Tantra Yoga – A love story…

Tantra Yoga what is it? and when you hear the word Tantra…

  • Do you think of something sexual?

Tantra Yoga

And then you hear Tantra Yoga and your mind’s imagination goes off on one. Maybe you think of contorted positions like in the Kama Sutra or on the carvings on the Temples in India. Then you might think how can something sexual be connected to something spiritual like yoga?

Simple answer : They are so intimately connected. It’s actually a love story and it’s happening with you, everyday if you are luck!

Let me explain why.

The temples in India (pictured here) reveals if you wish to meet God/Goddess/Divine, seen at the top of the temples or inside the temples, first you must embrace sexuality as part of life, not renounce or suppress it. 

Myths of Tantra

Let me bust some myths about Tantra Yoga and why I teach it.  I show you how I personally bring Tantra Yoga in every area of my life, including the bedroom and love-making with myself and my husband. And how this is a form of worship and devotion, then you might like to practice this in your life.

Why I teach Tantra Yoga

I’m just back from my yearly trip to India and this time I was initiated into the Sri Vidya path of Tantra, that honours the feminine. This includes the feminine rituals for sacred sexuality. This path is full of devotion, where the Tantric adepts wake up early morning and offer pujas (heartfelt offerings) to the deities. These rituals seem intricate, yet at their essence they are an offering of love. We in modern day, tend to only make these offerings to another in romantic love, which is limited view of love. What the Tantric adepts have mastered is pouring their love and devotion into everyday acts or rituals. Tantra Yoga is any every day ritual to me, to bring l o v e into every aspect of my life, from honouring the morning as I walk my dog, to chanting mantras or honouring my husbands lingham.

I teach Tantra Yoga to help you to cope with the challenges in modern day life. This empowers you to move beyond the fears, insecurities and heal any traumas. Then you begin to move from a place of self-love, love for life, so love for another in romantic love becomes more sacred.

What does Tantra Yoga give you?

Through Tantra Yoga I empower you to embrace every aspect of yourself, especially the darker aspects of yourself and bring them to light. I honour your vulnerability and see it as tremendous strength to yearn for more and shine just as you are.

The practices are not here to change you, or fix you. They are present to empower you to connect to your primal feminine life force energy within, so you have more enthusiasm, vitality, passion and magnetism. This is who the Tantric adepts are pouring their love to. The Goddess.  So through the Tantra Yoga I help you to remember your strengths, kindle your confidence, ignite your power and re-awaken your sensuality, sexuality and spirituality.

Etymology of Tantra Yoga – by Michelle Cross 

I teach Vinyasa Tantra Yoga and here’s what that means to me ::

Vinyasa means to place (nyasa) in a special way (vi). Nyasa also means sacred touch. And a vinyasa within a class is known to synchronize the breath with the movement during an asana yoga class. I love to place my body in a sacred way that touches me to move deeper into embodiment

Tantra means an instrument (tra) to weave or expand or stretch (tan). Tantra is a method to expand your consciousness and experience God/Goddess/Divine Union or love within. Tantra comes from the root tanus, which means of the body, Tantra empowers you to into your body where the God/Goddess of your own unique awareness resides.

Yoga comes from yoke, which means to bring together or union. The Yoga is usually known for the physical asanas, which prepare the body and help you get out of your head and into your body and your senses. Asana means seat or throne. This seat is yours and unique to only you. When you are ready you find the teacher who helps you take your seat and deepen connection with it to expand into the divine energy within you. Asana in my lineage also means the womb of shakti, through the asana you ride the ways of shakti.

Tantra Yoga

Vinyasa of Tantra Yoga

Through the practice of Vinyasa Tantra Yoga, the practices touch you deeply to bring you into union with the sacred, or God or Goddess, or love, whatever you would like to define this higher essence.

As you take your seat in the circle of life, this seat is within the eternal ancient lineage, like Sri Vidya, which brings you home to who you are authentically.

What does that mean?

When you are authentic you feel free to be yourself in a relaxed and open way in any situation. The Tantras illuminate your path through their ancient wisdom just as the Yoga opens you to more within your body. Together they fine-tune the instrument of your body to expand and resonate to a more harmonious tune within your everyday life.

Why modern day needs Tantra Yoga

It’s as if modern day living has tighten the strings of your instrument too tight. You may find you are playing out of tune, or society has taught you to do so much, get a grip, tighten the reigns so you hold onto so many things. Especially your emotions and feelings. This reveals itself in your body, through back ache, shoulder tension, headaches, PMT, digestion problems, there’s an endless list.

Tantra Yoga creates new rhythms, through the practices your mind becomes clear, your body energized, your spirit lighter, your emotions balanced and your sex life turned on.

Tantra Yoga is a love story and this love story is happening within you. If you’re lucky enough every day. And if not, let me begin to introduce you to how you can begin to kindle a beautiful love affair…. you can come to my classes or join me on my retreats or simply read my blogs here.

Til we meet, this comes with love x