Bring the Darkness to Light

Sunset on the Red Sea - Egypt with clouds

On the eve of Amavasya, the New Moon, on this Monday/MOONday I reflect upon this magical fertile time: For this time last year I had come to my decision to commit and be with my partner at the time, now husband and move lands from London to Barbados. I didn’t know how I would do this, yet I knew after my women’s retreat and teacher training this was my purpose (dharma).

All last year and for ever more, I committed to publicly share the sacred practices of yoga  I practice to help you evolve with the natural cycles of life. My intention was to empower women to awaken to how their cycle of womanhood/sisterhood is in tune with the cycles of nature, for She, the Divine Feminine is nature. In honouring these cycles you become deeply connected with your own true nature and this invokes the ritual of honouring yourself at the highest level. and so now this magical week after my amavasya sadhana on the mat this morning i thought wow, it’s been a year! #gratitude! and wow again its New Moon this week and at the end of the week its Summer Solstice! this is a special time to invoke a new cycle, with the intention of planting seeds…it is also sharing my theme for this s year ~ Sacred Union

Sacred Union of Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine

So this SacredUnion is the harmonious and intimate connection of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine. The Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine is beyond gender, they are an energy or frequency imbued with qualities that reveals their nature and help us to understand their qualities

So this week we begin with the New Moon which is Feminine, Mother energy. The moon is always changing and going through different cycles and indeed phases throughout her 28 day cycle from the New moon to crescent, rising to the Full Moon To the new moon again. The moon is shifting and changing and causing waves quite literally as the tides increase at full moon, and so this forever changing causes effects on the world. This mirrors women’s own cycle each month that also corresponds to 28 days like the moon. When we see how th e moon has such a powerful effect on nature it awakens us to see how powerful we are as women and the effect we have on our surroundings

Now the Sun is considered Masculine,  let’s look some of the qualities that are considered to mirror masculine qualities: the sun is very strong, it emanates in all directions and so these Rays, the source of light penetrates, permeates, and the Suns rays give life. the heat of the sun is strong and its penetrating energy is a masculine quality, the masculine penetrates, the masculine gives life and the sun is the fire of the universe giving life every day. So here is the Sacred Union we have this week… Let’s look further

The Dark Fertile New Moon

the New Moon is a time as the name suggests of new-ness, new beginnings, renewal and birth so…

ॐ what is it that you yearn to bring forth?

ॐ how do you long to bring the darkness to light?

RumiThe darkness is sometimes feared, yet the darkness is like a wound where the light enters you, its from the fertile darkness that all is born, so this time is potent. I welcome this time when the sky is dark tonight to plant seeds with my intentions, to re-new my commitments and bring the darkness to light, especially as the week evolves towards the Summer Solstice.

these juncture points in the calendar are opportunities to reflect, to drop in, to come together, to unite – and is this not yoga?

The enlightenment of the Sun

So the sun helps to shed his light and nurture the seeds of your intention that you have planted, so this is a magical time to create. the Summer Solstice is on SUNday and is a celebration of the turning of the wheel of the year and honouring the fire of our universe the Sun, Surya. with no sun there is no life!

ॐ do you go with the flow on the wheel of life?

ॐ or do you get caught up in the drama of life as if on a hamster wheel?

Let Summer Solstice bring the darkness to light as we move to the peak summer from a new cycle, especially after the Honey Full Moon of June.

The journey of the sun throughout the year symbolizes the process of attaining enlightenment, and the summer solstice is the top of this journey as this day is the longest and has the most light in the year. I invite you to reflect upon the potential for consciousness to achieve its own awakening….your own awakening! from the new moon i invite you to bring the darkness to light with the summer solstice – let the wounds heal and shine with renewal! let your seed intention begin to blossom fro the tight bud that may have created them

All of life on earth receives energy from the Sun. The sun and the moon bring us into cycles of life, let’s honour them. I hope you join me this week with a New Moon Sadhana on Monday and Tuesday ( downloads are available or videos  ). and then on sunday for the Summer Solstice where I will be part of an offering a Free event at Sunshine Kula Yoga Studio, Barbados to also celebrate the 1st ever International Day of Yoga.

This week i will immerse myself in nature,where I will be honouring Prakritti, nature, the Divine Feminine and Ma Durga who is as dark as the moon and as luminous as the sun and all the phases/faces in between…

this is a magical time to bring the darkness to light, quite literally and metaphorically if you choose ~ do you? if you do share with my on my FaceBook Page  how you honour this time, i’d love to hear as would the rest of our cOMmUNITY

with love and respect to you on the path

Michelle x