This link shows you how female monkeys with strong bonds  of friendship experience less stress..

nature loveEven in nature the monkeys who groomed in their groups formed strong social bonds, friendship and interaction proved to be so beneficial. think about your own social bonds –

do you have a strong bond with female friends?  would you like less stress?

The simple act of sharing with a friend, receiving and giving a hug is beneficial to you. when this is not possible in a city then try  receiving a massage or treatment.   the video shares how animals hormones go down and the feel good hormone oxytocin is released…imagine you too would feel like this and it ripples into your life, with a fast paced London living theres a simple solution – touch is so healing!

massage is an intimate experience in a none intrusive way, bringing relaxation, comfort and healing…

hope you enjoy the video… I’m here to help you feel good and relax into your radiance!

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