AnahataChakraI bow to opening my heart

From fiery Manipura Chakra where we’ve opened to our will and power, the fire kindles and we are now invited into the sacred and tender chambers of the heart, the sacred inner altar of the heart fire… Now on the journey up the ladder of the chakras, we move onto a new arena, the central point of the chakras, the spiritual centre of the heart ~♥ Anahata Chakra ♥~ your spiritual centre, the heart of your being, your heart fire and for me I like to think of Anahata as the heart of the temple of the body… from this chamber is where you give and receive L O V E

I looked in churches, temples and mosques, I found the divine in my heart ~ Rumi 

The heart is central point of the 7 chakras running along the body, there are 3 chakras below and 3 above the heart chakra. The 3 below, Muladhara, Svadhisthana and Manipura relate to the Individual plane, the 3 above the heart Vissudhi, Anja and Sahasrara relate to the Universal.

We are not exploring the physical organ of heart, more the realm of connection, to seek the union, the yoke of Yoga. The journey of exploration through the Chakras, the invitation is to invoke Anahata’s purpose; to seek integration, Hanumanasanaconnection & unity on all levels of your being with radiant love and light.

Divine Love

Anahata chakra has 12 petals , it’s colour is green, it’s element is air. Anahata means unstruck or unhurt. To open your heart is to treat others and things with honour, respect and refrain from causing harm thus the unhurt. This unfurls like a lotus coming into bloom through the muddy waters, the lotus of your heart naturally unfurls when you begin to discover and see that everything and every one evolve from and mirror this essence of divine loveLove is a healer, a teacher and its potency is miraculous. It’s the activation of your spirit yearning to reach out to deepen the connection.

Love is not about getting connected, it’s about realising that you are already connected, like everyone of us are a thread in the tapestry of life and your individual luminosity weaves and connects with the other threads to make the bigger picture of the tapestry shine!  Love is the unifying force that draws everything together and holds it in a relationship to something bigger. Have you ever felt that love that goes way beyond words?

Light-in-the-heartThe practices of yoga  open the heart  to feel compassion and empathy for both yourself and others. When opening the heart, it comprehends the delightful joy of (re)connection of spirit, and the unfurling of the deep peace of acceptance. As we explored in Svadhisthana Chakra that everything is held within a relationship, it is love that is the unifying force. The task of the heart is to seek the balance in the relationship in all aspects: mind and body, self and other, light and shadow, masculine and feminine, inner and outer realms. The result of this balance is peace and Oneness.


The element of anahata is air and so we use the breath. Using  the breath as a tool is a powerful way t o cleanse the body, purify the mind and it helps to clear or dissolve blockages that keep you from opening your heart. Pranayama encourages the heart to soften, embrace and receive the life-giving force of prana to become more expansive. 

My teacher Sianna Sherman  quoted Richard Freeman saying “If you want to do pranayama, then you must go and gather all the beings that you have tossed out of your heart no matter what they did… all the politicians, ex-lovers, people you have thrown out for whatever reason, because the minute you cast someone out of your heart, the prana will follow and it’s useless to try to do pranayama until you’ve gathered all these beings back up into your own heart.”

So through the practices I invite you to give wholeheartedly to yourself and also become a vessel to receive, as you lovingly listen to the whispers of the heart. As you embrace your self more fully and then you have the courage to crack open the chambers of your heart and sing with divine love…then the invitation is to offer this love to others…  

As you open anahata, dissolving the idea of seperateness you open yourself to loving more deeply, thus falling in love with life itself. I have personally been deepen my love affair with yoga and with life for a number of years and sometimes I fall out of love, to feel separation, to then dive straight back in and reconnect. This chakra reminds me to embrace the passionate love affair not only with myself and others, more importantly with the divine in every imaginable way…

♥   how do you open your heart to love?

♥   how is your love affair with Life and yoga?

♥   what is this mysterious essence within?

♥   how do you kindle your heart fire?

This week during classes I am inviting you to ask for entry into your own heart.. to heal, to reunite and to truly come to honour and respect your heart altar… are you ready to ask for entry into your heart temple?

open heart


“O friend, understand: The body is like the ocean, rich with hidden treasures. Open your innermost chamber and light its lamp.” – Mirabai

Let’s dive in together and light the lamp of the treasures within the heart!


Michelle x