Massage Barbados – The Sacred Art of Touch

PAGE UPDATE: sorry due to Covid, I am not offering hands on treatments, only online Yoga and coaching.

I specialise in practising with women, empowering them to come into their natural feminine balance and harmony through my womens massage Barbados. I use my nearly 30 years experience in health, wellbeing and bodywork to offer you sacred touch of massage and healing sessions… My Bodywork is somatic, it re-introduces and welcomes you home to your body.

When a woman is in balance, her body is fluid, lighter and free, her mind is relaxed and clear, her heart is expansive and giving, and her energy pulsating and vibrant. – Do you feel like this? If not, you can, get in touch with me and let me help you get back in touch with your body.


massage Barbados

Modern Day Stresses

Modern day living is hectic, demanding, so most of us are out of balance from everyday stresses and tension.  And you think this is ‘normal’. I help you to re-connect with your body, your body’s primal energy and your body’s natural intelligence to heal.

I have been a bodyworker since 1991. I am certified in many hands on therapies  – deep tissue massage, holisitic massage, tantra massage, aromatherapy, reflexology, reiki master, healer, lomi lomi, hot stone therapy.  You can choose any of these or allow me to intuitive listen to your body, your problems, your energy blocks and use my wisdom and my crystals to feel your energy so I treat you and initiate healing.

I am also a connoisseur of massage, so I know what is amazing and how it benefits you. Energy healing and balancing is part of every treatment I give, I am a channel for the universe’s energy to flow through me to you.


I specialise in working with women and with women’s health; balancing hormones, cycles and life. I am intuitively guided to know what will be the key to help your body open, through sacred touch called Nyasa in Tantra. I may use mantra, sacred sound to enhance my touch, or crystals  and healing. My intuitive massage becomes a ritual and I will share anything that is spoken to me to pass on to you.

Men and Women 

I’ve been empowering women across the globe to practice and embody Tantra energy practices. I’ve helped 1000’s of women over the nearly 30 years as a yoga teacher, massage therapist, bodyworker and healer. I assist women to let go of the mental chatter but inducing deep relaxation quickly. Once out of their heads, the over-analysing and endless thinking goes and they enter into the magic of their body. Through massage Barbados, you cannot help but let go of the mind and enter deeply into the portal of your body, and the inner alchemy begins to heal.

I’ve treated men since I first began in 1991, yet unfortunately some men did not respect my boundaries and over-stepped the mark. This consequently lead me to not treat men. Since moving to Barbados and being married, I understand how much men need healing, and are keen to understand their own energies. I have consequently began to work with some men. If this is you, I know you will welcome my healing that eases muscle blockages and also awakens you to the subtleties of your energy. Here I believe is the modern day man who embraces his feminine side. This is truly a remarkable man. if this is you – get in touch!

Men’s Massage

I do offer holistic, deep tissue, energy healing massage for men, however I do not offer Tantra massage for men. My treatments encourage you to enter your body and see how powerful you are. My massage releases deep muscular tension or stress, whilst also balances the feminine and masculine energies within you. This is the ultimate in Tantra. As you master your energy on all levels, physical, mind, soul, you discover  your work, relationship and whole life exponentially improves.

❥ Touch builds trust

❥ Touch balances emotions

❥ Touch boosts confidence and self-esteem

Touch and Massage Barbados

As I touch you, it facilitates a healing connection for you to then get in touch with yourself on a deeper level. This is aided by being in the rich, potent, transformational energy of the tropical island of Barbados.

Massage Barbados helps you :


▼ FOR WOMEN : Balance hormones and embrace the different cycles of womanhood
▼ To heal past trauma, abuse or emotional hurt
▼ Empowers you to connect with your Feminine essence
▼ FOR MEN : Promotes balance and space to release any stresses
▼ Encourages you to feel without judgement.
▼ Awakens and activates your energy much 


You’ve landed here for a reason… and if you give yourself permission, I will take you on a journey of opening, awakening, liberation and communion with the Divine within.


❝ we touch heaven as we lay our hands on the human body ❞ Friedrich Leopold

What Happy Clients say : 


Michelle has helped me expand beyond what I thought possible as a woman. Her healing touch has awakened my body and my sexuality. I needed healing from past trauma and Michelle creates such a safe space, I fully trusted her. Now I am delighting in awakening to much more as a woman. Oh and my changeable hormones levels are so much better. Thank you Michelle x

Julie B

I am a changed woman! I’ve has a series of Tantra massage, Michelle creates a safe space for me to explore my awakening – truly liberating. Thank you Michelle 


Michelle is amazing, whenever I visit Barbados she re-awakens my energy so I feel confident. She also teaches me amazing Tantra rituals I can practices when I’m not near her. Highly recommend!


Michelle was a fantastic find, I come away from having a massage feeling that it has made a profound difference. Every treatment session I feel relaxed and rejuvenated

Lisa Lee

Michelle experience definitely shows in her touch. She is amazing! Her attention to alignment and releasing energy  is spot on. And she really helps me with my posture. Thanks Michelle.


Michelle is so professional and highly skilled. She is so attuned to my body and my needs. I so appreciate her passion and dedication. I am beginning to explore Tantra with her, and Nyasa, mantra and massage is elevating experience. 


Are you ready to go on you own amazing journey within?


Would you simple like to relax?



Yes Please!


If you would  like to explore or experience Tantra I offer

▼ Tantra Massage, with Shyama Puja (opening the hear Massage) to release deep blockages or pain in the heart, or heal a ‘broken’ heart where you find it hard to trust or love fully.

▼ Tantra Ritual called Nyasa that purifies, then recharges the 108 Shakti Peethas (portals in the energy body). This Ritual helps to change the DNA in the body and is heavenly.

For Tantra session a minimum of 2 hours is required.  Email me above to discuss further. Your healing begins as soon as you connect with me…I’ll explain as we email. I look forward to hearing from you and beginning your journey…