Honouring BKS Iyengar



Today on BKS Iyengar passing I’ve been in contemplation for my teachers. Although I wasn’t trained with Iyengar Yoga, some of my teachers were and the alignment I’ve learnt has evolved from Iyengar’s. His philosophy, his sadhana, his living example of being inspired me greatly. many many many quotes have helped my own practice expand.

“Practice (abhyasa) is a dedicated, unswerving, constant, and vigilant search into a chosen subject, pursued against all odds in the face of repeated failures, for indefinitely long periods of time, with firm resolve application, attention and devotion, to create a stable foundation for training the mind, intelligence, ego and consciousness” ~BKS Iyengar

For years my own abhyasa has been dedicated, devoted sadhana (spiritual practice) that i feel has created a stable foundation from which I have been able to evolve in life, overcoming failures, or sense of failure thus I have come to know myself deeply and I’d go further to say truly accept every aspect of myself. My primary relationship has become One with the Divine, where I am aligned and honouring my authentic Self. Practice means different things to everyone.

what are you truly seeking? or searching for?

what does practice mean to you? 

Are you dedicated to your practice?

Iyengar writing this is inviting you to practice no matter what, with continued, constant practice you peel away the many layers of yourself and all is revealed, you let go of that which isn’t serving you in life and the search reveals freedom.  yes there will be repeated failures, they teach us to get back up again and be dedicated, unswerving and pursue what we seek…this is how you create a stable foundation for all life! Iyengar is not just talking about a yoga asana… yoga is so much more, yet yo ucan apply this to an asana as well and since we were given the body to experience life in, one way to start is to practice through the body, unwavering and then see the other levels present themselves to you… for they will 🙂

My teachers

I am deeply honoured to have 5 teachers I regularly engage in sadhana with. All are Tantra teachers, some yoga, some meditation, and all deeply honour the Divine Feminine. I feel full, yet humble, everything in my 40years of searching is coming yoking together so beautifully and I know that no matter what failures, blockages, darkness i encounter, my sadhana, my abhyasa is at the heart of everything. it is the pulse in my heart, what makes me come alive, it’s why i get up every morning and say hello to my altar. In my sadhana, my practice is to feed my altar… with gratitude as it reflects back my many qualities..



This is why i say the sacred connection i have, i seek is the relationship with the Divine. to become One, to reunite the masculine and the feminine, the Shiva, the Shakti… this is my present creative altar as i embark on a new journey at this time. and through my body I experience the Divine, as i awaken She moves through me, as I receive, the dharana (container, vessel) of me becomes stronger, He enters me. this union is liberating. for me my yoga sadhana, the vinyasas are a creative expression  of the sacred union, the eternal love making of ShivaShakti that originally created the universe. The Vinyasa yoga is the music to which i dance…

pigeon anjali


and so I leave you with another quote honouring BKS Iyengar, that has helped me many a time, when I have felt loss, or in dark times and I’ve laid at the feet of my altar and prayed, and felt all the love I pour into my sadhana be giving back to me, my altar supports me, hold me to help me realise…

It is through your body that you realise you are a spark of divinity ~ BKS Iyengar




Deep pranams