Bija Mantras

For the New year I am sharing a potent Bija Mantra Sound Meditation that transforms on all levels. Bija Mantras are used as potent shakti tools tools for the expansion of your mind by utilizing the power of sound vibrations.

Bija MantraMantra in Sanskrit word made up of two syllables: “man” (mind) and “tra” (instrument or expansion). So literal translation of Mantra is “an instrument to expand one’s mind”. In Sanskrit Bija means seed. A seed contains al of the wisdom of the teachings. It is like an acorn that grows into a mighty oak. So these seed sounds, the bija mantras contain all the wisdom that cleanse, detox, purify, cleanse you on all levels so that you rise in your true nature. All you need to do is practice to allow the sounds to do the work.

Sound is vibrational energy in the universe. Your words are a combination of sound waves that resonates at specific vibrational frequencies. According to ancient Indian texts  the whole universe is created through cosmic sound energy.  Om is one of the bija mantras and is said to vibrate at 432 Hz, which is the natural pitch of the Universe vibration. Modern music for example vibrates at 440 Hz. So sound vibrations of bija mantras are intimately connected to your shakti, your primal life force energy that is the very centre of the universe.

What I love about this sound meditation with the Bija mantras is there is an ultimate union of the masculine and feminine frequencies. Their union is what carries you through a gateway of transformation. The masculine, your awareness, rests in the rhythm of your breath, the feminine, in their ecstatic union  sound is created and it rises up and permeates your whole body.

Chanting, or singing mantra have been used since the beginning of time to empower you to connect to your deepest Self. Here is a Bija Mantras Meditation to help you to tune in and resonate from a deeper level of your self. I have been personally using this meditation for weeks to carry me across the New Year at Winter Solstice and into 2018.

The sounds of Bija Manatra are connected to the elements of each chakra bringing harmony and balance with in you. The oscillations transform the energy of the elements with in the chakras.

This mediation is especially good for you if you are in a place of unknown, the sounds carry you across the liminal space and protect you. This is a potent Tantra Meditation that uses the tenets of Tantra =

Breath – Sound – Movement

As you practice you will use you breath and sound very obviously, the movement is subtle or maybe stronger as shakti, your energy, begins to rise and clear. Observe any movements and let them express themselves through you.

I hope you enjoy, please do let me know in the comments below. I share with you the Chakra system from Sri Vidya Tantra, I will share more very soon, for now practice and please receive the transmission.

Blessings to you.