness and confidence.

My whole adult life was about seeking connection, I looked outside myself for others to fulfil that longing.

When I travelled to India in 2006 initially I was looking outside of myself, through Ayurveda treatments and Yoga the connection changed. When I began practicing yoga, which opened my body that the real alchemy began. THEN I met Tantra and these practices rEVOLutionised my whole beliefs systems, my body and my mind. I have travelled to India every year, studied with and learnt from teachers who deepened my connection with myself and the Goddess. I am initiated into a Shakta tradition, Sri Vidya Tantra and share transmissions that were given to me and always honour my lineage.

Connection transformed my lonely London living, being single having had repetitive non-committal relationships, to living my dream in the tropics, very happily married and feeling fully connected to the Divine, Goddess, God.

What needed to heal?

My trauma was about my suppressed intimacy block. Only when I began to honour my Shakti, who is my feminine pulsation, energy and sexual energy through Tantra breath work, practice did my healing and awakening really begin.

As I spoke, an awakening is sometimes, messy, even ugly by what social media might portray. I empower you through any transition, I’ve been there.

I know the struggles with self-confidence, body-confidence, sexiness – I want you to embody your beauty and essence deep within, not just the surface. I wish to guide you to step into your passion and power as a divine feminine being. I want you to feel amazing in your own skin. I yearn for women to connect to their unique voice in the world and shine.

Stories are the oldest form of healing art that exist, and I am an evocative storyteller sharing the myths and metaphors of the Goddess tradition of Tantra and Yoga. Having first travelled to India in 2006, my love for India and the universal teachings within the stories became potent transformational keys for my own healing. I have received diksha mantra and be taught a lot about the Goddesses and weave the stories into many of my teachings and see students come alive. as the story symbolism reveals story they tell themselves.


I turn the fears, doubts or shame women have about their body’s, their sexuality or sensuality and unite them all within the spirituality of life. I utilise neuroscience, psyche/shadow work, yoga, tantra, breath work, bodywork.

I marry science with mysticism of Ancient Tantra and Neo Tantra, where the holy and the erotic meet. I share in a down to earth way, with every day practices and rituals to awaken you to authentic purpose and passion and live your Soul’s calling.

I share practices that work and make you feel amazing

  • on or off the yoga mat,
  • in your body
  • in the bedroom,
  • or in the office.
  • and definitely within relationships!
  • all of your relationships, including family or lovers.

More about Michelle Cross

Michelle Cross Husband

Me and My gorgeous husband

I offer you practices that I know work, because I have been using them for nearly 30 years and I moved my whole life from lonely London, wearing masks you’ll learn if you watch my video story, to blissful happy and married in Barbados. – Here’s my gorgeous husband and I after a transformational Tantra Fire Ritual we held for women!

Women have been taught we are ‘too emotional’ ‘too needy’ ‘too impulsive’ ‘too changeable’ or to ‘be quiet’. Basically the too much woman.

What I love about women, they are too much – and?

They are all of these and that is ok! Otherwise you are told to fit into a box of what society expects. What I teach is outside of the box, the Divine Feminine is definitely out of the box that the patriarchy built.

I give you potent tools to give your energy, confidence and transform.∇

I primarily work with women who want more confidence, fun, freedom, aliveness, to embody their beauty and feel sexy, passionate or explore the erotic within a spiritual path.∇

Maybe that’s you, or maybe you don’t know what you want, but you are searching for something or someone; whatever that something is, right?

I help you to come home to you as a woman, and it’s been a long time since women have truly been home. learn how I came home  in my other story video : ∇

Michelle Cross devastating trauma lead to her triumph

til we meet again,

with deep respect,