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How Yoga enhances Your Life…

“It is through your body that you realize you are a spark of divinity.”

BKS Iyengar

I see Yoga as a mirror, when you are on your Yoga mat you observe your self, your body, how you feel, what has been happening in your life in that present moment. Exploring the body and its power on a physical level and what that brings up for you emotional, mentally and spiritually is beautiful and inspiring.

Tantra Yoga is a system of personal transformation

Tantra is a philosophy that weaves all life, all the yogic principles of asana, pranayama, mudra, mantra, bhakti, kriya, prana, meditation, like the gems of a necklace to form a continuous chain like a mala. Tantra embraces and honours all aspects in life, all of the opposites as one; the dark/light, sun/moon, masculine/feminine, chaos/order, the opposites of material everyday life and your spiritual life and marries them!

Yoga dates back thousands of years from India. Yoga deals with Universal Truths, however its teachings are as valid in the modern day as they were in ancient times, maybe more so since life has become so hectic and there is more stress nowadays. Yoga gives you the time for yourself; to create space, reflect and allow the body and mind to observe what life throws at you.

Tantra Yoga Means
Chin Mudra

Yoga comes from the Sanskrit word “yuk” literally means yoke or to bind or to come together or to unite.

Tantra comes from the words “tan” to expand from or weave and “tra” a tool or instrument. so Tantra is a tool to expand from. Through the practice of Tantra Yoga, the union or the coming together occurs naturally and in its own time, not when you are forcing it, as you weave all aspects of the practice and yourself as One. through practice you become one with the practice and it becomes enjoyable, comfortable and everything comes together harmoniously through your practice and in your life.

Tantra views the body as the temple and the asanas become the pray

Though Yoga you use the body as a tool to reveal what is happening physically, then this reveals what is happening in the mind, the emotions and the heart – you might not initially connect with this, then it happens… and you start to blossom and use Tantra Yoga as an embodied prayer.

Dani Pincha

Yoga is about discovering your strengths, your essence, even your limitations and going beyond them, it gives you the opportunity to practice from within the body and step into the sacred. By learning to observe the body and mind without judgement, encourages you to feel comfortable with whom you are, accepting and understanding yourself as you are embrace every quality from your heart and move through your journey of life radiantly – this is a wonderful thing… Yoga changes the stories will tell ourselves and I share you the many mythic stories that are infused with so many keys…

Let me help You to transform and connect with the many illuminated qualities within you!

I empower you through my yoga, spiritual life coaching, 1-1 yoga or you can work by yourself on my awaken your power and transform course

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