As a Feminine Sensuality Embodiment Coach 
I work with you to feel more fully alive as a woman.

Imagine fully inhabiting your body, which comes alive with your presence.

Or imagine aligning with a primal force that urges you
to live to your greatest potential as a woman.


Would you like to come to celebrate all things about yourself as a woman, a lover, a mother, a sister?

Do you yearn to have more confidence, abundance of energy, and breakthrough past limitations so you feel more alive?

Would you like to awaken your Tantric Energy and learn how to harness this energy in every area of your life? Including your sex life?

Whether you are single or in a relationship, would you love to reclaim your personal power from dysfunctional relationships?

As a Feminine Sensuality Embodiment Coach I help you to
re-claim feminine ways of being, knowing and connecting.

I specialise in empowering women, like you, awaken to your inherent feminine essence, which is sensual, fluid and flowing. I say awakening, as this is already within you, waiting to unfurl and rise like waves.

You learn how to harness your inner power to release past experiences that hold you back so you feel safe to be you and open your heart to more love


I offer you bespoke sessions tailored to your unique feminine essence. I assist you on a journey to rediscover your power, your inner strength and courage. I empower you to release the past and feel more confident I the present.

I draw upon my 30 years experience in health and wellness fields.I utilise the tools and techniques that offer a path to find the kind of love and life you yearn for. I utilise a combination of neuroscience, physiology, energy practices, yoga, tantra, sacred touch or jade egg practices. As well as listening to you and talking. 

I help you to deepen the most important relationship – the one with yourself.

I stand by the potency of the practices because I use them myself for nearly 30 years. I also see many shifts with my clients. I am devoted to sharing this work with others. 

What women say about Michelle’s Tantra Coach:

Michelle has taken me on the most amazing journey, The combination of yoga and tantra was truly ecstasy for the mind, body and spirit. My body feels strong, fluid and more connected. My inner goddess has awakened through Michelle is unique and creative tantra yoga feminine practices. 
– Lynn Rae, London 

You helped me release so much trauma held within my body, that I didn’t even know existed. I am a different woman. Thank you, truly!
– Paula Jones, NY, USA

Michelle’s coaching helped unravell the things that were blocking me from being fully empowered as a women – that’s why I wanted coaching…. Michelle is open, kind and her loving energy create a very safe environment to explore what is hidden in our bodies!
– Kaatje Verschueren, Netherlands

It is because of your amazing teaching, that has allowed my body to feel freed with an abundance of energy and strength! You have given me the tools to be able to achieve this. Thank you!
– Teri Dawkins, London

I’ve never been able to connect physical and emotional during yoga practices, but Michelle’s methods evoked something new in me. Her use of Tantra, yoga and life coaching are life changing one. I would recommend Michelle to every woman!
– Sherilyn Sibanda, London

I love your positive attitude Michelle and gentle and generous spirit. You inspire confidence in everyone and your enthusiasm is contagious…!
– Michelle Wallace, USA

Would you love to feel full alive?

Do you feel disconnected or lost or is fear your go-to emotion?

Would you like more pleasure and passion in your life? – does this question bring up fear and doubts you’ll ever experience them?

Feminine Sensuality Embodiment Coach

My passion is to empower you to feel so vibrant in your own skin, and honour the magic of your body. This is what sensual embodiment means – embodiment had body in it, a sensational experience is when you feel alive. I help you to feel this often and not just live in your head analysing. 

Anything and everything is a portal deeper into you, including anger, fear, doubt, shame as well as joy, ecstasy, love. When you embrace everything – You become so turned onto life, you thrive! And that doesn’t just mean sexually turned on, unless that’s what you seek….As a Feminine Sensuality Embodiment Coach I definitely can coach you there too.

I yearn for every woman to embody her own radiance. I’ve seen this before my eyes. Women I’ve worked with unfurl and step into their radiance that has then rippled out in all areas of their lives. Their embodiment empowers them to find their voice and unique expression, connect to their purpose and follow it. I want the same for you – do you want it?

In our sessions, I create a safe place for you to express yourself.

We use tools and techniques from Yoga, Tantra, Coaching and Bodywork, Massage Therapies and Spiritual Healing, combined with neuroscience and physiology to intuitively guide you deeper into your body, mind and soul.  

I share with you powerful keys that unlock the door(s) to release your fullest vibrant potential within, thus creating more freedom and happiness.

How Do We Meet ?

We can meet via Skype or in person if you live or are visiting Barbados, unless I am in the country you live in…

How I Work

The East meets West Coaching infuses Tantra ancient tools made modern. I work outside of the box, for the box limits us, even if we paradoxically think it is safe. I marry the modern day, with mysticism, the erotic and the holy, sexuality and spirituality as East meets West. Everything comes together in union and it all begins with you and your miraculous magical body.

Are you ready to THRIVE not just survive?

Are you ready for your breakthrough to live more fully and ecstatically?

I’m offering you to find out how you may do this.
I can help you to tap into what you truly want in life… 

Send me a message to arrange a 15 minute Skype call and let’s discover what you really want.

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