I am so pleased to share Melissa Renronja from Healyourheart.love Interview with Michelle Cross – What is Tantra?

Melissa is a superb Heart Healer and has had an interest in Tantra for a while and been following me on Facebook. She requested an interview to share my passion and purpose, which is to empower you to embrace your fullest potential and expand your consciousness.

I say I help successful, smart and truth seekers deepen their connection and intimacy with themselves and with others. If you are a seeker, looking for something else, maybe what I share helps you connect to your something else…

In this interview Melissa and I chat about all things Tantra. I share a simple practice that Melissa does and you too can begin to use everyday to give you more energy, or calm your stresses. In fact you will see you are already practicing it everyday with our knowing it. Yet if you come into the Tantra way more doors open up in your life. It is the one practice that guided me my Tantra journey and is the basis of all my teachings and coaching. It is the practice that lead to my potent Kundalini Awakening which is the same as a full body orgasm. and Interesting I talked about this briefly, yet I didn’t say that a Kundalini Awakening is the same as a full body orgasm. That’ll be for another in depth interview.

I do hope you enjoy this Interview with Michelle Cross- What is Tantra? and I’d love to hear from you, what resonated with you?

Watch this space as I am being called to created a course that is around practice and conversation and dives deep into empowering women. If you’d like to join my group on Facebook, where I share  lots of free teachings then touch me here and this will be the beginning of inviting Tantra to touch you in a deeper way. If you’d like to read more on What is Tantra read my blog.

Heres the Interview with Michelle Cross- What is Tantra?