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welcOMe 2016, and Awakening Shakti is my heartfelt sankalpa (intention) for this year, where all my offerings will ::

Awakening Shakti

~ a pilgrimage of sacred arousal

~ with holy worship and presence

When a woman awakens to her essence, she comes alive…

I yearn for YOU to come alive, like I have as I’ve dedicated my life to Shakti.

Shakti cultivates clarity, confidence and trust so you begin to move fearlessly and create your dreams and blossom fully as who you are as a woman! Aligned with your feminine essence, your Shakti, you vibrate, pulsate and create change to give birth to yourself and much more, bigger than you imagine. Envision the beginning of 2016 aligning profoundly with an energy so powerful it paves a new path for you to meet yourself in an abundant pleasurable way than you ever imagined….

I will share with you the what, the how’s, the holy, the pleasure etc, yet Shakti is beyond this linear mind concept of hows whats… the place we will truly feel the holy of shakti is in your body. This vessel that contains the shakti life force energy and amplifies shakti through feminine practices…now that’s the juice! mmm

Global Rising

There is a shift occurring on the planet at the moment where more and more women and indeed men are awakening in a radical way. this is shakti is waking you up and this energy ripples out in and invites you into presence where beauty, love, peace radiate. you can see it when you see the sort of woman that when she walks into the room, she lights up and shines you are like wow! she oozes something… that something is Shakti. The more women that awaken, her vibe permeates and she becomes a mirror to empower other women… this is the circle of women collectively collaborating for unity and love on a global scale

so…what is Shakti?

Don’t worry if you’re already trying to figure out what Shakti is and analysing it and thinking how am i going to achieve it, there’s nothing to do or achieve

Shakti is an un-doing, a coming home, a remembrance of what is already present and alive within you, and feeling into the inside of the inside of it

Just like there are many different women, in all shapes, sizes, hair colour, Shakti aligns with you and your unique thread. you don’t have to be slim, tall and blonde for shakti to be more powerful, nope Shakti embraces you as you and when you awaken to her… boom!

I talk about Shakti in many blogs,(recap on this link on Shakti)  but here’s a brief: Shakti in Sanskrit comes from the root ‘shak’ meaning  “to be able”, Shakti means “power” or “empowerment,” and is essentailly the primordial cosmic energy that moves through the entire universe. Shakti is also a quintessence of the Divine Feminine creative power, sometimes known as ‘The Great Divine Mother’ in Hinduism. Just as there are many different types of women, there are 330 millions gods and goddesses of which some are feminine and they reveal the different facets that make up the one Pulsation of the Divine Feminine or Shakti. Again try not to analyse this, I likened it to a diamond, that has many facets, yet there is one diamond. It is like you have many facets that make up your personality, the goddesses are the same. the different goddesses are different aspects of a woman ie fierce is Kali and Durga, Lalitha is erotic and holy, Lakshmi is beauty and abundance and Saraswati is supreme flow and wisdom…

so thinking about you, can you see your Shakti is a blend of all your many essences? one minute you are calm and the next fierce….

My intention for Awakening Shakti is for every woman I meet, teach, inspire, (and myself) to be able to awaken to this powerful pulsating energy within them in every moment. Shakti is the very life giving essence to all life, she ignites your life so luminously and shows you the way to embrace your many facets to co-create life and then come to  serve the global community for the highest good of all.

awakening shakti

As you awaken to your shakti within your feminine body it is like a flower bud unfurling and blossoming


what is Awakening Shakti?

“Since there is no difference between the Shakti and the one who embodies her, Shakti is identical to the self “~ Vijnanabhairava Tantra

Awakening is an arousal, or activation or reviving.

Shakti is beyond description in essence, and yet paradoxically is essence itself. As i’ve described  Shakti is the powerful pulsation or throb of the universe that is within everything in life, in your body, your mind, your yearnings. Shakti is you.

