Gayatri Mantra & meaning


Oṃ bhūr bhuvaḥ svaḥ
tát savitúr váreṇ(i)yaṃ
bhárgo devásya dhīmahi
dhíyo yó naḥ prachodáyāt

The Gayatri Mantra is one of the most powerful and oldest mantras of the Rigveda part of the Vedas, written 2500-3500 years ago. Gayatri is a song or hymn, used by all and chanted with love and devotion. Mantra is a tool for calming or centring the mind. “man” is mind and ‘tra” is instrument or tool… The chanting of the mantras helps the chanter to turn inwards, reflect and calm the mind on the one pointed focus the mantra. When I chant I begin chanting aloud and then gently quieten my voice and take the sound within so the vibration of the mantra is vibrating and pulsing all of its own with the temple of my body. Enjoy learning the meaning and a beautiful video at then end…

Meaning of Gayatri Mantra

The verse is interpreted to invoke the deity Savitr and is connected to Tantra, Yoga, Sun worship and the Goddess

Gayatri is derived from the words:

gaya, meaning “vital energies” and
trâyate, meaning “preserves, protects, gives deliverance, grants liberation”.
So, the “Gayatri Mantra” maybe translated as “a prayer of praise that awakens the vital energies and gives liberation from ignorance”

Oṃ bhūr bhuvaḥ svaḥ
tát savitúr váreṇ(i)yaṃ
bhárgo devásya dhīmahi
dhíyo yó naḥ prachodáyāt

Gayatri Mantra meaning:

“O thou existence Absolute, Creator of the three dimensions, we contemplate upon thy divine light. May He stimulate our intellect and bestow upon us true knowledge.”

Or simply,

“O Divine mother, our hearts are filled with darkness. Please make this darkness distant from us and promote illumination within us.”


“Throughout all existence “That” essential nature illuminating existence is the Adorable One.
May all beings perceive with subtle intellect the magnificent brilliance of enlightened awareness.”

Definitions in sections


Oṃ ~ The Gaytri Mantra is preceded by Om,  also called Pranav because its primordial sound emanates from the Prana (vital energy vibration), which pulses through and feels the Universe.

bhūr bhuvaḥ svaḥ ~ represent the whole of the universe, from time, to energy to matter

Bhuh                                Bhuvah                            Svah
Past                                               Present                                        Future
Morning                                      Noon                                            Evening
Gross                                            Subtle                                           Causal
Tamas                                          Rajas                                              Sattwa
Foundation of Universe       Earth                                              Heaven

tát savitúr váreṇ(i)yaṃ
Tat simply means ‘that’, the “Ultimate Reality.”
Savitur means Divine Sun mirroring the sun/light within our own being, the light of wisdom
Varenium means adore, the best

bhárgo devásya dhīmahi
Bhargo means illumination
Devasya means Divine Grace
Dheemahi means meditate upon 9something/someone), may we attain

dhíyo yó naḥ prachodáyāt
Dhi means intellect
Yo means which
Nah means ours
Prachodayat means requesting / urging / praying,  it is wished, ‘may it intensely cause to move (something/somebody) in a specific direction’