Shakti is…

Shakti is

Shakti is….

What is Shakti? In essence Shakti is beyond description and paradoxically She is essence itself, and this is something you sense or feel. A literal meaning of the word Shakti is “power”. What I love about Shakti is she also means “she who cannot be contained”. So you see words might contain. I say she because Shakti is the primal feminine sexual creative energy. The sexual energy because Shakti gives birth to all life.

In Tantra there is a lot of confusion as modern day believes Tantra means sex. This limits Tantra. Sex is just 5% of Tantra, yet Neo Tantra focus on it rather than the rituals of traditional Tantra. Tantra teaches you to tap into your primal sexual creative energy, which is Shakti and harness this potent energy for everyday life. Sexual energy can be utilised in many practices, not just sex. So have you ever experienced Shakti?

Have you every fallen in love?

Then you will have already experienced shakti. When you fall in love it is shakti, the spiritual energy awakening internally that starts to dance. This incredible ecstasy that lovers describe, this nectar that intoxicates you and easily entices you out of your rational mind, is shakti – you feel her! The person you have fallen in love with is mirroring to you your own intoxicating, liberating powerful energy – shakti.

So let’s fall in love some more with shakti

Shakti is an acronymAs I have embodied Shakti more and more I began to feel into what Shakti means to me, how She invites me into the portal of my body to enquire. I offer you what Shakti is to see what arises within you…

The S is for Sacred Sensuality. Shakti teaches you through your sensuality. Do you view your holy body, the indwelling place of Shakti as sacred?

H: The H is for Harness. Learn how to harness Shakti to drop more into the portal of your heart, the abode of lovefor yourself, others and life.

A: The A is for Awaken, activate arouse. Ahhh yes! when you awaken to Shakti and learn to harness her within, you activate a whole new realm of ecstatic arousal.

K: The K is for Kinetic. Kinetic means getting into your body, which helps you to connect with Shakti as Kundalini Shakti. Kundalini Shakti isKunda is a bulb or container and Lini coiled, Kundalini Shakti is often depicted as the coiled serpent resting in your 1st chakra. As you harness shakti, awaken and activate Kundalini Shakti you get into your body and turn on like a light bulb to arouse Shakti to move in your whole body so you feel orgasmic pleasure, not just in your sex, but your whole body.

T: The T is for Truth. The truth of who you are is within. Do you have the confidence to speak your truth? Shakti frees the energy blocks within so you find your voice and the confidence to give expression to your needs and desires

I: the I is for Intimacy. Women are yearning for deeper connections and authentic intimacy with themselves and others. Harnessing Shakti empowers you to intuitively become more intimate with yourself. Intimacy opens up new realms to allow yourself to intuitively blossom fro mthe truth of who you are.

Shakti is a love story of Shiva and Shakti

In Tantra there is Shiva and Shakti, Shiva is the Divine Masculine and Shakti is the Divine Feminine. We all have feminine and masculine energies with in us and at play in life. Shakti is the power of the universe, She brings the Masculine to life, yet without his seed there is no life. A woman is designed for creation, she is the bearer of children. Also it is said Tantra is the play of Shakti is the union of ShivaShaktithe universe, the eternal love-making of ShivaShakti, they are One, like lovers. This analogy is also what confuses modern day interpretations. Tantra embraces the paradoxes. When you become aware of the polarities of your masculine and feminine energies in your body and they come together, there is balance, there is union. For me, my connection to Shakti bought all of this to life and this is why I teach Tantra.

Union reveals

For me the union of Tantra and Yoga is the playful game of life. In traditional yoga you are taught to observe, this is more masculine. As a woman, embodying Tantra and the fluid yoga I teach, I feel more, so I dive beneath the surface of my body into the multi layers of me to embody, to touch the essence of who I am and merge with my own Shakti. Rather than sit outside and witness or observe. Let me describe before I go into my own intimate relationship with Shakti.

