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For yoga teachers, wellness therapists or yoga practitioners who wish to dive deeper
into the roots of Yoga and learn the Tantra path,
from a Feminine perspective ▽

Join in this new 7 week, 14 module immersion into :

Tantra, Kuṇḍalinī Shakti, On The Divine Feminine Path

Enhance and expand your current yoga practice or teaching with movement as medicine
that liberates and empowers the modern woman to awaken to another realm of yoga…

Deepen your journey with yoga by entering the transformational path of ancient Tantra

continuing professional development yoga courses

This wisdom is or the modern day Yogini to awaken, activate and embody Kuṇḍalinī Shakti within her body and come to see herself as Divine

Many women are seeking something else… Looking outside of themselves to feel whole or continually studying.

sisterhood and women

These practices teach you to remember and reconnect to who you are. You learn to listen to the inner teacher and let her be your guide.

Tantra opens a new revolutionary path of practice for a woman to come home to who she inherently is.

women's empowerment coach

Tantra expands your existing practice of yoga, with methods, rituals and ways of being that cultivate a feminine Sādhanā that empowers a woman.


Hrīṃ Shakti School is a Yoga Alliance Professionals Training School for women only.  It offers all participants ‘Education through Embodiment’ as a journey beneath the surface of what you already know, to dive deeper within your body, mind and soul to meet the feminine wisdom. All teachings are rooted in Tantra, specifically Shakta Tantra as the path that honours the feminine as Divine.

This is Bhakti, which means heartfelt offering, love or devotion. Shakti Bhakti is ultimately a journey with the feminine power and energy within your body.

This course is very different from the western approach of yoga that was originally devised and written by men, with the practices for men.

Women’s bodies are different. The feminine path shows you how to reclaim your inner wisdom, power and let this be the guiding force on and off the mat. The education comes alive in the mystery of your feminine body. The alchemy is your personal awakening journey with Shakti, this is unique, because you are.

This continuing professional development yoga courses meet the standards and  are approved by Yoga alliance Professionals

This course will give you the practices to dive deeper into :

What Tantra is?

Prānāyāma & Prānā Shakti

Sanskrit, Mantra & Mudrā

Feminine Vinyāsa Yoga

Āsana from Tantra view

Kriyā, Nāḍī, Vāyu

Embodiment of Kuṇḍalinī Shakti

Feminine approach to Bandhas

Pelvic Floor & Mūlādhāra

To Know Thyself…listen…feel…be…and trust

continuing professional development yoga courses

Tantra, Kuṇḍalinī Shakti,
On The Divine Feminine Path

On this course you learn what Tantra really is and how Tantra awakens your existing yoga. Tantra and yoga work on many levels; initially the mind needs the information, because we are taught to take everything to the mind. Through the practices you learn to communicate with the body, harnessing the breath, so the mind becomes less dominate and your energy shifts as your breath and awareness become one.

You will learn to truly take and embrace the seat of the Yogini. You learn practices that honour you as a cyclic woman, whose yoga practice meets you where you are on any given day or moment.

You’ll learn to awaken, raise your Kuṇḍalinī Shakti, and let Her guide you, so you fully embody the practice of Yoga in all ways from a Feminine Tantra viewpoint.

Tantra and Kuṇḍalinī Shakti will take you upon a journey with your expansive subtle body from a Feminine Tantra perspective. As you dive deeper, you come to meet and greet the Divine Feminine within.

Tantra, Kuṇḍalinī Shakti, On The Divine Feminine Path

This course is suitable for existing 200/300/500 hour teachers or wellness professionals or avid practitioners of yoga. Each women needs to have a minimum 2 years experience of with teaching or practicing Yoga and want to dive deeper into your yoga Sādhanā.

Michelle Cross is a Senior Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance Professionals and has created this course after being asked for the last 10 years to share her wisdom. Michelle likens what she shares as jewels that you begin to wear as you embody, like the mālās she designs in her Devi Designs. Tantra links all the gems that are the diverse teachings and multi-faceted aspects of us and life into a maṇḍala (circle), like a mālā.

This CPD course honours the maṇḍala of a mālā and the 54 hours invites you deeper into your own personal yoga journey. 54% of these hours are direct contact hours with Michelle Cross.

