Ignite Your Feminine Power

Uncover The Secrets To Boost Your Self-Esteem, Balance Emotions, Kindle Unshakeable Trust and Ignite Your Feminine Power.

A woman’s guide to feeling great beneath your skin.


Discover simple ancient Tantra Feminine Practices that you already hold at your fingertips in this 50 page EBook.

Now is the time to awaken and activate your potent feminine energy that is pulsating, throbbing and oh so alive.


Ignite You're Feminine Power

Ignite Your Power offers you simple yet profound practices that transform you from a stressed out, over worked, overwhelmed, depleted woman, into a open, blissful, energetic, attractive, dare I say, alluring Goddess or Queen! I even share the ancient myth of the Goddess of the Erotic and how she is so needed in todays world.

Welcome, I’m Michelle and I’m inviting you to my inner circle so I can share some of my daily practices from over nearly 30 years experience. I’ll share my expertise from Yoga, Tantra and Massage and Healing.

I teach you how to touch yourself in a way that your feminine body is longing for and how receiving this touch make you feel safe and secure.

I love these practices so much because they transform the chemistry in the body, helping to shift your attitude from lack to thriving abundance.

Ignite your Feminine power – do you yearn to  ::

✔ Love yourself
✔ Love your body
✔ Feel more confident
✔ Be successful
✔ Have loads of energy
✔ Feel like a Goddess in any room – especially the bedroom!
✔ Be sexy! and own that!
✔ Enjoy your sexuality.

Ignite Your Feminine Power

The practices you learn are from White, Pink and Red Tantra, the branches that Yoga originates from, and you only need between 1-10 minutes a day or few times a week to practice them. They are easy to learn, you’ll receive the geeky scientific that back up the esoteric from the ancient sages.

are you ready to embody the sacred keys, that literally hold your hand…?

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