Ajna Chakra Video

Here is your Ajna Chakra Full Moon meditation, where the breath seduces you beneath the surface to turn inwards, tune in to this present moment and feel, be, see

AjnaChakraAjna Chakra is the 6th chakra is the lotus of illumination, and we journey from 16 petals to 2 and it invites you through the gateway to wisdom, and the source of the light within.

Ajna is often called the third eye and lies in between your two eyes. The third eye is the colour purple, with the mantra is Om and its element is light.

As i invite you to explore its meaning to perceive or to command the lotus of the third eye blossoms for you to discovery of a world of great beauty. Your 3rd eye SEEks the Divine in everything, it is your inner screen a vast storehouse of images.

I invite you to bow down and see what arises… And offer the gift of presence to what does