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Let Kerala, India Yoga Retreat Welcome You…

and Invite you to come hOMe to Yourself


Kerala India Yoga Retreat
You are invited on transformational journey with “Awaken your Senses” Kerala India Yoga Retreat.

Discover the magic of India and the magic within you in :


Tantra, Temples and Transformational Yoga

February/March 2019

You’ll receive the healing powers of India’s lineage of yoga, rituals and intoxicating flavours that will enrich your life. Let yourself unplug, unwind and simply BE as you immerse in the diverse culture of India.

India is seen with the love, respect and awe of a real mother. Let Mother India nurture you to awaken to the all the treasures within you, and come home to yourself.

What You Receive on this Kerala India Yoga Retreat

An opportunity to let go of the multi-tasking and endless to-do lists of every day life, that pull you in every direction.

India truly does Awaken Your Senses in every way : with her intoxicating smells of incense and delectable flavours of food to seduce you deeper within and nurture your soul. The array of magical colours titilate your eyes and create new bright visions for your life. India I know will touch you deeply and invite you to turn inwards and listen to the deep knowing in your heart….

Kerala India Yoga Retreat
Vinyasa Flow Yoga
▼ You’ll immerse yourself in daily sunrise Dynamic Vinyasa Flow Yoga. You will breathe, invoke movement meditation through creative vinyasa, sweat any stress from your life, so the pleasure becomes medicine for you to release. Explore new ways to open and receive, fully and completely through Yoga.


▼ Pre-Sunset you will dive deep into Tantra. You’ll learn ancient Tantra methods that have been proven over thousands of years to yield results. These include Jade Egg Practices, with ancient Indian milking practices, Shyama Puja – self breast massage to clear blockages and hurt from your heart and release feel good hormones. As well as energetic practices that clear the channels within your body so your shakti flows.
Kerala India Yoga Retreat
Ayurvedic Massage
▼ Included on your Kerala India Yoga Retreat are super soothing, ayurvedic massages that seduce deeper within the temple of your body. When I arrived in India in 2007 it was massage that transformed my very sad, depressed, deeply unhappy state of being. This clinic is who is offering you the treatments on the retreat. I have always kept in touch with them and when I return to India I always visit.
▼ We will also visit local temples and experience Puja’s, which are heartfelt offerings to the deity. The deity is the aspect deep within you. I know the priests at the temple because I visit regularly so you can also request to have a puja dedicated for you, your family or a loved one. This is a mystical and magical experience at dawn and sunset.
Michelle creates a safe container for you to dive into a deeper exploration of you. She invites you to go beneath the surface and teaches you potent practices to help you calm the mind chatter so you drop into your body and listen more intuitively. You begin to move and open from within the depths of your body and fall in love with her, as in your body.

Michelle’s yoga nurtures you with myths, mantra, mudras, meditation, moon cycles, pranayama, asana, infusing tantra philosophy and life coaching…

What past attendees said about Michelle’s Indian Retreat ;


Michelle has taken me on the most amazing journey with yoga, this Indian retreat is totally surpassed all my expectations. The combination of yoga and tantra was truly ecstasy for the mind, body and spirit. My body feels strong, fluid and more connected. My inner goddess has awakened through Michelle’s unique and creative tantra and yoga feminine practices.
I loved everything about the retreat: yoga, music, the stories, partner work, and of course Tantra. Can’t wait for the next one! Michelle puts her heart, body and soul into everything. Lynn Rae

Thanks for the greatest retreat, it’s been the best one that I’ve ever attended! can’t wait for the next one to come around. 


Oh My Goddesses, put those goddess high heels on and take a leap of faith! Book this retreat. Since the yoga and tantra retreat in India Michelle has helped reconnect with my body, my sensuality and with Shakti. Anita Burnett


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