Agni ~ Fire

fireAsanas, pranayama, meditation, mudra, mantras all challenge you on the mat just as life challenges off the mat so now we created our roots and planted our seed intention and watered this seed with love, coming into the divine flow, you may find your resistances have begun to rise, this is quite natural when you begin to align! when you truly yearn for something it’s not necessarily easy. this is where we invoke Agni ~ which is fire in sanskrit and this burns away your resistances, your doubts, your fears, it strips you bare so that you transform.

Your journey so far has led you to this point in your life and from this moment you travel forward… transforming opening to a new world. Agni ~ fire helps you ::

  • To fire you up to continue
  • Ignites the light of consciousness,
  • To burn away that which isn’t serving you, burn away your doubts, fears, resistance
  • To ignite your intention and your dreams
  • To fuel your desires, confidence
  • To embrace your power, your radiant luminous light
  • Release habitual patterns
  • Agni ~ Fire is the fuel that liberates the inertia of the other passive elements


The Element of Agni ~ Fire transforms everything, it quite literally clears the path so are  you ready for this week we will ::

Build the heat – Tapas,
 Use the light within to shine brightly,
 Connect to your Dharma, you life purpose and fuel the desire to live with purpose and meaning and to contribute to the world
▼ Cultivate your Power – use inherent power within, connecting to forces of life use the power to fuel your passions – power connection to your highest purpose
 This comes through your willpower – to fuel your purpose not in an ego way in a much bigger way to rest in the divine to serve the universe –

Inner Alchemy

 agni_devata_by_agnidevi.jpgThe process of inner alchemy is the union of the polar opposite energies like :: male + female, shiva + shakti, yin + yang, heaven + earth, fire + water, hot + cold.

I asked a friend what element I was – she saw me as fire yet I see myself as water

she wrote about fire…..I am fire: beautiful, cleansing, burns bright, mesmerising, hot passionate, intense. fire is beautiful and not to be taken for granted not to be messed with it cleanses the ash left behind is fertile its heat permeates all your body it dazzles, holds your attention as you watch the flames dance. It is dangerous if not treated with respect it’s like reflecting the faces of others it’s heat leaves an imprint


water: I am water – irresistible, no obstacle can stop me. I go over, under, around and through. I change forms to steam or ice or rain. I bring life wherever I go, I touch everyone I meet…

 Agni ~ Fire symbolism

Om Agni – O great fire!

Agni ~ sacred fire symbolically has two faces: one creative, the other destructive, just like we have sides to ourselves. Agni ignites both cellular metabolism from the way that we metabolise food, stimulating digestive fire, digestive power and as well as metabolise thoughts or emotions our mental, emotional, and spiritual regeneration, bringing inspiration, passion, and new life to every aspect of our being. Agni is also the force of purification ~ the dissolution of old cells and old ideas to make room for the new.

Agni ~ Fire also governs eyes. So as you activate agni it helps the eyes to have clarity and vision improves, metaphorically this is equal to the path that you walk on in life opens up with clear vision and from clear in insight and you know which step to take and the next and the next…

In the Rig Veda, one of the oldest sacred texts,  the first word in it was Om Agni O to the great Fire. Agni has been revered as the great capacity for the Yogi/Yogini to transform base nature of things to hold and contain the supreme Light, the tejase, or that which lights up the presence of the Divine self

No matter what the situation or what you were working with or what emotion or thoughts that you are experiencing, for the Yogini if you apply the practices of yoga it will transform and it will come to be and it will open up Light of consciousness and ultimately then change the world…

So I invite you to stoke the fire – your heart fire. 

remember in Tantra the body is the temple and the heart considered the altar, so to light the heart fire is to light the candle of the heart as if you light a candle in rituals or ceremonies. this lighting up invokes the courage to wake up, to bring alive your essence. As you light the fire, it is also worth remmebering that, what is not seving you may also go, this may be painful as you’re not ready to give up your attachment to it, yet when fire strikes it destroys like a volcano yet in the destruction there is creation in the fertile ground that is left behind after the fire

Agni ~ fire is a messenger 

IMG_5434“It is through your body that you realize you are a spark of divinity.” BKS Iyengar

Agni as a deity is considered to be the great messenger between humanity and divinity… The two are actually each other never separates only one. When the great flame is invoked i.e. lighting a candle when it comes to meditation or a ritual, you are igniting your altar, the temple within with reverence for the fire element and the fiery flow of consciousness and deepen the connection to the heart fire.

Agni is son of Brahma the creator, Agni wife is Swaha. Swaha is a potent powerful mantra, used at rituals or fire rituals and it is used to ignite it as an offering.

Swaha means offering, a sacrifice to the fire. It signifies that you are sacrificing your ego in the fire of sacrifice, you are praying to Goddess or God or the Divine in your heart that whatever I am doing is not for myself but as an offering to You. I surrender my mind, intelligence and ego to You

Om Swaha

what offering to you wish to ignite? begin to contemplate….

Where do you want to ignite passion in your life?

Where do you want to draw the fire of transformation in your life?


Let the practices  i share this week penetrate and ignite every part of yourself through your awareness, remembering you are part of and connected to a bigger energy. then Deepen your connection to the this energy within…

Om Swaha

I bow to the great Agni ~ fire