Would you like to awaken, balance or activate your Chakras?

Chakra Activation

Through Chakra Activation you awaken Kundalini Shakti within you. Everything I share, teach, coach aligns with the chakras, so I invite you to a Tantric Wedding. This marriage isn’t a specific date or time. It can occur anytime and if your lucky it’s blossoming everyday! You don’t have to travel far and wide, or buy a hat, because it takes place deep within yourself, in the realm of your sacred heart.

The Tantra Wedding is an eternal love story of Sacred Union, a dance of the masculine and feminine. I love this play, for when he meets her he becomes alive, real and powerful. When she allows him to enter her, after all he is always with in HEr, she shines even more powerfully. She is chaos with out him and he is inert without her.

Their dance is the love story.

Yet I know, first hand the dance is not always pleasurable, maybe you are like me, I had wounds and traumas I had to heal first… but as I share you’ll see this rewrites the script, creates a new story, the one you want to live.

Enjoy the video I made back in 2015 and is part of a Facebook live  about the chakras. Then I’ll share more about the chakras and the 7 levels of Intimacy.

Chakra Activation rooted in your history/herstory?

You’ve been preparing for this Tantric wedding your whole life, the love affair began when you were born.

The love affair you are experiencing actually began from what you learnt from your family patterns and what society has taught you. This is mirrored in our first chakra and affects the energy of your whole body as well as the reactions in your body, mind and soul. 

The beauty, like any love story, you can transform it – and I show you how.

I get your body and the chakras to communicate and you feel your energy rise within you. The mind is clever and can deceive, your energy doesn’t. They are the portals that hold the keys for transformation. 

I give you the tools to have more energy, to feel good, to experience Kundalini awakenings or full body orgasms. All through awakening to their chakras and chakra activation.

You see the love affair you are living right now, through what is going on in your life and your relationships or at your work and your thought patterns.

Is your love affair happy? – within your life, yourself or another
Do you have abundance of energy or are you plagued with fears, self doubt?
Do you have trauma locked in your body and this is limiting you from experiencing true intimacy? 

Tantra’s roots are in Kundalini Shakti. Kundalini Shakti or just Shakti is your primal energy.Shakti descent into the body to the 1st/2nd chakra until she or you awaken her, then there’s her ascent. When I say she, this can come in the form of a life crisis, a death, divorce, illness or accident. This is when you are forced to look at your life and make changes. It can be catastrophic, painful, yet in the aftermath you see it was a blessing. This was my experience in 1986, 1999 and also when I couldn’t walk in 2009.

So when Shakti awakens, then she rides up your body through the chakra activation. Her journey is your journey to awakening and expanding, learning and processing along the way. In the video below I explain more about Tantra and Shakti specifically at around 5 minutes.

7 levels of Intimacy or Personal Development 

The love story of the chakras isn’t always a happy one. most people yo-yo between the 1st two chakras.

imagine a scenario: If you are being chased by a tiger, stubbed your toe and it started to bleed, would you stop to tend to the injury? No, you’d keep running! Your body’s survival mechanism of fight and flight kicks in, numb the pain in your toe to avoid being eaten by the tiger. When safe you’d tend to your injury.

Now in the modern world, we are stressed, experienced TRAUMA and numb the pain or stress. We react as if we were being chased by a tiger – problem is we never go back to tend to the injury, or in life the situation.

We don’t process and un-numb those places inside of us that we had to immobilize in order to get out of a trauma or deal with stress.

This creates broken loops of energy within your body, leaving the issues in your tissues.

The Root has the key

So the tiger and the running is your 1st chakra reaction because your foundation feels unsettled or your boundaries have been crossed.

Then we feel unsettled so it is then natural to seek pleasure. This is the second chakra. The pleasure we seek comes in the form of food, alcohol, drugs and sex. The shadow side of this is they can become addictions and then the scenario of stress, fight and flight kicks in again.

This is why I say most yo-yo between the two. Stress – pleasure principle.

To clear the issues in the tissues,  activate the third chakra and move the energy, the shakti up to your power centre and transform the shadow of flight or the wounds to wisdom, or trauma to triumphs.

Why Does All This Matter?

Because everything in life is held in relationship

Chakra Activation & 7 Levels of Intimacy

“The minute I heard my first love story I started looking for you,

not knowing how blind that was. 

Lovers don’t finally meet somewhere.

They’re in each other all along.”

– Rumi

Let me introduce you to the love affair within you

The East meets West Coaching/Teaching infuses Ancient Tantra tools made modern. I work outside of the box, for the box limits us, even if we paradoxically think it is safe. I marry the modern day with mysticism, erotic and the holy, sexuality and spirituality as East meets West. Everything comes together in union I use Ancient Tantra, Taoism, Yoga Practices that are proven over 1000’s of years to work.

Are You ready to explore how your own energy ?
experience deep healing?

This is for you if you are serious about transforming intimacy blocks…

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