Tantra Coach

As a Tantra Coach I work with you to create the life you truly desire. I give you the tools to live more fully and transform on all levels of your mind, body and soul.  You thrive, not just survive!

Would you like to come to celebrate all things about yourself as a woman, a lover, a mother, a sister?

Do you yearn to have more confidence, abundance of energy, breakthrough past limitations so you ignite your inner fire?

Would you like to awaken your Tantric energy and harness this energy as the rocket fuel for your life?

Whether you are single or in a relationship would you love to reclaim your personal power from dysfunctional relationships?

My Awaken Your Senses Tantra Coach Programs help you to deepen connection and intimacy with yourself and others.

You’ll learn how to :

CONNECT to your unique love language that empowers you to release the past, create the future you yearn for, whilst passionately living in the present moment
AWAKEN to your primal sexual creative energy called shakti, that becomes the rocket fuel to TRANSFORM your life.
UNDERSTAND the root causes of destructive behavioral patterns
BREAKTHROUGH the blockages that limit you and your life so you experience success
CREATE new scripts for your mind, body and soul to thrive
LEARN powerful Tantra tools that you can apply to your daily life

Embracing the Tantra Coach tools I share you begin to connect and embody your primal creative energy called shakti. This in your daily life you experience more energy, more intimacy and more fearlessness through simple practices of the ancient sages, made modern.

You’ll learn :

❥Powerful Tantra breathing exercises for bliss, energy and arousal.

❥The 7 levels of intimacy and how to release the blockages within them

❥Sensual feminine flow yoga for any level

❥Potent practices to awaken your sacred space, your pelvic floor so you let go of past trauma, sexual/emotional Insensitivity

❥Understand the masculine and feminine energies within you and how to bring them to balance so you thrive!

❥KISS meditation to deepen intimacy and connection

❥Tantric heart meditations to release physical, emotional abandonment

❥And much more

Feminine Sensuality Embodiment Coach

I specialise in empowering women, like you, awaken to your inherent feminine essence, which is sensual, fluid and flowing. I say awakening, as this is already within you, awaiting to unfurl and rise like waves.

Through Tantra I help you to deepen the most important relationship – the one with yourself.

I empower you as a whole woman to move forward in your life to make the changes you seek. You have free access to my women’s only Tantra Group on Facebook, where you take you seat in a powerful circle of like-minded women

Here’s my exclusive Tantra Coach Packages:

Awaken ~ Beginner’s Journey

This is for women, whether you are single or married, but you are ready to start your transformation

▼ Breakthrough limitations, fears, struggles or blockages that have held you back before

▼ Connect to your primal sexual creative energy, called shakti, and feel more alive, yet calm, ready to cope with life

▼ Awaken and arouse shakti so you use this energy to create the life you desire

▼ Build your confidence, boost your energy, arouse your awareness and ignite your passion for every area in your life

What you receive for your investment in you:

3 online sessions
2 breakthrough empowerment sessions to motivate you
Om-work and practice
Weekly email support after session

Duration :  4 weeks

Price : $750  $495

IGNITE ~ Unleash The Power Within

This program goes way deeper than AWAKEN. You’ll receive everything form awaken and more.
You’ll begin to :

▼ Go beneath the surface of your habitual patterns, so you begin to embody the power to your soul.
▼Connect to your unique power, and learn how to harness your potent energy.
▼ New realms of possibility will be in your grasp, you’ll feel, see, taste so much more of life.
▼ Deeply connect to the 7 developmental centres of intimacy so you can use them to empower you.

What you receive for your investment in you:
3 online sessions each month
4 Breakthrough boosters across the 8 weeks
unlimited email support
Om-work and practice
Duration : 2 months

Total Value : $1500

You Pay : $1008

Payment plan available , please email me to find out more.

DIAMOND ~ Embrace Every Facet And Shine

This is for you if you yearn to fully turn on every area of your life and are ready to combine awaken and ignite…

Does my sexiness upset you, does it comes as some surprise, I dance like I have diamonds at the meeting of my thighs!
– Maya Angelou

▼ You will be saying this for yourself after this Diamond Tantra Coach programme!
▼ Diamond empowers you to let your potent power guide you to ecstasy on every level.
▼ As women we have so many faces, these are like the facets of the diamond – Weave them all together and sparkle!
▼ Learn how to polish the diamond of your soul clearing away many of the blockages so you embody what every tantrika (Tantra practitioner) dreams of….
▼ Are you ready to go to new realms of connection and intimacy?
▼ Let Diamond show you how to shine fully!