“Since there is no difference between the Shakti and the one who embodies her, Shakti is identical to the self “~ Vijnanabhairava Tantra

Shakti is the powerful pulsation, throb of the universe that is within everything in life, in your body, your mind, your yearnings, you heart desires. Shakti is you. Often people separate their spiritual life from their daily life, this brings separation; life, yoga, or Tantra is all about union. Shakti is present always, she is in the leaves that sprout on trees, the growth of hair on your head, the breath breathing you from within right now, the sensations of your skin. Shakti is the creative life force that moves you, not separate from you or outside of you. As the quote above from the VijnanaBhairava Tantra reveals.

for me, my relationship with Shakti is immense. Shakti invites me deeper into who I already am, in a much bigger way. She is a mirror that allows me to embrace every aspect of myself, many many faces, like the good girl, the goddess ,the minx, the bad girl, the control freak etc. She is the power of the universe and the giver of all life. When I began to lean in to this, let go, and receive my life has expanded beyond my wildest dreams

Shakti is :: The Portal into the body

WE have been given this body in life to experience, and yet half the time we spend our time in our head analysing and logically thinking. This is a masculine trait, logical, focused and analytical. Woman feel, flow, are intuitive and fluid

So to experience Shakti, she invites you in deeper into the portal of your body. Especially for women, the invitation is to let go of the tight grip you have on life, tune in, become present to presence itself….

Yet many contain Shakti and stay in the mind, here’s why


Shakti is - Durga riding her tiger

Shakti is Learning to ride your tiger

Through life challenges or trauma it is natural to go into fight or flight response and sometimes also freeze. When a trauma happens and your emotions rise, you freeze, react or run, this is instinct. This comes from your 1st chakra, the root or Muladhara chakra. And the 1st two chakras in your subtle body are so intimately connected to Shakti.

When your fight or flight response kicks in your body is reacting as if being chased by a tiger. Instinctually you’d run, now say you stubbed your toe would you stop to tend to your bleeding toe, no your instincts would numb the pain and tell you to run for your life til you are safe.

When safe you would tend to your toe. The problem in modern day life is many area acting as if being chased by a tiger all the time and then never going back to tend to the injury, trauma, or the toes in our analogy. This creates broken loops of energy and high stress states and the body numbs out a lot. What also happens is when you are numb, you no longer listen to your inner voice tells, you don’t trust it, you go on over-drive.

How many times have you felt you do this? numbed out, not listened and then find out later your voice was correct – this was your intuition.

Tiger breathing down your neck in the Modern Day

What is happening is you are not listening or feeling the signals that are with in your body. Instead you have a tiger breathing down your neck. You are thinking with the mind. Like I said many in modern day live in their mind and not their miraculous body. These signals are always there, yet because of life’s challenges and fast pace, we don’t trust them anymore as we’ve forgotten how to experience them – does this resonate with you?

So to feel Shakti, and become more aware of what Shakti is, I invite you when a feeling or a situation arises where you wanna run or go straight to the mind and think well what if? or ok I will do this? Pause, connect with your breath which will help you to tune into your body and the waves of energy in your body which are Shakti. So sit with the feeling in the body, breathe, give it space to permeate and you will see you no longer react, or analyse. Let the energy move. You will find the emotions move quickly and do not cause broken loops if energy. Now if the situation is one way you cannot sit and breath because you need to take action or you are in fear. then when you are in a safe place make a conscious effort to remember to go back and feel into the situation that arose, so you let the energy flow in your body.

As for Tigers, I teach a whole different analogy about tigers as the Shakti in her form as the Divine Feminine Goddess Durga, rides a tiger and the tiger is a teacher and energy. you can read in my blog from a few years back.

What is Shakti to you?

now I’ve shared what Shakti is to me – what is this primal sexual creative energy to you? would you like to harness this energy and become more intimate with life?

hope so!

I’ll show you how, with love, in my classes, retreats or coaching… If you would like to feel her deeply, let’s connect!