For me 2016 is a deeper exploration of the awakening of shakti within the whole my being, physically, emotionally, without a doubt spiritually and sexually and sensually. for you it may be different, I might introduce you to shakti and you begin to release the grip of the old way of being that are probably more masculine and linear.

I yearn for you to become in real relationship with your body, to come home to you, to align to this as if it is worship, an honouring of who you are. I invite you to come into a right relationship with your body so it becomes a holy pilgrimage. the place to begin is awakening the senses, and this awakens your sensuality and your sexuality.

how do I awaken my senses you might ask?
One of the easiest ways to experience shakti is through the breath, which is called prana shakti. the goddess, the feminine is found in the breath and then as you come into the rhythm of your breath, become aware of your skin and feel the breeze begin to caress you if you are outside, or like a feather begin to stroke your own skin, your arms, chest, breasts, neck, face and let this arouse something, what does it arouse? as you do this close you eyes and open your inner third eye and receive any intuitive visions, soften your inner ears to listen to the voice within or wet your lips and begin to tatse new flavours of life.

These are the actual senses, yet you may awaken your senses to life and let life touch you, feed you, soothe you and when you feel shakti, this throb, this life force energy she liberates the shackles of control and she moves you deeply.

I say She, for She is the Divine Feminine. The workship, the pilgrimage and the holy, all is sacred and as the VijnanaBhairava Tantra aboves says, She is You, the coming home is the pilgrimage of reconnection to worship you as a woman, this is holy.

I share my experience and this may speak to you. as a Yogini, I began to worship my body, me and entered into a real relationship with myself through my sadhana (read more in my last blogs); this then transformed my relationship Karma and my now husband came into my life and now I explore my awakening with him. energy is energy sexual and physical energy, there is no seperation.

Shakti comes to reside within the body as Kundalini Shakti and is the human form of the Shakti of the universe. My next blog goes into more detail of how Kundalini Shakti is like the GPS system for you spiritual sadhana.

Lastly, the Paradox of Awakening Shakti..

when I began to think of my intention for 2016 it was around the time of awakenings within me that I wrote about in my last blog Year of Sacred Union and my poem Kali Ma ~ come sister if you dare. The awakenings I experienced were the rise and arousal of Kundalini Shakti where i became One with her, my individual Shakti merged and united with the cosmic shakti in the vibration of Kali.

I will share more with you over the year, but for now some believe or say Kundalini needs to awaken or wake up and does when you have a kundalini awakening. The irony here is Kundalini is always awake, she is resting and when YOU begin to evolve spiritually and begin to turn inwards rather than look outside for all the answers of what is life about or who am i? this is the first awakening to your spiritual journey, you are awakening to her… or She, the true feminine essence of you is waking you up to the reality of you and life for you to come home  and evolve with the essence of pure love. Then there’s no turning back 🙂 You awaken to the kundalini Shakti within you and Shakti in everything. more on this awakening coming…

2016 Awakening Shakti offerings

I hope you will enjoy the ride of awakening shakti… I know I am relishing in this journey of discovering more and more about myself. 2016 is the year of the monkey and so I foresee lots of Hanuman classes with wonderful mythical stories like how he thought the sun was a mango and he is the deity closest to you, because he too has forgotten his divinity and has this monkey mind always flitting about…so let’s honour this, by getting out of our heads and into our bodies in these delicious ways, that is like the sweetness of a mango ::

I will introduce my Moon Sadhana’s in Barbados in local classes

 Local classes in Barbados

 Full Moon Sadhana In London in May

1-1 yoga in Barbados or skype

 my online 6 week programme “Awaken Your Power and Transform”.

I gift you practical tools to help you get into your body, learn more about shakti and how what I share with you in this online course which brings forth pleasure… as a New Year gift if you sign up for the course I am gifting you two free online yoga classes, just sign up, and then send me an email of which one you would like…these classes will move the body and this will help to shake up stagnant energy that needs to clear so shakti moves…

are you ready to awaken?

Blessings to you on the your path of Awakening Shakti




Jai Ma!