What you receive for your investment in you:

1 introductory unlocking breakthrough session
3 online sessions each month
3 breakthrough boosters sessions each month
***Optional VIP day with me in Barbados, includes breakfast, lunch, hands on energy clearing work infused with sensuous yoga flow to awaken your body, and Tantra Massage to embrace the changes within
Unlimited email support
Om-work and practice
duration: 3 months

Total Value : $2750

You Pay : $1985

Payment plan available , please email me to find out more.

Tantra Wedding – The Inner Marriage

In life, as in love, the polarities of Masculine/Feminine are the same as Yin/Yang. They are in a constant play, weaving in and out of each other in a beautiful dance – if you know how. Do you struggle with Masculine and Feminine? If so, learn how to dance wit yourself or another.
This 4 week program empowers the modern day woman to heal any blockages of Masculine/Feminine and dance!
You will learn  :
▼ The woman’s body is like a musical instrument. It’s as if modern day living has tightened the strings too tight. Let these new practices seduce you to feel more confident, alive and awake, so you resonate to a different tune.
▼ Learn potent Tantra rituals to fine tune the Masculine/Feminine energy centres.
▼ Marry the Masculine/Feminine within, so you resonate from the highest, most sublime version of you.
▼ Deepen intimacy, connection and authentic communication in your present relationship.
▼ If single, learn how to balance the Masculine/Feminine to attract Mr Right!

What you receive for your investment in you:

3 online sessions
2 breakthrough empowerment sessions to motivate you
Om-work and practice
Weekly email support after session

Duration :  4 weeks

Price : $750  $495

What women say about Michelle’s Tantra Coach:
Michelle has taken me on the most amazing journey, the combination of yoga and tantra was truly ecstasy for the mind, body and spirit

Michelle’s methods evoked something new in me. Her use of Tantra, yoga and coaching is life changing

You helped me release so much trauma held within my body, that I didn’t even know existed. I am a different woman. Thank you, truly

Would you love to awaken to your fullest potential?
Do you feel disconnected or lost or is fear your go-to emotion?
Would you like more pleasure and passion in your life? – does this question bring up fear?
Tantra Coach

My passion is to empower you to feel so vibrant in your own skin, and honour the magic of your body, so you become so turned onto life, you thrive! and that doesn’t just mean sexually turned on, unless that’s what you seek….and as a Tantra Coach I definitely can coach you there too.
how you do one thing, is how you do everything.
I believe everything in held in relationship. Your outer life is a reflection of your inner life. I yearn for every woman to embody her own radiance. I’ve seen before my eyes, women I’ve worked with unfurl and step into their radiance that has then rippled out in all areas of their lives. Their embodiment empowers them to find their voice and unique expression, connect to their purpose and follow it. I want the same for you – do you want it?

In our sessions, I create a safe place for you to express yourself. I share with you powerful keys that unlock the door(s) to release your fullest vibrant potential within, thus creating more freedom and happiness. I have nearly 30 years experience in health, Yoga, Tantra, and bodywork therapies like massage and healing. I offer you a bespoke sessions tailored to your unique feminine essence.
How Do We Meet ?

We can meet via Skype or in person if you live or are visiting Barbados, unless I am in the country you live in…

How I Work

The East meets West Coaching infuses tantra ancient tools made modern. I work outside of the box, for the box limits us, even if we paradoxically think it is safe. I marry the modern day with mysticism, erotic and the holy, sexuality and spirituality as East meets West. Everything comes together in union and it all begins with you and your miraculous magical body.

Are you ready to THRIVE not just survive?
Are you ready for your breakthrough to live more fully and ecstatically?
I’m offering you to find out how you may do this with …
with me to see if I can help you to tap into what you truly want in life…through Tantra. click the link to arrange a 15 minute skype call and let’s discover what you want