My Story

My Story

Stories are the oldest form of healing art that exist, and so here I am going to share my story. I’m Michelle Cross, born in UK, yet now call the Caribbean island Barbados home since 2014. Barbados is my sanctuary sacred base that allows me to work internationally, as a coach and teacher of Tantra and Yoga. 

I help people, like you, find more pleasure, passion and purpose in life, I encourage you to awaken to the pulse and throb of life. I empower you to connect with your purpose, or what you want in life so you feel happier, blossom and thrive.

Would you like to make your dreams reality like I am living mine?

My dream as a child was to live in the tropics, now I am. Find out how I transformed my life and got to where I am today and I promise I can help you to do the same

I’m a dedicated teacher of Vinyasa Flow Yoga, one of the very few Certified Isadora Tantra Coach™ by the late Psalm Isadora, Tantra and Relationship Coach, and very happily married. I teach powerful practices through yoga, tantra and bodywork that help you tap into your fullest potential and turn your traumas into triumphs, through my “Awaken your Senses” programs

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And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful

than the risk it took to blossom – Anais Nin

I am a bodyworker, healer and instructor with nearly 30 years of experience in therapies, fitness and yoga. I view every woman as a goddess and actively assists women on the quest for personal empowerment, to own their stories and step into their feminine energy.

Michelle Cross
It wasn’t always like this for me. Growing up, I was a shy introvert and was taught that ‘children should be seen and not heard’ – the effects of which lasted well into my adulthood. Numbing that forced silence, in addition to the trauma of my first sexual experience – which occurred against my will – I turned to work as a method of coping. Immersed in the damaging trope of the strong independent woman, running my own business, exhausted and overworked, I was wholly unprepared for the change that the year 2009 had in store for me.

That year, I suffered a debilitating case of food poisoning, which caused my whole body to misalign, left me with auto-immune disorder of arthritis and plantar fasciitis. I was not able to walk or move without experiencing intense pain. I was this tight bud. I interpreted this pivotal time in my life as the universe telling me to stop and slow down, and seek a new path. In a rare but necessary move, I had to turn to someone for help: my mother. Doing so taught me not only how to surrender, but how to receive.

At the same time as breaking down, the new path I met was Tantra. I also met my now husband the same year I started studying Tantra. Both have transformed my life. And the passion I have for both I share in my work. 

Tantra gave me the keys to dive deeper within myself and cultivate self-love and my husband, well he unlocked the door to my sensuality and sexuality through trust and commitment. I share al the Tantra secrets ever women yearn fr in a down to earth way. I am living proof you can have it all!

I want you to know I see you, I hear you and you so matter.

I teach powerful Tantra Methods  that give you energy, boost your confidence, self-esteem, deepen connection and intimacy. I also share how to have amazing Tantric sex (if you want to know!)

These Tantra methods are called the lightning path because they work quickly. I promise you can have it all, vibrant energy, success, all the pleasure you want,  deeper connection and intimacy and ecstatic sex, and it won’t take you nearly 30 years like me!

I am happy and blessed to say for the last 10 years I’ve been working in women’s empowerment through yoga and Tantra. I’ve taught and inspired 1000’s of women to awaken to who they truly are, blossom and shine. I weave nearly 30 years experience with fitness, bodywork therapies, yoga and tantra into my empowering you. I’ve studied with the most amazing teachers around the world, Sianna Sherman, Shiva Rea, Chameli Ardagh, Psalm Isadora, Yogesh Raje, Lisa Schrader. I am so grateful and humbly bow down to all of them for lighting a torch for me to be a beacon for you. And to all the people I teach or cross paths with also are teaching me in so many ways, unconsciously.


Are you ready for transformation?

Are you ready to deepen connection and intimacy?

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