Ujjayi Breath

Ujjayi Breath

As I said in my email I wanted to help you with the Ujjayi breath, to truly feel the sound in your throat. This activates your throat Chakra, the energy centre of expression, communication, authenticity and fearlessness. so this practice gives you permission to voice your truth in a calm way from a sense of bliss, conquering any fears.

Life is demanding and most people are in their heads and when stressed this gets trapped at the throat area, because people do not express how they truly feel or what they want. We’ve be taught in society to act a certain way.

Remember what I said in the email in lesson 1, after working with 1000’s of people for the nearly 30 years, it take practice to ‘get’ something, especially if it is new. For me that is why it is called practice, in order to make something become a good habit with a positive effect you need to do it. Then your body knows it and calls upon it at times of stress or pleasure for that matter.

Please observe here I do not separate your every day life,  your spiritual life or your sex life.

Ujjayi Breath I use in all 3!

In everyday life it gives me energy, calms me helps me deal with stress to grounds me and helps me to stay p[resent fro everything.

In my spiritual life i use ujjayi in my yoga on my mat, it is part of my morning meditation and heps me to connect to Goddess/God or the Divine. I use ujjayi to expereince kundalini awakenings too

IN my sex life, ujjayi helps me and my husband to intimately connect with eachother, arouse us and definitely gets me out of my head and into the juiciness of my body, as well as give me more mind-blowing orgasms.

Heres the Ujjayi Breath helper… I go into the breath in my detail later on in each area of your life…

and in case you need the first video, you’ve got them on one page to enjoy your practice…

and if you would like to truly tap into the enormous sea of energy that the ujjayi breath gives you come to one of my in person events. This breath holds the keys for transformation and when done with me in person you truly feel it! you can have a 1-1 session with me or check out my live events or retreats here