Ignite Your Feminine Power

How to Ignite your feminine power? Imagine connecting to an energy within you that awakens you to your beauty, sensuality, your sexuality and pleasure. So you feel vibrant, alive, pulsating, fluid and feminine as you walk through life. This energy is called Shakti.

ignite your feminine power


All of my practices in Yoga and Tantra have awakened me to this potent powerful life force energy called shakti. When I connected with my feminine essence it was like I’d truly woken up to the miracle of life.  Shakti is the primal sexual creative life force energy that is so potent to create another human life. Yet Tantra has taught me shakti is not just about sex, that limits her essence.  This powerful energy has so much potency to create anything you yearn for in your life. And I am here to share all the yoga and Tantra practices for you to connect to the creative sexual energy within you and ignite your feminine power…


Ignite your Feminine power – do you yearn to  ::

✔Love yourself
✔Love your body
✔Feel more confident
✔Be successful
✔Have loads of energy
✔Feel like a Goddess in any room – especially the bedroom!
✔Be sexy!

I promise the practices I share are very simple yet powerfully effective if you are willing to commit to giving them a go. When practiced in a group like on my events, they are unbelievable powerful. And whats amazing it doesn’t matter if you are single, in a relationship or married, they ignite your feminine power  and unleash the goddess within.

Modern day woman

I live and breath Tantra and Yoga, this is my passion and purpose. I especially love Feminine Tantra Yoga practices that honour the Divine Feminine within, who dances in ultimate union with the Masculine. We all have a masculine and feminine side to us. We have masculine and feminine energies. Yet many women I meet are gripping and holding on so tightly they are over-whelmed or frustrated – compartmentalising and analysing everything, putting it in safe boxes.

how do I know? I was her!

Then I met Tantra and I was forced to change in 2009 when I couldn’t walk. Now I walk a new path with my shakti, my feminine essence leading the way..

The feminine essence is outside of these safe boxes, that are paradoxically keeping what you yearn for out. If you let me I’ll show you how easy it is to break free of the boxes, release the grip, come into the flow and thrive as a woman – safe in her power.

I teach from my intuition and heart. And my heart yearns for you to awaken and ignite your feminine power, so you feel as great as I do.  I specialise in empowering women and awakening them to their unique power  –

are you ready to embody the sacred keys…?

Ladies, Are you ready to truly light up?

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