Overview of the 7 week, 14 module course:

MODULE 1 & 2

Friday 630-830pm GMT
Sunday 10.30am-1pm

  • History of Yoga + why important for Tantra
  • The purpose of Yoga that’s often forgotten
  • What is Tantra & Shiva & Shakti
  • Tantra view of Asana & movements
  • Most powerful Practice
  • Practice – Embodiment of Tantra Pranayama, Mudra, warm up + Supine āsana, Freedom & liberation meditation


Svādhyāya – reading & practices

MODULE 3 & 4

Friday 630-830pm GMT
Sunday 10.30am-1pm

  • Shakta Tantra
  • Ancient vs modern times
  • Neural Pathways
  • 3 Tenets Tantra
  • 3 Shakti Keys – Initiation
  • Practice aka Abhyāsa – feminine aspect
  • Practice – Review module 1 & 2 – Tantra Pranayama, Mudra, warm up, Standing, Forward folds, supine. Chakra Activation

Svādhyāya – reading & practices

MODULE 5 & 6

Friday 630-830pm GMT
Sunday 10.30am-1pm

  • Sanskrit & Mantra – why Sacred Sound is so important for a woman
  • Power of voice, as teacher or woman
  • Subtle Body – Koshas, Nadi, Vayu, Bandha
  • Practice – reconnect week 2, Embodiment Activating Pranayama, kriya & mudras, Standing, Supine, Muladhara activation

Svādhyāya – reading & practices

MODULE 7 & 8

Friday 630-830pm GMT
Sunday 10.30am-1pm

  • Chakras
  • Sacred sound
  • Pelvis & sound
  • Mudras, Kriya & Pranayama
  • Practice – Embody & raising Kundalini, backbends, chakra activation

Svādhyāya – reading & practices

MODULE 9 & 10

Friday 630-830pm GMT
Sunday 10.30am-1pm

  • Juiciest A&P you’ll ever learn!
  • Kundalini & the chakras
  • Practice – Embodiment of diving deeper into raising kundalini within whole vinyasa sequence

Svādhyāya – reading & practices

MODULE 11 & 12

Friday 630-830pm GMT
Sunday 10.30am-1pm

  • Shakta Tantra
  • Rituals,
  • Shiva & Shakti
  • Q&A
  • Whole practice review
  • how to introduce Tantra to your students (if a teacher)

Svādhyāya – reading & practices

MODULE 13 & 14

Friday 630-830pm GMT
Sunday 10.30am-1pm

  • Teaching group Practice – for those who wish to teach
  • Q&A
  • Open to explore what has arisen from Svādhyāya & journal
  • trainer feedback –
  • what’s next
  • Q&A

Svādhyāya – reading & practices

What other women say 

I first met Michelle in the mid 1990s, as we both worked in the Wellness and Spa industry. Her understanding of the healing journey and her own hands-on treatments, shone out and above most therapy offerings. Her willingness to explore and go deep into the body, saw me turn to her for my Reiki attunements in 2000. Now 20 years later it is with joy, pleasure and gratitude that I find her again, as my teacher, whilst on my own yoga path and the realisation of Goddess energy within. Her yoga instruction is dynamic, unique, encouraging, cutting through the hesitation – to the heart of you and your authentic self. She gently but firmly aids you out of your mind into your body to the realm of experience and feeling.

In over 25 years of yoga classes I have never met another teacher who imparts so much knowledge into one class!! – this has genuinely lead me to a deeper understanding of what I have been “performing” all these years! Her classes are NOT about performing the perfect asana! Her willingness to share her insights and understanding on the Tantric path allow for the sacred awakening in you. Michelle’s passion and tuition ensures you have the maps, keys and knowledge you need for this journey. Her devotion to the Divine Feminine compels her to share all this, to ensure that we can all benefit from the Mother Energy in our lives, in our bodies in our world NOW.

Deborah Thomas - London

Michelle has been my mentor and teacher during my 200hr YTT. She skillfully introduces Tantra during our Tantric initiation weekend. Even though I have practiced yoga for 25 years, until I started studying with Michelle, I was unaware of the rich Divine Feminine/Shakti energy and mythology that was there to be explored. Michelle’s teachings have opened a whole new world for me and believe that what I have learned and continue to learn from Michelle, will enhance my own skills as teacher.

