Awaken your Senses to…

awakenyoursensesWould you love to  “Awaken your Senses”  to life and begin to experience life as a orchestra of symphonies rather than an out of tune song?

I wish to show you how you can tune in, tune up and make music

My practice

I’ve been working with the body for 26 years and this year has been the most transformational – why? I gave myself the permission to surrender and met the Divine or God in the form of the Goddess in ecstatic union. what happened in this experience was I had a Kundalini Awakening, or in laymans terms a full body orgasm. and I had not experienced this before, i am talking waves of energy that lasts for 3-6 hours = a-MA-zing! when you hear orgasm, you nearly always think ‘sex’ yet there was nothing sexual about it, it was during  a meditation and through my bodywork which again no sex.

The Feminine Body 

The Feminine body is like an instrument and the music that she makes depends on the many different melodies in her life. A woman is sensual in nature, she is throbbing and pulsating with a life force energy that permeates everything, this is called Shakti, which is like the music. Shakti is the feminine and means power or to be able and often referred to as she who cannot be contained.  so an orgasm is a body releasing the waves of shakti that are throbbing and pulsating; it is  a powerful experience of shakti who is not contained. why? because it happens when you relax and get out the mind and feel or surrender.

if you’re a woman do you feel like this?

Maybe not, here’s why i think… Throughout history all cultures have recognized this feminine force yet it is threatening, not logical, especially to the structured religions and so she has been suppressed or shutdown. Life has over the years become more a masculine way of life, geared towards the masculine and this has created an imbalance, especially for the feminine and women. Many women feel they are not awake in their body, not aware of Shakti, they feel separate, detached, not fully present. Parts of the body or mind are numb, just to cope with life or the traumas they have had in you agree?

It is as if your instruments have become out of tune and life or our reactions to life have tightened the strings of the instrument far too tightly. And now the modern women have tight bodies, that resonates with a tenseness, or tension. we’re experiencing life and feelings in a tense way because we live in a tense masculine world in a tense body.

How do I awaken you senses to…?

Begin to awaken your senses to the feminine is a wonderful beginning

– yes i know this may just be words, yet wait… Other cultures  recognize this sensual, feminine force and honour it as the Divine. This is what I teach and practice;  i’ll give you the practice and the why’s and how’s to help your logical mind, but in meantime look how the planet, how much destruction there is and also how there is a massive feminine awakening evolving, the feminine has been gone for too long and now she is rising.

We’ve been given this body to experience life, our feelings and emotions are the portals or gateways into the body. Feeling is part of the senses. So an awake feminine body is like an instrument that receives life through all of her senses and then she passes on and shares this glorious feminine essence as her unique chord in the music of life. This feminine energy is so healing and soothing to us all.

Modern day woman

Yet in reality many modern day women are not in tune with their senses and how playing with them gives so much pleasure. She is running around doing so many things for others that she has no time for herself. She’s over thinking, analysing, worrying, multi-tasking, competing… theres an endless to do list… no? She has also suffered pain, trauma or abuse and so cannot give into this, so she ignore it, hopes it’ll go away and the pain becomes numb and she buries it. and then eventually she’s out of tune.

I have found that the practices of yoga have awakened me from within, as if they are fine tuning the instrument of my body, to a different frequency so I’ve begun to resonate with life in a deeper way. Now I teach you how to fine tune your body. Being in tune with your body, living and moving from the senses is an experience of being in deep connection or relationship with yourself.

The Pleasure Principle

The feminine body yearns for connection and pleasure, she longs to be seen, to be heard, to be touched, to taste the exotic flavours of life that are all erotic and all of these are sensory. For me, this journey has primarily began with my own connection to my feminine essence within me, by honouring my feminine nature, tuning in to her, it’s as if she has then fine tuned me; all because I have honoured her and because I asked for help – if you’ve read my other blogs og mythical flow yoga the feminine is hidden and needs to be asked for help.

So ask how do i become more in tune?
let her guide you on the journey to awaken your senses  through pleasure!

The Feminine body longs for pleasure, yet paradoxically she is scared to receive this. She judges herself or life’s traumas have numbed her. the Practices of  yoga and Tantra Bodywork that i share awaken your senses. At first we open the channels, un-numb the area, feel into the pain as it un-numbs and give it space to clear. This then helps you to live life as a sensual experience, to become a connoisseur in pleasure, and you know what i absolutely love, you are guided.  I guide you with the feminine practices that allow you to become soft again, to relax once again, to open up so you begin to tune your body, and resonate differently in a sweeter more receptive way.

when you receive..

shravanaThen we receive the healing life force around us and with in us. The more you relax and open your body, the more this healing force comes through awakening the senses.

When we become more in tune, we listen within to the non-verbal communication, like the whispers of the hearts that we use to once ignore.  as you listen this makes music. The music is the wisdom singing to you, your truth..

To awaken the senses to all life has to offer is a deep spiritual practice and the great news for women is it’s an easy one for the feminine. One of the greatest gifts a woman can give herself is experiencing pleasure. what is pleasure? something you like: a bath, a massage, smell roses, taste chocolate like its a meditation. This can be the simple moment to moment awareness of feeling, seeing, smelling, rather than taking the feeling up to the brain and analyzing it.

Then we receive the healing life force around us and with in us. The more you relax and open your body, the more this healing force comes through and awakening the senses.


Awaken your senses is an intimate exploration through many practices that I have learnt along my 26 year journey. I combine Yoga, Tantra, Tao practices and good old realism! I have been on this journey myself.  I can tell you in May i put it to the test during my Tantra Bodywork Awakening Journey; let me tell you my little story…

I commune with Shakti within me and I said I am going to control this, yet I wish you to show me…I was about to assist my teacher demo the bodywork and I wanted him to just demo without my whole being going into ecstatic rapture or waves of energy. I wished for my teacher to just demo. there’s the paradox – just. a woman is never a just and shakti is not a just. and so I asked for help, to be shown…Shakti played my instrument so finely that my whole body awakened after deep bodywork that I was pulsating waves of shakti without being touched and i was laughing ecstatically that i cried out to her – ‘you are now playing with me’. this was a lesson to me. be careful what you ask for.

My longing for you… like my longing for myself

I long to share with you, to guide you on the journey of awakening so if you feel this call, ❤ get in touch and I will share with you the level of intimacy, (into-me-i-see ) that you yearn for. I will take you deeper into you and invoke my devotion for Shakti to assist me and open you to awaken your senses.

Jai ma!

here’s to the journey of unfurling and blossoming

with love michelle x