Do you yearn to connect more
deeply with yourself and
your feminine energy?


Do you hear the call of the Goddess?


Women’s Empowerment Coach

Michelle’s passion is to empower women to release their limiting beliefs and reconnect to themselves, to shift from
disconnect to devoted and burnt out to blissful.

The striving, pushing, competing and keep going no matter what,
is failing us as women.

I support you to not just survive but to thrive by reclaiming your feminine power. Most women have no idea of their power that does not overpower, but enlivens the fullest potential already within to create the life you desire. 

Are you a woman who is 

 Doing so much for others… 
▼ …you have no time for you
 Exhausted and low energy
Feels stuck, numb or overwhelmed
 Low self esteem and confidence
 Wants to be happy in her own skin
▼ Needs support on a spiritual path
 Low libido or uses sex to release stress
 Longs for more intimacy and connection
 Has forgotten what pleasure feels like

And now are you willing to transform this and ready to reconnect to the feminine?

The Journey

As a woman’s empowerment coach, I guide you on a juicy journey to embodiment, where you discover your feminine rhythm who is fluid, flowing, sensuous. I teach you embodiment rituals that empower you to rise in confidence and aliveness.

I utilises a combination of neuroscience, physiology, energy practices, breathing practices, yoga, tantra, chakra awakening and activating.  I also teach you the sacred art of touch or jade egg practices you begin to embody at home by yourself.

The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure that you seek

Through ritual and rhythm the feminine way…

I give you practices to guide you to dive deeper into psychological intimacy blocks 

and heal through shadow work.

I assist you on a spiritual journey to rediscover and reclaim the feminine ways of being and knowing, that rewire the neural pathways to release feel good hormones. So you pause and take time -this empowers you to stand in your power. You connect with courage to let go of competing, which empowers your inner strength to shine in all her feminine sovereignty.

I empower you to release the past and feel more confident in the present, just the way you are! No need to fix anything, just become more aware of another path.

I guide you to meet and greet the Goddess or Queen within.

I was this tight bud in 2009 when my whole body shut down and I couldn’t walk. As I learnt to walk again, the path I chose was Feminine Tantra.

Women’s bodies are like instruments and it’s as if modern day living is tightening the instrument of our bodies too tight, and we are now playing out of tune.

Women’s empowerment coaching re-tunes  your body and nervous system to resonate in the feminine way, with simple yet powerful Tantra and Yoga practices that have been proven over 1000’s of years to work.

In your empowerment coaching we communicate with your body, rather than the mind that can keeps us stuck in old habitual patterns and limiting beliefs.

So often we take everything to the mind to analyse and strategically work it out, and ignore the reactions or sensations in our body.

Re-tuning the body and the chakras begins to calm the central nervous system and re-wire the neural plasticity, so you get out of your head and into your body.

▼ Your body is wise – Much wiser than the mind.
▼ Your body is communicating with you all the time –
 if only you are open to listen.
▼ Your body is intuitive – she gives you the answers to your questions

What women say about Michelle :

I feel like a huge cloak of heavy darkness has been lifted and I feel so bright and happy, like I haven’t for years. I FORGOT HOW IT FELT TO BE HAPPY.
Through Michelle’s coaching, yoga, breathing techniques and tantra I have started to be healed emotionally, breaking down blocks that I HAVEN’T BEEN ABLE TO SHIFT THROUGH YEARS OF DIFFERENT THERAPY. I am so much more stronger and happier.

women's circle testimony

Kate Radford

You have given me the tools to be able to allow my body to feel freed with an abundance of energy and strength!
But perhaps more importantly to listen, to begin to understand, respond and nurture myself a little better and to a much better end. Thank you!

Teri Dawkins, London

Michelle’s coaching helped unravell the things that were blocking me from being fully empowered as a women – that’s why I wanted coaching…. Michelle is open, kind and her loving energy creates a very safe environment to explore what is hidden in our bodies!

Kaatje Verschueren, Netherlands

For more than 35 years I have been struggling to work through past traumas but every time I got close to confronting them, I would shut down & go back to a safe place – a place where I could hide. Working with Michelle, she took me all the way to, then past the point where I would normally shut down, past the pain & trauma. She gave me tools to rewrite my past, to let go of the traumas still affecting my body, perhaps even more importantly, to love myself again.

Sandra Lee Seales, Barbados/Switzerland

Meet Michelle – The Women’s Empowerment Coach


I specialise in empowering women, like you, to embrace and embody your sometimes forgotten or suppressed to be accepted feminine power, to create the new paradigm for yourself and future generations.

I draw upon my 30 years experience in health and wellness fields, and utilise the potent techniques of neuroscience, physiology, chakra and energy practices, yoga, Tantra +++ many others to release limiting beliefs, stuck energy from your body.

My mission is to empower women to rise into their inherent feminine nature, which is like Mother Nature. CHANGEABLE. Sometimes still and calm as a serene sunset or other times as turbulent as a ferocious storm.

As women we have been taught we are too much, too needy, too emotional – by who’s standards? Mens and the old patriarchal paradigm.

I am so pleased times are changing and the new paradigm is rising.

How Do We Meet ?

We can meet via Skype

Or in person if you live
or are visiting Barbados.

And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud
was more painful than the risk it took to blossom