Michelle has helped me to reawaken my feminine power and delve deeper into my yoga practice.


Sarah - Canada / Barbados

On my YTT, Michelle delivers the teachings in such a genuine, relatable way that you’re able to absorb and integrate much more than you’d imagined. Her knowledge of the history and lineage of Tantra is thorough and expansive. I watched Michelle’s fire ignite and support so many of us along the way – inspiring us, guiding us, challenging us. In yoga we speak a lot about our voice – become brave enough to use our authentic voice and speak our truths, takes a courage, rare to find – Michelle is that rare find!”

Elise Manley, USA & Barbados



Let Me Welcome You On the Tantra Path




Tantra, Kuṇḍalinī Shakti, On The Divine Feminine Path

▽ Runs 3 times a year
First Cycle is:

16 October 2020 New moon – 29 November eve Full Moon


Michelle harnesses her years of self-practice and commitment to Tantra and Yoga. As a teacher also commits to hold immense space for your journey. She cultivates a safe and secure space for you to explore your own initiation into this journey of deeper self-discovery.

The practices root you into your feminine flow that empowers you to release even burn away regressive patterns or tendencies physically, mentally or emotionally. The transmuting energy of the practices is powerful. You will come to hold a deeper understanding, respect, love for yourself and your body as a sacred vessel.

Here’s more of the mind stuff – the needs to know…but just so you really know, you are in safe, tender and sometimes fierce hands…For you’re learn the seat of the Yogini is not always sweet, but that is the medicine that we transform into nectar!



All 14 modules across the 7 weeks are offered online via zoom – in the sanctuary space of your choice.

All times are GMT.
Friday 630-830pm
Sunday 10.30-1pm

Why is the course  online?

Since Covid the whole world is creating a new foundation, I call a new Mūlādhāra. When we dive deep with Shakti, she rises from our root, our Mūlādhāra within our pelvis and yoni, the foundational home within your energetic body. (*** you learn all about this – it is very relevant)

The practices are intimate, meaning into-me-i-se. They encourage you to know thyself, online gives you the sanctuary space of your home, by yourself, within our women’s circle to explore. I’ve found and received feedback from clients that this an ideal initiation place. So whilst online is approved by YAP, I offer online.

The course is
  50% theory
  50% practice

Home Study & Non Contact Hours

As you enter this new Sādhanā, you begin to learn and embody new feminine ways of confidence, listening and trust.

  • You learn to listen, not to the external that can be steeped in patriarchy, but to your inner feminine voice of wisdom and intuition.
  • Through practice you cultivate the tools for self love, self-acceptance and self-empowerment.
  • From this place of authentic embodiment your voice as a teacher speaks you inner truth, resonance, whilst offering wise guidance to those you teach.

The course asks you to commit to 3 additional hours per week of home exploration of the practices for minimum 20 minutes at least 6 days a week (one rest day) to begin to awaken to, cultivate or ignite Shakti.

You are given a comprehensive 108 page manual.


To receive a certificate of completion from Hrīṃ Shakti School, you are required to complete an open book exam and submit your experience/journaling of the practices.

continuing professional development yoga courses
continuing professional development yoga courses


Teachers or Wellness Professionals
£450 paid in full
£495 deposit + 2 instalments

Yoga Practitioners
£350 paid in full
£395  deposit + 2 instalments

Read more about Hrīṃ Shakti School Terms of Agreement for booking and partaking the continuing professional development yoga courses here.

The Maṇḍala (circle) of Yogini’s

On this course you also receive access to a private Whats App group for deepening connection, relationship, support and sharing with each other. This is just one of the gems you’ll receive, which by the end will create a metaphoric mālā for the maṇḍala of women.

I have found this to be priceless within the circle of women I am connected to.  ▽ We utilise technology to connect and share across the web of life!

To find out more about Tantra, Kuṇḍalinī Shakti, On The Divine Feminine Path​ online continuing professional development yoga courses, or to say yes and apply for your place please get in touch….

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