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Online Yoga Classes for you to practice again and again

These classes were recorded live at YogaRelax/ hOMe of Yoga and were very popular classes, where participants had real break-through mOMents! Now it’s your chance to experience the opportUNITY at hOMe for the first time or again. These classes are suitable for people with some prior experience of Yoga. If you would like to view the kind of sequences we practice before you buy then here’s some Vinyasa Flow Videos for you to view and enjoy and even practice with! hope they entice you to buy and enjoy the 1.5 hours classes

2015 classes

Kindle the Courage to Leap

❤ Every time you practice it begins with the remembrance and recognition of who you are…

Hanumanasana Leap of FaithThis is a personal favourite of mine and part of the Mythical Yoga Flow. It is one of the last classes I taught in my hOMe of Yoga in London, before I made mine own Leap of Faith and move to Barbados to be with my Beloved. I wrote about the story of this class in my blog on a leap of faith and also about my very own leap of faith in love of fear blog or about the gods and goddesses.

This is a Hanumanasana class as the picture shows. It is a strong dynamic practice that will ignite the love, so with practice not only will you get to this posture, you will also invoke courage, faith and let love conquer your fears so you rise in your full radiance and shine and make leaps!

what do you yearn for? let this class help you reach for it…take the leap and …

2014 classes

New Moon Sadhana 1 Hour 30 minutes

❤ create new intentions for the new cycle from the fertile darkness within

new moonThe New moon as its name suggest is the time of newness, an opportunity of renewal, tuning in, turning inwards, to begin a new cycle… The New Moon in Sanskrit is Amavasya. It is an opportunity for us to look inside and see what it is that we wish to renew; maybe you wish to renew existing projects with new eyes, or renew your relationships with love and intention or open to the possibility of change or new ways of being by renewing the relationship with yourself.

what do you wish to renew?

let this class help you explore…from the fertile darkness, plant seeds of intention and observe them blossom as the moon changes Her face and grows to the Fullness, the luminosity of the Full Moon; maybe you to will bring the darkness to light with these Moon Sadhana classes… ~ I personally just love them!

Full Moon Sadhana 1 hour 30 minutes

Symbolic of power, clarity, fullness and fulfillment of desire.

FullMoonThe full moon is an opportunity to tune in to your own light as the moon facilitates a deepening awareness of inner and outer world aligning with the ebb and flow of life and prana. Allow this class to illuminate your world, your heart and your whole being with the intoxication of the sweet nectar that is offered at the full moon.

If you are feeling dark or low, this is also ‘ok’, allow the practice to gift you with luminosity and bring any darkness from the previous cycles in your life to light under the full moon.

I simply adore this class and is an honour to share it with you as my own journey practicing with the moons has been liberating and I am deeply grateful as you will hear in the introduction.

what would you like to bring to light in your life?
Would you like to bring your deepest desires to light?

let the Full Moon intuitively guide you so you shine more fully from the inherent luminosity within…

this practice you will enjoy again and again and come into the flow every month with the Full Moon

One for the Women! Feminine Flow ~ I hour 33 minutes

❤ give yourself the permission to slip into your Feminine Flow

flowers-300x225Do you feel that you are pushing, striving to do a million things at once, exhausted, tired, depressed, lost hope?

Many women do, so I taught this class to re-introduce you how at your essence. You have a throbbing, pulsating, vibrant feminine essence that is yearning for you to reconnect and feel her! many modern women have forgotten or feel detached from their essence as a woman and  are  more dominant in the masculine side, in the logical analytical arena of the mind and competing to get more done. the irony is, when you are more in your feminine body, your power as a woman naturally arises and expands. This class gets you deep within your body. Your feelings are the portals, the gateways that move you deeper within the body, so you become more embodied as a throbbing, pulsing, vibrant radiant woman!  do you want these feelings? this class is dynamic, rhythmical, deep, liberating and radiant – just like you once you’ve practiced it! This class is backbends which will open your heart to who you truly are! do you want that? download now…

Poetry In Motion ~ 1 hour 30 minutes

❤ allow your body to make poetry as you move, honour and dive deep

pigeonThis delicious rhythmical flowing class invites you to contemplate the resonance and power of words and poetry from the mystical poets. this class honours them by bringing their meaning into the vinyasa. Poetry and words help you to dive beneath the surface of the body, seek the treasures and step into the sacred, where you transform your inner experience and class becomes an embodied prayer.
 what if the words have a message for you, that you need to hear right at this moment to expand and grow?

Let this class inspire you. I am using an inspirational text that has truly transformed my own life, when I was in a dark place. The inspiration offered me a glimmer of light, of hope to transform. I hope this class does this for you…

2013 Classes

Yoga Twist Online Yoga class 1 hour 26 minutes

❤ Let go of what is not serving you & stabilise what is essential…

lunge-twistThis juicy flowing twist class truly is delicious! You ground in the depths of your being to allow you to securely let go and release anything that is not serving you, through mudras, mantras, asanas and your rhythmical breath. What do you need to let go of?

A habit? Thought process? Situation? Feeling? Person? Well use this online yoga classes practice to help you to dig deep, wring out, ground to twist so you create space to expand on & off your mat!

Divine Play Online Yoga Class 1 hour 27 minutes

❤ Dance with the Divine in Lila….

divineLilaCome back to yourself as you flow through vinyasas that allow you to fully express who you are, frOM the power and prana within. These online yoga classes offer you the opportUNITY to deLIGHT in the universal energy within you and play with it! Lots of hamstrings openers and forward folds 🙂 in a flowing sequence that lifts your spirits and connects you more deeply with your self…

Hip opener Online Yoga class 1 hour 33 minutes

❤ Hip Hip Hooray!

lizardThis online yoga class is a deep release in the hips! Prepare to use your breath as medicine to release from within. In this class we will create heat to open you, even create the tension that is held within the hip areas in order for it to be released. Your mind will play with you but as the Divine Play class explains its all a game, so breath to release. Lots of Warrior posture, deep lunges, pigeon and a chair so you can take a seat in the ground of your being, invoke the mind, stance and heart of a Divine warrior on your own mission to know your self better!

Yoga Nidra ~ Deep Yoga Relaxation

❤ cOMe to deeply Relax into your Radiance

the perfect way to end one of your online classes, or use it separately when you have a lot of stress…

Easy to follow guided relaxation that allows YOU the time to unwind, calm the mind, de-stress and rejuvenate…
Yoga Nidra helps you to relax, to let go of your stresses or worries and brings calm and peace to your hectic life. This relaxation releases new energy so you are able to cope more in your life. Use Yoga Nidra for Deep Relaxation regularly, as a tool to help you relax and let go more easily.

savasanaYoga Nidra derives from two Sanskrit words – Yoga meaning union and Nidra which means sleep. Yoga Nidra is known as yogic sleep, and can be further described as deep relaxation with inner awareness or conscious sleep. Practising Yoga Nidra regularly helps to improve overall sleep patterns – so important for good health and well-being.

You can easily fit Yoga Nidra into your day as it’s only 35 minutes long. Yet, for your mind & body, it’s the equivalent of three whole hours of sleep! During Yoga Nidra, you rest between the state of being awake and asleep, which is why the relaxation is felt so deeply.

“After practising Yoga Nidra there is an intense feeling of positivity and you feel completely recharged, with an energy level that surpasses a full night’s sleep.” Joni Rhodes – Broadcast Engineer/MCR Operator

Are you ready to surrender and re-new?

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