As I started to contemplate what the theme for this week’s yoga classes would be, I wanted the vigour, the passion and enthusiasm for 2014 to continue… and I felt that on a higher level we are blossoming, even in the midst of challenges. so the title “Blossoming Spiritual Warriors” is an invitation not to go into battle, but to undo the doing and flower into your own being as a divine warrior on a purpose to truly see yourself, embrace yourself and be yourself.

light this week marks the first Full Moon on thursday early morning so look wednesday night and also a sadhana holiday of Makar Sankranti today 14 January 2014 in India, an auspicious day welcoming the sun’s journey north and the emergence of light

So this week I invite you to honour the light within and blossom on your journey as you step into the mind, stance of a divine warrior – this goes beyond the small me and explore the me what can you give birth to and plants seeds for growth and how may this and you affect the world…?

Spiritual Warriors – Virabhdrasana

Through your yoga prACTice you meet yourself again and again on the mat and often prACTice warrior postures no doubt, yet do you allow them to teach you… “The key to warriorship is to rest in the truth of who you are and not be Virabhadrasanaafraid of who you are ~ Rinpoche” . let the prACTice destroy your doubts and cOMe into the truth of who you really are…. Virabhadra reminds you to cut off/destroy the ego and humble yourself, to transform.
As we flow in the warrior vinyasas, they may challenge you to explore and go deeper into the centre of your BEing; allow yourself cultivate the stance of a Divine warrior, and embody the mind of a warrior and go into battle unattached to the fruits of your actions.
“exercise your hearts knowing” ~ Hafiz

the Fierce Truth

“Satya” meaning truthfulness, one of the yamas frOM Pantajali’s Eight Limbs of Yoga. Truth invites you to rest in the truth of who you are, to be authentic to your inner nature with integrity and wholeHEARTed honesty.

Truth is an unfolding process that deepens as your wisdOM increases. As you delve DEEPer into your Yoga prACTice, you simultaneously delve deeper into you… When you live your life and flow frOM within truthFULLy, you are honouring your Divine nature and expressing it. This may be hard or challenging at first; part of being truthful with yourself is honestly acknowledging the places and areas in your life that you need to grow or tot let go of. It also means to exercise your inner knowing, your truth, frOM your heart. We all have areas to work on and life challenges us to remain genuine and be true to yourself and this invokes courage
Virabhadrasana teaches you not to be pulled in all directions and to go into the field of life, residing in your centre of your BEing speaking and revealing your truth .
Warrior 3 Crane Beach Barbados 2

Can you cultivate the mind of a warrior with a Divine mission exercising your hearts knowing?

I invite you to reNEW your strength, your vitality, your power in the Virabhadrasanas, as well as the courage to face life’s challenging mOMents and truly embody the grounding, expansive internal power of a Divine warrior to reveal the truth of your mission…and allow this mission have a sacred intention where your blossoming impacts the world
Allow the Satya (truth) of Virabhadrasana to emPOWER you to conquer your doubts, your fears so you embrace the Divine warrior within and gracefully face whatever challenges stand in your way of truly BElieving in YOUrself!